The new teacher of Hogwarts is Negi Springfield

By fg7dragon

DISCLAIMER: I do not own Negima or Harry Potter. Negima is the property of Ken Akamatsu, and Harry Potter is the property of J.K. Rowling.

Action takes place after Negi eventualy found who ordered the attack on his village, saved Asuna and Anya and returned from Mundus Magicus, with help from Chao who missed the gang and decided to return. Also, Asuna recovered most of her memories and made a pactio with Negi, granting his as an artifact Arika's sword, called Gladius Negationis, that had the same ability as Asuna's own artifact.

In the Harry Potter timeline, it's the 5th year, thus it overlaps The Order of the Pheonix

Italics text = character thinking to themselves.

Underline+Italics = character communicating with telepathy

Bold text = shouting

Bold+Italcs = Casting Spell/Ability

Chapter One

Ala Alba's New Asigment

The Dean of Mahora Academy was sitting at his desk, reading a leter from an old friend. After he finished reading, he sighted and looked out the window.

"Well, that class always lacked candidates…and the current situation is indeed an emergency. " he said, deep in thought. "But someone enough open-minded to share some of his abilities while learning completely new ones…plus a dozen other guards with enough battle experience…" . Suddenly he smiled a little guilty "He really isn't going to like it, but it's not like he can refuse either". "Neither of them can't, actually" he grinned.

A few hours later, Negi and Asuna were dropping their jaws to the floor, while Konoka giggled enthusiastically.

"Tell me you didn't say new assignment!" said Asuna after she recovered from shock.

"Sorry Asuna-chan, I'm not very good at lying". "Not in these situations, anyway" he added for himself.

"But Evangeline can't leave the school!" Negi said, hopping to get out of the mess.

"If she make's a Pactio with you, it would be enough to come along with you. You are Nagi's son, after all, the person who imprisoned her here", the Dean said, smiling at his attempt.

"B-but we can barely speak a little, if not any English!" Asuna shouted." And what about school? Our classes? We can't just skip classes like that for a year!"

"I Am the Dean, remember? If I say so, you can skip for even ten years!" But after taking a look at her face he quickly added "I'm joking, I'm not letting you skip class for ten years! Don't get your hopes up, okay?"

Asuna was a little disappointed but said "Ok, we'll settle with a year", with a smirk on her face.

"Don't I have any say in this?" Negi said almost crying"

"No" everyone in the room answered, to his dismay.

"But I don't know anything about that kind of magic!" he yelled.

"Don't worry, it's much simpler and weaker then the one you use. That's why you will also be teaching them some of your own stuff." the old man assured him, with a smile. "Study in Eva's Resort for 2-3 hours and you'll be more then all right". When the young mage didn't answer, the old man said the key words "Your father also used some of the spells from that branch of magic".

At that, Negi raised his head with a sparkle in his eyes that could blind just about anyone. "I'll do it! Thank you for this opportunity principal Konoe, sir!" Negi said enthusiastically, and added "I'll inform the others immediately." With that, he turned around and left the office basically floating.

Asuna gave the Dean a look, while following Konoka out, and said "You're one shrewd old man, ya know that?"

"Well, I try" the Dean smiled, before adding "But what I said is true".

With that in mind, Asuna left the office and met up with Negi and the rest of the Ala Alba at Eva's resort.

There, in front of the beautiful castle, stood Konoka, Yue, Haruna, Nodoka, Setsuna, Asuna, Kaede, Ku Fei, Chachamaru, Mana, Chisane, Asakura, Chao, Sayo and Kotarou looking at the way Evangeline was almost choking Negi.

"You mean all I have to do in order to leave Mahora is to kiss you?! I'm gonna kill that old bastard for not telling me until now! Boya, GET IN THAT CIRCLE!" Eva yelled with an enthusiasm she hasn't showed in a long time.

Everyone was amused, even Negi who was still massaging his sore neck. He stepped in the magic circle Kamo drew and kissed Eva, who, despite her enthusiasm was still a little embarrassed to kiss him, not that it was for the first time, but because all the other girls were smirking at them and Especially after Asakura took a photo of the kiss. A few seconds later, her camera was reduced to dust, as The Dark Evangel looked at it.

"So what is this new assignment you got from the old man?" Eva asked eagerly.

"To be the new Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher at Hogwarts, School of Witchcraft and Wizardly. They're very low on candidates, and when I say low, I mean they would rather die then do it." Negi answered her with a smile. To his surprise, Eva looked rather bothered by his response.

"You know I really don't like England, right? Eva said looking lost in thought rather then angry.

"Yeah, but it can't be helped, it appears that some dark lord, Voldemort has returned after over a decade of exile, and their government refuses to admit it. If I don't go, the English Ministry of Magic will chose the new teacher, and we know the Ministry has been infiltrated." Negi sighted and continued "One of their most powerful Magicians is the Headmaster of Hogwarts, Albus …"

"Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore" Eva whispered, to everyone's surprise.

"You know of him Eva-dono?" Kaede asked.

"Yes, he's at a level of a Magister Magi, but in his own kind of magic. He's been the Headmaster of Hogwarts for over 50 years, and I can't think of anyone better to take his place." Eva said in a normal voice.

"You seem to know a lot about him, are you two acquainted?' Setsuna asked deeply impressed.

"No, I haven't been to England in over 200 years. But he's quite the popular character".

"Was popular, you mean. Ever since he announced Voldemort's return, the Ministry and the Press have been throwing dirt at him, discreditating him and suspending him from most of the organizations he was leader of" Negi said with an annoyed look on his face.

"In other words the same that happened to your father during the war, or to you a month ago, right? I hear you Negi, let's do this!" Asuna said with determination.

"So I take it all we need to do is guard the school? Mana asked.

"Yeah, and teach the students some of our magic in addition to their own" the ten year old answered . "I'll decide what to teach them when we see them, okay Eva? he added quickly.

"Tsk, you always get to have all the fun" the vampire smirked evilly, showing her fangs. "Oh well, let's teach you some of their magic, everyone follow me" Evangeline said, heading for her Library Tower.