A/N: Glad you all seemed to be happy with my last chapter. Hopefully this one will live up to it and be able to further expand my interpretation and love of Gelphie. :D Enjoy!

Galinda woke to the smell of lavender and oils, the comforting scent of her roommate. She opened her eyes to find the green girl on her side, facing her, as she slept soundly. A green arm was wrapped around her, holding her close. Galinda gingerly reached up to brush back the raven hair from the other girl's face and caressed her cheek. A soft smile came upon her lips as Elphaba's eyes began to flutter open. Still in a sleepy haze, the green girl didn't say anything, just gazed into Galinda's eyes as a slight twitch of a smile played at the corner of her mouth. Her eyes began to fall prey to sleep, closing them once more as her fingers made feather light caresses back and forth where her hand rested on the blonde's lower back.

Galinda laid there a while, watching her roommate sleep. She loved the feeling of being nestled in her arms and her quiet, subtle affection. Galinda adored that side of Elphaba. It was a side of the green girl seemingly reserved only for her. She lazily traced her finger lightly across the other girl's collarbone, feeling her soft skin, taking in the actual possibility of the two of them.

"Elphie?" Galinda spoke softly.

"Hmm?" The green girl responded, eyes still closed.

"Let's just stay like this today. We can say we're sick and..." The alarm went off then, interrupting the blonde in mid-sentence. Elphaba slowly opened one eye to look at her before rolling herself slightly over onto Galinda as she reached to turn off the offending noise. She stayed like that a moment, holding the blonde's gaze. Galinda thought for an instant that her roommate would actually agree to what she proposed. But that was short lived as Elphaba placed a light kiss upon her lips before she rolled away and got out of bed. Having no intentions of getting out of bed herself, Galinda nestled back under the covers as she watched the other girl walk away.

When the green girl emerged a short while later she found the blonde still in her bed almost asleep again. "Come on Galinda, get up. I need to make my bed."

"No." The blonde said tiredly, taking the covers and pulling them over her head.

Elphaba walked over to her and pulled the covers down. "Galinda?"

The blonde threw the covers back up. "No. I'm not getting up. You come back to bed."

Elphaba sat down on the edge of the bed, not saying a word. Galinda pulled the covers down to see what Elphaba was doing, only to see her simply staring ahead of herself. "Elphie?" The green girl looked at her out of the corner of her eye and a sly smirk came upon her face. Galinda furrowed her brow in confusion when the green girl turned and began to tickle her. She shrieked and burst into laughter from her roommate's attack. "Not fair! Not fair!"

"Get out of my bed and I'll stop." Elphaba stated, continuing to tickle her relentlessly.

"No!" The blonde managed to get out between her giggles. The green girl just tickled her that much more. "Okay! Okay! I give." Elphaba ignored the surrender and continued her playful torture on the blonde. "I said I give!" Galinda laughed out as her roommate began to cease and got up off the bed to let her up.

Galinda laid there a moment trying to catch her breath, then slowly got up and out of the bed and combed her fingers through her hair. "I'll get you for that." She stated as she went to walk away but not before Elphaba reached out to tickle her one last time causing her to jump and shriek. "Elphie!" The other girl just chuckled to herself as she turned and headed to her closet.

Elphaba was standing in front of the mirror, straightening out her uniform when Galinda came back out wrapped only in a towel from her shower. The green girl caught sight of her reflection behind her and quickly looked away from the mirror as she felt the heat rise in her cheeks. It wasn't like it was the first time she'd seen Galinda like that but it was... different now.

She somehow managed to make her way to her desk while avoiding any glances toward her roommate. Galinda was busy choosing her uniform to notice but when she turned to head back into the bathroom she saw the green girl heading towards the door. "Elphie? Where are you going?"

Elphaba stopped in her tracks, her hand inches from the doorknob. She stood there stiff, not wishing to turn around. "I was just heading to breakfast."

"You're suppose to wait for me." Galinda stated placing her hand on her hip.

The green girl took a deep breath to control any fluster that may arise as she turned around. "I'm sorry. Is that some sort of relationship rule?" She asked casually. "I didn't get that handbook."

She just called us a relationship. Galinda thought as she smiled at Elphaba.

The green girl arched her brow. "What?"

The blonde began walking slowly toward her with a look of intent.

"Galinda? What is going on in that brain of yours?"

Elphaba swallowed hard and took a step back when the blonde finally got close in front of her. Galinda noticed and reached out to run her fingers along the lapel of Elphaba's jacket. "You seem to be... nervous. Do I make you nervous Elphie?"

Elphaba tightened her jaw and looked up over the blonde's head. "No, but would you mind putting something on?"

"Why? Are you getting ideas?" Galinda teased as she pulled lightly at Elphaba's jacket.

"That's absurd!" Elphaba protested, lowering her eyes back to her. "I simply don't wish to miss breakfast. And since I now have to wait for you, I... Well you should be getting ready, not standing around is all." She said with slight annoyance.

"Really? Seems an awful silly reason from someone who normally skips breakfast to work in the library." Galinda pointed out, pulling a little harder on Elphaba's jacket causing the girl to involuntarily take that last step closer, bringing them mere inches from one another. "Don't you think?" The blonde questioned in a whisper before rising up on her toes and planting a kiss upon the green girl's lips. And that was it. Elphaba knew she had lost the battle at that point. She leaned into the kiss and went to place her hand on Galinda's waist just as she pulled away. "But if that's your reason..." The blonde stated nonchalantly as she shrugged and turned to head back to the bathroom, smiling to herself along the way because she knew Elphaba was watching her every move. As she got to the bathroom she turned back and flashed an adorably devilish smile at her roommate. "And admit it, I win." She stated as she walked in and shut the door.

"And you call me infuriating." Elphaba mumbled under her breath as she sat down to wait.