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If Bella Said Yes…

"All right. Forget time limits. If you want me to be the one-then you'll just have to meet one condition."

"Condition?" My voice went flat. "What condition?"

His eyes were cautious – he spoke slowly. "Marry me First"

My face went blank and my heart stuttered as I tried to process the words he had just spoke.

"Bella? Bella love breath" he uttered, worried now

"S-say it again" I stuttered out between deep breaths of air.

He came closer to me, going down on one knee at the side of my bed and taking my hand.

"Marry me Isabella Swan and I'll love you every day for the rest of our forever"

"YES!!" I screamed throwing my arms around his neck, realising too late that Charlie was in the next room. I released Edward quickly to take in his expression, his face displayed nothing but shock yet in his eyes, deep in those golden orbs I could see a strong emotion smouldering under the surface. I couldn't describe it I could only see it burning in his eyes and holding me trapped in his gaze.

I heard a deep groan from the other room as Charlie awoke. I whispered hurriedly to Edward

"Charlie's up! Get in the closet quickly, don't you dare leave this room!"

I had managed to break through his trance but he still said nothing as he rose from one knee and backed up towards my closet not breaking eye contact with me until the door to the closet had swung shut after him. Beaming to myself I got under my covers to wait for Charlie.

No more than a minute later my door creaked open and Charlie's head appeared around the corner,

"Hey Charlie, sorry did I wake you?"

His face flushed, embarrassed at being caught,

"Erm kinda, you ok Bella?"

"Great dad, Just a bit of a vivid dream, Sorry" I said, "Anyway I'm going to get in the shower" I added getting up.

"Now just wait a minute Bella, we need to talk".

I stiffened as I waited, though not unexpected it still came as a surprise that Charlie would want to do this now, I forced my eyes to stay away from the closet.

"Dad listen I know I was completely out of order going off like that but Edward needed me I had to go"

"Bells can you imagine what I went through when I came home from Harry's funeral to find you gone with nothing but a hastily scribbled note?"

"Dad I cant apologise enough for that" and it was true I wish I'd been there to offer him the comfort he must have desperately needed, I hung my head and continued. "But dad there was a chance that I could have lost Edward forever and I had to stop that" maybe I was giving too much away here but I needed to make the look of betrayal on Charlie's face disappear.

"Bella how can you let him back into your life like this? After what he did to you…"

I cut him off.

"Edward didn't do anything dad it was all a big misunderstanding and being away from each other didn't work out well for either of us, he was hurting just as much as I was. Together were whole"

That sense of conviction, of rightness was still flowing strongly through my veins as I spoke.

Charlie stared at me and sighed.

"Bells where were you?

I gulped and thought through my story carefully hoping my inability to lie wouldn't show.

"Well basically I went cliff diving with Jake and well you know me I didn't think about the current or anything so Jake had to pull me out and I swallowed a fair bit of water.." so far this story wasn't helping Charlie to relax or believe me so I talked quicker. "Anyway I got back here and Alice showed up and realised I wasn't myself so I told her what had happened and when she phoned Carlisle to check in, Rosalie answered so she told her what had happened. And then Rosalie told Edward but she kinda made it sound like I was trying to kill myself and well it was all he said she said. Edward got angry with himself and was going to do something stupid do I made Alice take me to… L.A. to explain everything in person to him. They were coming back anyway I just made it happen sooner that's all.

That was the best I could do for the minute and Charlie didn't tend to ask too many questions.

"I'm not happy about this Bella, he isn't good for you"

I sighed in frustration, determined to make him understand.

"Dad, listen to me, look at me, do you see a difference? Have you noticed that I can breath again, that I'm smiling again, I feel whole, I feel better, I feel like me when he's here."

Charlie stared at me hard for a minute, I had never laid my feeling on the line for him to see like that before. He sighed and gave up reluctantly.

"I don't like it" he said once more before he closed my door and I heard his footsteps go downstairs.

Immediately I looked towards the closet and saw Edward already sat in the rocking chair the emotion I had seen smouldering in his eyes before had burst free and was evident all over his face, deep undiluted joy. I had never in my like seen anything as beautiful the deep euphoria made his face shine with all the more radiance and my earlier feelings of the same joy came bursting back as thought there had been no interruption. I flung myself across the room and into his arms. I stared deeply into his eyes before whispering my answer once more.

"Yes, I will marry you Edward Cullen" He beamed back at me twisting one arm around my waist, the other to the back of my neck.

"You Isabella Marie Swan have just made me the happiest man to have ever walked this earth" and then he brought his lips to meet mine.

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