Title: Tactile Affections
Series: Inscribed on the verso
Challenge: Six Words Story Expansion Challenge
Rating: PG
Summary: There were worse things to be obsessed over.

AN: Nothing more awesome than a guy who likes to play with your hair. From my standpoint anyway.

Disclaimer: I don't own them.

Gippal couldn't stop touching her hair.

It was just too long and soft. Very soft. Like chocobo feathers. And long. It went past her waist when she finally let down and he couldn't remember the last time he saw it down. Logically, he should have known that, with all those braids and things in her hair. But seeing it was something completely different.

He'd been mesmerized the night when she'd sat up at few minutes after their lovemaking and started taking down her hair, insisting she wouldn't sleep if she didn't. She'd worked quickly, her back turned to him, untying and unbraiding the plaits in her hair. He'd stared, hypnotized, as one by one, sections of her hair fell down her back and over her shoulder, little by little hiding her naked flesh from view. Slowly, like a child afraid of being caught, he'd reached out and pulled a strand through his fingers.

And that was it. He was addicted.

It wasn't long after they started living together that he'd started volunteering to take it down for her each night and brush out every tangle she might have. After they married, he'd started to help her put it up ever morning, teasing her in her half-awake state. Before long, any time she felt stressed, she would walk up t him, brush in hand, and plop down in front of him, on the floor if necessary. While he brushed out her hair, she vented her frustrations. By the end of each session, they both felt relaxed and in complete harmony.

When she got pregnant, it became an everyday ritual.


"Mmm. That's nice."

He paused in his brushing to drop a kiss on her neck before returning to his ministrations. "Is your headache getting better?"

"Yep. So nice."

He looked down at her, putting the brush down. "Alright, its nap time for you." He leaned over and scooped her into his arms, pulling her close to his chest.

"Gippal! I'm too heavy! Put me down!"

Her protests were halted by a long yawn and Gippal chuckled.

"Even pregnant, you aren't heavy," he reassured her as they walked through the halls of Djose temple. "Now sleep," he commanded, placing her gently on their bed. When he straightened to leave, she grabbed his hand.

"Only if you sleep with me."

He smiled. "For a few minutes. Then back to work."


Kicking his boots off, he worked his way onto the bed beside her. She immediately curled up to him, cuddling into his chest. With a soft laugh, he settled her head on one of his arms and brought his other hand around to stroke her hair.

"Mmm. Nice."



He chuckled softly and continued to run his fingers through her hair before drifting off to sleep himself.