It was cold on the night of September 28th, I walked alone as he tried to gather warmth to himself. I'd been on the streets for a while now, officially pimping myself out to any person no matter how disgusting that they were. I longed for a warm bed, but discovered that that's what the rest of the people on the street wanted as well. My body moved slowly and soon I heard the distinct putter of a car come in my direction. Sensing its approach, I tried my best to make myself presentable, running my hands through my ratty blond hair while undoing the coat that made my body slightly warmer. I smirked at the creepy looking man that occupied the car, and with a quick nod of the head, that was all I needed to get into the car.

"How much are you charging?" The leech asked and I felt disgusted.

"Depends on what you'd like," I responded with a wink and the disgusting man barked out laughing. We pulled into a seedy looking motel, the sign flickering on and off. He pulled out a key telling me that he had planned to get some action regardless of who he picked up. I turned on him when he closed the door.

"Fifty for a fuck. Twenty-five for a hand job, if you are trying anything else, I'll let you know." I said, but the man only sneered at me.

"I'm not paying you a Goddamn thing!" He hollered and I staggered as his fist connected with the side of my face. The pain in my cheek was intense but soon it wasn't the only thing hurting as he grabbed me by the hair and forced me against the wall.

"I don't pay whores like you. I just take what I want from them. And you can't go to the police since what your profession is is illegal."

I winced as he mashed my head up against the side of the wall a couple more times and I slowly became woozy. I couldn't keep my eyes open, but tried as I felt him rip off each of the small amount of layers that covered my body. It was only when he thrusted into me that I blacked out.