It has been about a week since I met John. My body still hurts from getting hit by his car but it'll go away soon enough. I'm sitting with Evan at the moment, and I feel bad for the small sub. Bags under his eyes that told me and everyone else that looked at him that he wasn't getting enough sleep. Randy's punishment held though, even though I could tell at certain points where Randy almost gave inn and broke his punishment. They were both miserable, but Randy was determined to keep the punishment in check. Evan is currently making a necklace, and he looked adorable with his tongue peeking out of the corner. Why he was making a necklace that thirteen year old girls usually do? How should I know?

I knew what he was going through with the while, not sleeping thing. I spent half of my night's usually tossing and turning. My dreams were plagued with different images; of Dave, of Evan...of John. But most of them were filled with blood and pain. I even had a horrible dream...more like a nightmare, where it was Randy who was hurting. I couldn't make eye contact with him for an entire day.

Evan sighed and I looked at him once again.

"What's on your mind, Evan?" I saw him shrug on response, but he answered my question.

"I just want Randy to cut this stupid punishment, especially for tonight." I quirked my eyebrow in question.

"Tonight? What is happening tonight?" I asked.

"Everyone is getting together tonight. We're going to some fancy nightclub. Matt and Jeff know the owner, old friend apparently, so he invited Jeff, Matt and all his friends."

Great, another lonely night. It's not like I haven't imposed on them enough. Thankfully I'm not invited to make another encounter with Randy and Evan's friends uncomfortable.

"Cheer up; I'm sure that you guys will have fun. Once Randy sees your sexy dancing, I'm sure he'll end your punishment and ravish you right there on the dance floor. All you have to do is move those sexy little hips of yours."

"You know you are coming too, right?"

I scoffed. "I doubt that you guys actually want me there. I'll just get in the way, and dragged the party down. My arm still isn't the best, with it being broken and all." I made a fake groan as I slowly moved my arm.

I looked over at Evan and the glare that he was giving me told me that he knew I was faking it. And it's true. My arm may be broken, but I could hardly feel the pain. I'm a quick healer, I guess.

Evan opened his mouth, about to tell me off when Randy entered the room. Evan's attention turned to him and he flashed me a devilish smile before turning to Randy.

"Randy, Adam is able to come tonight, right? Don't you think that it would be good for him? He didn't think that he was invited tonight."

That bastard.

"Of course he is invited," Randy said with a little bit too much excitement in his voice. When Evan and I looked at him with the same confused look, he calmed down. "I mean, yeah, sure. I actually put some clothes on the bed for you to wear tonight. We are leaving at seven, giving you three hours to shower and get all dolled up."

"Thank you," I said and bowed my head to Randy. He must be use to that by now, since he is the only Dom that I trust. Randy just laughed it off like he always does.

"Evan." Evan gazed up at Randy.

"Yes sir?"

"Come to the bedroom in 5 minutes. I need to see what will look good on you for tonight. Can't have you looking like a slob."

"Yes, sir." Evan responded with a head bow that was very similar to mine.

Randy left the room and I watched as Evan gathered his arts and crafts up before placing them in their designated place. I really hope that his punishment ends soon.

I walked up the large stairs with Evan moments after, me turning off at my room while Evan continued to the end of the hall. He door was cracked a bit and I saw Evan nervously glance back at me and I couldn't help but give him an encouraging smile.

I took a quick shower, my arm, as of late was causing me problems in mobility since it was still in the cast. I lingered on my hair, washing it thoroughly. When I got out I saw the clothes that were laid out for me by Randy. A pair of jeans accompanied by a blue and white plaid shirt, a pair of boxers and lay on top of the clothing. I don't think I have ever worn plaid before, but I still change in them, not wanting Randy to get angry with me and being kicked out. The last thing I want to do was be on the streets again. Maybe if I was lucky, we would run into Dave, and he would take me back and I could move on in my life. An image of Evan's sad face flashed in my mind and I quickly shook it out. I didn't want to think of the sadness of Evan. I didn't want to do anything that could hurt him. If I could, I would care for the small boy as much as I could, complete with no punishment whenever he was bad. After all, I'm not a dominate person. I'm scared of almost everything, and I almost protested when Randy invited me out. I haven't been to a club in...Oh I have no idea how long it had been.

I checked the clock beside my bed, the big red numbers telling me that it would just after 5. I didn't think that I had been in the shower for that long, almost an hour.

When I was fully clothed, I made my way back downstairs where I heard the TV on. I saw Randy perched on the couch, casually flipping through the various TV shows. It was then that I realized that Evan wasn't in the room.

"He's in the kitchen."

Randy interrupted my thoughts. I turned to him and he continued.

"He still is in punishment. I'm holding strong."

"Come on, Randy. Just let up on him a little bit. You don't see how he is every day." Randy turned to me.

"Who are you to judge my actions? Would you rather me beat the shit out of him like Dave did to you? Evan knows what he got himself into when he agreed to be my sub. He knew that he would be punished for things that he did wrong. Evan has to learn, Adam."

I stared at him in shock. I cannot believe he brought up me and Dave's relationship. I saw Randy looked at me with confusion for a second before his eyes widened, obviously just realizing what he had just said.

"Adam, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to bring up Dave." I looked away and shrugged. "Do you still want to be back with him?"

I just walked towards to where Evan was, not answering his question.

Evan and I sat for the rest of the time in the kitchen, not saying a single word for the next two hours. We picked at a small amount of food that we were suppose to eat before we left, but I couldn't really eat at the moment. The clock in the kitchen dinged, accompanied by a small chirping noise from the annoying bird clock that hung about the stove. Randy walked in, not looking at either me or Evan.

"Time to go," he said and left.

We followed him to his car where there was more silence. Randy didn't even turn on the radio, which is weird seeing as he knows that Evan likes listening to the banter of people talking and laughing. I guess the alone time with Randy didn't help the situation. I noticed that Randy seemed more annoyed after he and Evan were together than after we talked.

I heard the beat of the music from about a block away. I looked at all of the people lined up outside, obviously waiting to get into the popular club. I saw Chris and Austin standing off to the side. I had eventually learned all of the names of randy and Evan's friends.

"Everyone agreed to me out front before we go in." Randy said, reading my mind and answering the question I was about to ask myself. He has been doing that a lot lately. It's beginning to creep me out a bit.

We find a parking spot down the street and we hop out of the large vehicle. Randy led us towards the club while Evan and I stayed behind him. The music was loud and I felt Evan press closer to me. I hesitantly took his hand and we had to jog for a minute to catch back up to Randy.

We were the last ones to arrive, everyone gathered while we were parking the car. We were greeting with hoots and hollers and I shied away from most of the people on the large group of friends. The only person who I didn't see was Matt, but his whereabouts were soon solved when I saw his head poke out of the club before waving all of us over. The large bodyguard moved aside, letting all of us in and I could hear the large amount of protests from the people standing in the lines we moved into the club.

The lights were bright and colourful and Evan's grip on my hand grew tighter. I saw Randy look back at us, but I didn't see Randy looked at me and Evan's entwined fingers. We pushed through to the back of the club, where I saw that there were doors. Everyone piled into the room, greeting the friend of Matt and Jeff. He was covered in tattoos and multiple piercing. His name being Shannon Moore, he owns clubs all across the US and even some in Canada, but he said that this was his favourite.

We clambered back to the club, and I watched as most of the Doms, told their subs to stay close to one another and never be left on your own. The Doms then headed towards the bar while the subs went to the dance floor. I saw Dolph and Chris hurry out to the dance floor, shaking their butts to the music while people watch as these gorgeous blonds dance. Me and Evan still held hands and I moved toward the dance floor, and received a questioning look from Evan. I motioned to the floor and he hesitantly went with me.

I saw him loosen up once the club started to play Britney Spears songs. I finally began to it loose and let the music just move me. My arm wasn't hurting and I was grateful for that, but for some reason, I couldn't help but have the feeling while I was dancing that someone was watching me. I scanned around the club, wincing when a random flash of light shines in my eyes. I shook off the feeling and continued to dance when Dolph spun me around. I couldn't help but laugh at his antics. I danced for a few more minutes and looked for Evan. I panicked when I didn't see him around of us. I looked towards the bar and heaved a sigh in relief when I saw Evan perched on Randy's lap, his head resting on his shoulder. The shiver ran through me and I looked once again around the club.

It was at that moment that I saw him, surrounded by males and females fawning over him. He wasn't paying attention to them though. His eyes were locked with mine and I soon found myself walking towards him. There was a light that shone above his head, making him look even more angelic than I remembered.

I could vaguely hear my name being shouted out by someone behind me, but I kept going. John, the angel, rose from his seat, most of the people flocking him disappearing quickly and soon we stood face to face.

"Adam, right? You do remember me right?"

I nodded my head, and then indicated to my arm. "How could I have forgotten?"

He laughs and I couldn't help but smile.

"You know I still feel guilty about hitting you. To be honest, I haven't driven since. I felt like I would risk hitting someone else."

"I'm fine. Really."

"Let me make it up to you. Take you out to lunch or something. Please." I was about to decline once again when a hand clamped on my shoulder. I got spun around to see a rather unpleasant looking Randy.

"What the hell did we say about running off?"

"You're not my Master. None of you guys are." I replied back with venom. "You guys took that away from me."

I saw him recoil for a moment before grabbing my arm and dragging me off towards the rest of the Doms.

I saw John follow me through the crowds. Randy shoved me outside, which obviously means that we are going home. Something must have happened for Randy and the rest of them to react in such a way. John yelled at Randy to stop for a second. Randy turned around, my arm still grasped in his hand while my casted arm was left to my side.

"What?" He yelled. John handed me a piece of paper and soon Randy continued dragging me.

I was thrown into the car. Evan was in the backseat as well, tears running down his face and soon we began our silent ride back to the house.