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a/n: This is going to be written around Dokuga LJ's prompts and one-shots. Pieces will be of varying lengths, based upon the prompt. With that said, enjoy the ride!

Must Endure

He watched, feeling like the worst voyeur. The winds sent her scent to him, filling his lungs with a burning need. His eyes, sight so keen, traced her every feature and action. His heart kept time with hers and her so human emotions tore at him in ways he'd never known could be possible.

She will age. She will grow old and die.

For some reason the thought did not bring the reassurance that it once had. At one time, those very words had assured him that soon this obsession, this freak accident, would pass and he'd no longer have to dwell upon it. Now those thoughts brought a sharp stabbing pain to the cold place in his chest where he knew his heart lay.

Turning his eyes away from where the miko walked quietly in a meadow, Sesshoumaru grimaced to himself.

This pain had only increased in the months of his vigil and he knew it was watching her that was the cause. Still, he could not stay away. He had to be near her. If he stayed away, his mind went crazy with what could be…

Humans were so fragile. Anything and everything in the world was a danger to them.

If I declared myself to her…?

Shaking his head clear once more, Sesshoumaru returned his golden gaze to the focus of his life now. He could not—would not—do such a foolish thing. As he'd told himself a thousand times before, she would die one day. She would wither away, as humans did, and he would be left behind to endure. If such a thing happened, if she returned his feelings, he did not think his sanity would be able to withstand. Better to be left with unanswered questions than an eternity of love lost insanity.