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Their lips touched, and she jumped slightly form the sensation – warm and soft, oddly not wet like she'd half imagined, but smooth and dry – then felt bad for flinching and pressed her own mouth forwards to mould against his.

A few moments later, and Hinata realised she didn't know quite what to do next, so she pulled away. It was nice, perfectly nice, but it was kind of...boring, after the first couple of seconds. Kiba leaned back and grinned at her, fangs flashing.

"That wasn't so hard, eh, Hinata-chan?"

Hesitantly, she nodded. It hadn't been nearly as scary as she'd expected; she hadn't felt the world fade away, her legs hadn't wobbled (though that might have been because she was sitting), and she hadn't seen stars – all things she'd heard female friends sighing over and thought sounded rather alarming. Still, it had been a little anticlimactic too, and she certainly couldn't imagine doing it for hours on end as Anko had mentioned last night. Maybe they weren't doing it right?

"Um, Kiba? Are you sure...I mean...shouldn't we practice a bit m-more than that, to make sure we're doing it right?"

He chuckled slightly and nodded. "There's a lot more than just that to kissing, Hinata. I'll show you, if you like." She started to nod, but then stopped, struck by a slightly alarming thought.

"How do you know about k-kissing? Do you...have you got a, um, girlfriend?" She shouldn't have kissed him if he was with someone else! What if- He interrupted her thoughts again with another laugh.

"Nah, nothing like that. Just, Hana brings guys home sometimes. And she doesn't really keep stuff private. So I've kind of seen her on the couch a few times and...stuff." Wait, was Kiba blushing? Hinata could understand – after all, that kind of thing was definitely not suitable for public display. But still, Kiba didn't blush often, so it was a bit surprising. Maybe he was more nervous about all this than she'd previously thought.

Somehow, the idea comforted her, and she steeled her resolve. "Okay, you can sh-show me." His smile softened, clearly noticing her nervousness.

"Don't worry, Hinata-chan, we can go slow. And if you want to stop at any time, just tell me, okay? There's nothing to be afraid of." She gulped and nodded again, feeling her heart rate slow slightly. It couldn't be any worse than what they'd done already, there wasn't anything to be afraid of.

Kiba shifted, pulling her to sit on his lap, placing one arm at her back to steady her. After a moment of hesitation, she copied him, sliding one arm round his neck, watching the way his hair ruffled at the nape of his neck, before glancing at him to check she hadn't done anything wrong. His eyelashes were lowered, his mouth still curved in the memory of a smile.

And then he pressed is mouth to hers again, and she could feel that half-smile against her own lips. His free hand came to rest on her cheek, thumb brushing against her lower lashes, and Hinata realised her eyes were still open. She closed them just as he began to pull back, feeling silly.

He didn't pull away fully though, just enough for her lips to register the lack of contact before returning, damper now, firmer, to meet her own. He repeated the process, sometimes softer, sometimes more insistent, the fingers at her back stroking a softly repetitive rhythm until her nerves began to tingle. Somewhere along the way, her free arm ended up resting on his collar bone, tugging slightly at his shirt.

Suddenly, tingling turned to a long shiver as his mouth pulled gently at her bottom lip. She squirmed slightly, feeling the dampness and pressure and...

This was much more interesting than the first kiss. She smiled at the thought, then wriggled again as he licked her lips. With his tongue! Her lips parted even as she 'eep'ed quietly, and he slipped his tongue further in, touching the inside of her lips, her teeth.

Part of her wanted to pull away, to hide from this warm intrusion, but a larger part was making her fingers clench in the collar of his shirt, letting her mouth open further as he tilted his head and slid his tongue against her own. It was weird, all slick and soft and yet strong and slightly rough too, only just barely reaching into her mouth. He tasted of spring water and flesh, not like honey or spice or anything like her friends said boys did, but it was nice all the same. Familiarly Kiba-ish.

It was certainly more interesting than the first kiss.

After a while, Hinata got the hang of the movements, fitting into the gentle rhythm he'd set, even going so far as to explore the edges of Kiba's own mouth, feeling the points of sharp fangs and the hot, dark emptiness beyond. His fingers moved to catch in her hair, not tugging exactly, but giving her a sudden reminder that they were attached at the lips, and she hadn't been breathing.

She pulled away with as discrete a gasp as possible, looking at the way the material of his shirt bunched beneath her fingers, wondering how he managed for so long without air. About to ask, she looked up, but paused as she saw the expression on his face – hurt, slightly, and worried.

"Sorry Hinata-chan, I didn't mean to...I wasn't trying to force you or anything. I'm sorry." He looked like Akamaru did when begging for scraps, only more blushing and without the floppy ears. The thought of Kiba with floppy ears almost made her giggle, but she tried to hold back because he had a surprisingly delicate ego.

"It's okay, it's not like that, just..." She hovered in a place between giggles and mortification, seeing the almost-relief on his features. "I couldn't breathe."

And just like that everything was okay again, and she was laughing with him because somehow things seemed to be working. It wasn't fireworks and roses, but it wasn't awkward any more, not really. It wasn't scary now she'd actually tried it, and she didn't think Naruto would notice a thing, or even mind if he found out.

Kiba grinned and kissed her nose, her squeak of surprise prompting Akamaru to lollop over enquiringly. The expression on the nin-dog's face only made her laugh more, all the nervous tension she'd felt up until now disappearing in the humor of it all. Her teammate seemed a bit at a loss as to her change of demeanor, but he wasn't complaining so she didn't worry. She didn't have to worry about anything because she trusted him and he never expected anything of her, because they were teammates, friends.

Hinata ended up on her back, staring up at the sky, breathless and yet a little dizzy from hyperventilating. Kiba leaned over and kissed her some more; small kisses, soft and damp and grinning slightly against her mouth. This time it was she who started to explore further into his mouth, letting one hand reach to hold his head and pull him to her, and she felt a rush of warmth, as he pliantly opened his mouth to her.

This must be what it was like to be confident then, not to care what anybody thought, because she knew Kiba would never think badly of her. But the realisation passed as her stomach rumbled and she remembered the time. She needed to be home and decently clothed by midday, and she still had Anko's clothing on!

Immediately she blushed and pushed him gently off, sitting up to check the zip of her jacket. It was still pretty much in place, and she sighed slightly, relieved that nothing had been revealed beyond her collar-bone. Kissing was all very well, but her body was for Naruto's eyes only.

"Hinata?" Kiba's voice broke into her thoughts, making her jump. He was looking at her perplexedly, more specifically at her blushing cheeks. She couldn't explain the reason for that though, so she tried to will the colour away as she spoke.

"Kiba-kun, I just realised, I'm going to have to go. I need to, um, get some things from Miterashi-san's house, and go home, and wash and change before lunch. My father doesn't know I've been...away." Her voice almost tripped over itself in her hurry as she stood, already poised to make her way from the clearing.

"But it's only about half ten, surely you don't nee-"

"Her house is over the other side of town and it took me twenty minutes to sprint it this morning. I'll see you tomorrow for training!" She shouted the last part over her shoulder as she ran off, slightly faster than necessary, back towards the village. She should make it in time, but still, it wouldn't do to get caught doing anything like this, and with father she wasn't going to take any chances.

The thought that the rest of her team would probably still be on a mission tomorrow never crossed her mind.

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