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Epilogue – 50 years later

"Edward, I need to go and see Charlie" I said walking into our bedroom. Edward was lying on the bed, reading. We were currently in London, England finishing out last year in College. I was taking literature and creative writing, while Edward was getting yet another medical degree. He looked up at me curiously

"Bella? What do you mean? You know we can't do that. Charlie thinks you're dead" he said putting the book to one side and pulling me onto the bed next to him.

"I know but look" I said handing him the paper I had in my hand. He looked at the headline and read,

Chief Swan Dying.

"Oh Bella, I'm so sorry, but sweetheart you know we can't see him. People still remember us there. And imagine what would happen if Charlie suddenly see's his 18 year old daughter suddenly alive and well. Looking the same she did 50 years ago."

"I know Edward, I know. But I've thought about this. We can go at night and in through his hospital window. Charlie has an aggressive form of cancer which makes him have hallucinations; he wouldn't know it was real and even if he does no-one will believe him. I need to see him Edward he's my father" Edward looked at me seeing more behind my reasons,

"Bella, why else do you want to do this?" I looked at him and sighed

"Edward I know you still struggle to believe it but I believe there is an afterlife, for everyone." I said putting emphasis on the 'everyone' "Charlie could be lying on his death bed now, the only think comforting him being that soon he'll get to see me again. I can't let him get to that life then find out I never really died. At least if I go and explain everything to him, even if he doesn't believe it at first, when he gets to heaven, because that is where Charlie will go, he'll realise what I was saying was true and know that I'm happy and that one day, eventually we will see each other again, if it's in 1 year or 1000 years."

Edward sighed and pinched the bridge of his nose, I smiled. Frustrated Edward usually meant I was about to get my own way.

"Ok Bella, we'll go. But we'll check with Alice first and make sure everything will go smoothly." I grinned and jumped on him kissing him firmly.

"Thank you baby" I said.

For the past 50 years we had lived carefree and happy lives. Moving around every 8-10 years, going to school and college and occasionally taking a year or so off to live on Isle Esme with the rest of the family. When we had arrived in Denali, we had discovered my power thanks to Eleazar. From then I worked with my family and the Denali's to make my shield as strong as possible. Now I was able to cover for miles around to protect from mental attacks. Through all these years though I had kept track of Charlie and Renee. Making sure they were happy and living life. Renee and Phil were happy until the day they died tragically in a car crash about 5 years ago. Renee never really got over my death but Phil helped her through and made sure that they had many happy memories. Charlie surprised me. After many dark months after my death, he turned to drink to help him through. It scared me and many time I thought he would drink himself to death, so I started to creep back to Forks every couple of months to check on him. Then around 2 years after my 'death' a light appeared on the horizon in the form of Sue Clearwater. She started going round to Charlie and making his meals, she would talk to him, getting him to open up and grieve properly. Eventually the inevitable happened and they fell in love. I don't remember seeing Charlie happier than he was on his second wedding day. Edward and I had sneaked down to forks and stood outside the churches windows watching my Father marry the love of his life. I thought he had loved Renee, but the look in his eyes when he looked at Sue reminded me of the way Edward still looks at me. And from that day on I didn't feel the need to come to Forks as much. I made sure to check the headlines of the local papers online, and when I heard of Sue's death just last year I knew my father wouldn't survive much longer. Which lead me to today, going down to Forks with Edward to say goodbye to my Father once and for all.

We took the back roads into Forks and parked outside our old home. I looked at the big white house and smiled. Edward came behind me, wrapped him arms around me and rested his head on my shoulder,

"It holds come memories that place doesn't it?" he said. I leant back into him and sighed

"It sure does. I hope we can come back here soon. I miss this place" Edward chuckled

"I seem to remember you hating Forks at one point. What changed your mind?" I laughed and turned in his arms.

"You." I said simply and kissed him. He kissed me back hard and crushed me closer to him. I liked it when my newborn strength wore off. I didn't hurt him anymore. Although I did hate that I couldn't beat Emmett anymore. Though Alice and I liked to play many pranks on him, sometimes dragging Edward, Jasper and Rosalie into them.

We ran together through the forests just as the sun was setting and darkness unfolded over the trees. When we reached the hospital, we slowed and walked through the trees until we were facing the back of the hospital. Edward focused for a second and eventually found the tenor of Charlie's mind. He pointed to his second floor window but grabbed me as I made to break the cover of the trees.

"Hold your horses Bella, his nurse is still with him listen" I listened in that direction and heard a familiar gentle voice talking to Charlie,

"Ok Charlie, I'll leave you be now. I'll be back in the morning, but if you need a nurse, just press the button and someone will be with you."

"I'll do that, thank you so much Angela, you such a sweet girl. I'm glad Bella knew you" Charlie said in a weak voice that scared me.

"I'm glad I knew her too Charlie, you raised a wonderful daughter."

I looked at Edward,

"Angela Weber?" I asked. He nodded and looked back to Charlie's window. "She's gone, we can go now"

He took hold of my hand and we crept out of the trees, using to cover of darkness to make our way to the window below Charlie's. The curtains were drawn and so we started to climb. I went first using the eave to launch myself up to Charlie's window. It was easy to open and I climbed through silently followed by Edward.

I looked over to my Father and almost started to sob. The man who loved me and raised me looked so frail and weak that I didn't know how he was still here. His once brown curls that I had inherited were grey and sparse and his skin wrinkled and aged. I approached his bed and sat on the chair at his side, Edward came to stand beside me. As if he sensed someone there Charlie's eyes opened and he looked over at us. For a moment he looked confused as if he didn't know who we were but as his brown eyes locked on mine a small gasp left his mouth.

"Isabella?" he asked. I smiled at him

"You know I prefer Bella dad" his face displayed nothing but shock and I was afraid of the effect this was having on him. Slowly I reached out and took hold of his hand, his eyes snapped down to our hands. I let go.

"Sorry" I said but he shook his head and held my hand again.

"You're really here?" he asked and I nodded

"Yeah dad, I know this is a bit overwhelming but let me explain" he nodded but began to speak,

"You're so young" he whispered and reached a hand out to stroke my cheek. I leant into his hand and wished I could cry. "What happened Bella, you were dead. They found the car and the blood. We had a funeral for you. But you haven't changed. Well you have but you haven't at the same time. I don't understand."

"I know dad, and I'm so sorry you had to go through that, but it was the only way to keep you safe. Dad I'm going to tell you exactly what happened when I first moved here and met Edward" as I mentioned his name, Charlie looked up at Edward

"You haven't changed either." Edward nodded and placed his hands reassuringly on my shoulders

"Bella will explain sir"

"Dad when I first moved here and went to school, I met Edward. I knew straight away that he was different and I tried my hardest to find out why but he seemed hostile towards me at first, in fact he disappeared for a week. But he came back and not long after he saved my life. That day with Tyler's truck would have been a million times worse if Edward hadn't been there. He was standing on the other side of the parking lot but then he was next to me and stopping the truck, with his hands." I paused and judged Charlie's reactions, he looked shocked but not overwhelmed and so I continued. "It was actually Jacob who helped me to realise what he was" as soon as I mentioned Jacob, Edward growled and Charlie scowled. Well at least they still agreed on something. "I went to first beach with my friends and one of Jacob's friends mentioned the Cullens. So I went for a walk with Jacob and he told me about the old legends. He told me the Cullens were, vampires." I paused again and Edward squeezed my shoulders reassuringly. Charlie was staring at us now in disbelief. "I know it's hard to comprehend dad but just listen. I asked Edward about it one night…"No need to go into gruesome details "and he confirmed it, but he explained that his family were good. They don't drink from humans, only animals, like we get our food from them. You have to understand Charlie that by this point I was already in love with Edward, I didn't matter to me what he was. Our love was inevitable, like yours and Sues." Charlie smiled a hearing her name. "So I decided then and there that I would so anything I could to be with him. After a lot and I mean a lot of dramas and compromises we made a decision. The only way for me to be with Edward and to stay safe was to be if I became a vampire too. So that's what I did, I made sure that I left you and Renee happy memories of me, made sure you knew that I was happy, wherever I was. And I got married. I was changed on our honeymoon and when we got home we had to find a way to leave you with closure. I knew that you wouldn't stop until you found out what happened to me if we just disappeared and so I had to fake my death. We decided to fake both our deaths so you would know that we were together, wherever we were. And I know that worked because of what you put on our gravestones. That's about it Dad, apart from that I want you to know that I love you and that I'm happy, I'm so, so happy Dad. Edward loves me more than I deserve and I love him with all my soul. We're happy and I missed you. I need to say goodbye properly." I stopped and waited for Charlie to say something

"I wish I could have known this earlier Bells" I smiled at him

"To keep you safe Charlie, it was either you not knowing, you joining us or you dying and I had to keep you safe"

"I understand baby girl, I'm just happy I got to see you one last time. I'm happy that I know you're happy." I stood up and crawled onto the bed next to my dad. I gently wrapped my arms around him and gave him a hug.

"I could change you dad, you can be like us?" he kissed the top of my head and hugged me back, not commenting on the coldness of my skin or the marble like feel of my body,

"No sweetheart, I have a lady to get back to" I smiled and began to sob

"I'm happy you found her dad, she was good for you"

"That she was sweet girl. I think I'm ready to see her again now. Now I got to see my baby girl again." Sobs wracked my body violently at hearing these words and I sat up to look at Charlie but he was looking at Edward,

"Promise me you'll take care of her Edward" he said his voice growing weaker.

"I swear on my very existence sir" Edward said sincerity evident in his tone. Charlie looked back at me and smiled,

"You're so beautiful Bella, I love you" the build up of venom tears in my eyes that would never fall blurred my vision and I hurried to clear them away,

"I love you too daddy, always. I'll see you again someday" he smiled and rested back against his pillows. His eyes closed and a huge smile lit his face,

"Hello gorgeous" he whispered softly and then his heart gave its final beat. I gasped and my body shook as the violent sobs took on a new force. I knew Sue had come to guide Charlie into the next life and he was happy. But it hurt to see him go. I lay against my father's body for a while longer, while Edward sat in the chair and stroked my back. I breathed in my dad's scent, I had years ago desensitised my nose against the smell of humans and now though they didn't smell good, they also didn't smell bad and this was a scent that I wanted to remember forever.

Eventually the sobs slowed and I was able to move away from his body. I looked back once more at my father, who still had his last smile gracing his face and gave a small, tentative smile.

"Be happy Dad" I whispered and then jumped through the window hand – in –hand with my husband.

We were walking slowly through the forest back to the Forks house, not feeling any urge to rush, when my phone rang. I pulled it out of my pocket and flipped it open


"Hello, Bella sweetheart" Esme answered

"Hi, is everything ok?" I asked

"Yes everything's fine; Alice told us what would happen. Carlisle and I wanted to make sure you were ok" I smiled at the concern my family held for me. And made a decision I had been pondering over for a while

"I'm ok Mom" I heard Esme gasp and Edward looked at me with a shocked smile. In the past 50 years I had not felt right calling Esme and Carlisle Mom and Dad but I had wanted to. Now even thought Charlie and Renee would always be my Mother and Father it felt right. They had cared for me and guided me for the past 50 years in ways I couldn't imagine or explain and so I continued. "And tell Dad I'm fine too, we'll be home in day or two. I think I'd like to stay in the Forks house for a day." I could hear quite happy sobs coming from Esme as she replied

"That's fine Bella, my beautiful, sweet daughter. Come home when you're ready."

"We will, thank you Mom. I love you bye"

"I love you too sweetheart"

She hung up the phone and Edward pulled me into a hug immediately,

"That would have meant the world to her Bella" I nodded and hugged him back

"I love you so much Edward. Thank you for my life" he smiled down at me, dazzling me still and replied

"I love you too Bella. Thank you for bringing yourself into my life and making me happier than I ever imagined I could be." And with those words I pulled him down to me and proceeded to kiss him senseless, continuing on into out happily ever after.

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