Sanji, the Little Devil

Fandom: One Piece

Genre: Fantasy-Romance-Humor

Rating: M/NC-17 (Not Work-Safe)

Pairing: ZoSan

Disclaimer: Odachi is the sole owner of One Piece and no one else ^__^.

Warning: AU, yaoi-lemon (ZoSan—definitely), PWP, CRACK, oOC-ness and stupidity (everything here is impossible XDD)

Summary: Accidentally stumbling across an old parchment, Zoro decided to have fun with it since he was bored. Who knew that it could really bring him a little naughty devil that would mess his life after that? Zoro certainly didn't. Well, devil wasn't real or…was it?

A/N: Stumbling across a naughty idea, I got sidetracked when I was trying to update another story; then this is the result. I couldn't resist its charm XD. I am in the mood on writing ZoSan XDD.

Additional warning: The warning above is for the entire series. There's only AU, hints of ZoSan, crack and stupidity in this chapter XP. Saa, please enjoy~!

Sanji, the Little Devil

Chapter 1: The Little Devil Loves Strawberries

Zoro was bored.

Well, it's not like he was free or anything. He was actually given a task to clean the storages in his family house. There were four old storages filled with nothing but old dusty books, documents and parchments. Ah, the first storages were filled with many weapons though, especially many types of swords: Wakizashi, Katana, Kodachi and many more.

Zoro was in the middle of cleaning the last storage when he found a crack on the wooden floor.

"What the…?" The green haired 18 year old teen with a nice body shape stared at the square crack in quizzical look. "Was there anything like this in the other previous storages?" Zoro knelt slowly while touching his chin, trying to remember his previous activity in the other storages.

No, I didn't find anything in the others.

Zoro finished remembering and now was wondering what he should do to this crack. Looked from the shape, it wasn't like a natural crack, and it seemed as old as the storage itself judging from the dust covering it. No one had entered the place after his grandpa died fifteen years ago, so the dusts were accumulated, creating thick-layer-like grey cottons on top of the spacious floor.

Zoro was staring at the fissure for approximately a minute before he decided to check it out. Someday this place would become his anyway. It wasn't like there was a seal or anything on it that prohibited him to open it. It might just be a time capsule, but he was bored and he was in the mood of exploring, so he would definitely open the crack and see what was inside it.

Zoro stood and walked to the bookshelves on where he left his mop leaning against. He grabbed the mop and started cleaning the dust on top of the square crack. Then he put the mop back to its place and once again knelt beside it.

Zoro put his hand on the middle top of the square crack and put some strength on it, wanting to know if it would break. He added the pressure bit by bit until his maximum power. The crack didn't even bulge.

"What the hell…." Zoro was confused. The storage should have been old and frail, but the floor seemed still so solid that even Zoro couldn't break it with his full power.

Maybe it was the ground under it…?

Still, when Zoro leant his face closer to the gap, he could feel the wind blow from the fissure. "Huh?" He set his more confused look.

If there's wind, then there must be a space under the floor connected to the outside.

Zoro knocked at the floor and it echoed. He was right; there was a space under the floor. Zoro stood again and thought how to go down there. When he grew impatient because there wasn't a good idea, he decided to break it by force.

"Some cutting might do," Zoro said while getting his beloved katana, Wadou Ichi Monji, from the first storages.

After the dark-green eyed boy came back to the last storage bringing a white-sheathed katana, Zoro went in a stance he usually made when he was about to strike with his sword. He concentrated for awhile, not releasing his sharp gaze from the crack; and then at the right time, he attacked the floor.

A second later, two diagonal scars appeared on the middle of the crack and then the floor nicely crumbled in square shape.

Zoro put the sword back to its sheath and now was inspecting a new hole on the floor. He would get yelled for this later by his father but well…

Zoro noticed something inside the hole.

"What is this?" Zoro knelt again and took out an old parchment from the hole. Unlike the other documents, this one wasn't covered in dusts, and there was a nice gold colored seal in the middle of the scrolled paper.

This one must be really old…

Zoro looked closely at the parchment, noticing how brown its color was. It seemed really frail as if it would crumble if he put a little strength in handling it. There was also an odd fragrance on it. It smelled like… strawberries?

Zoro frowned in a confused look. How come there was a strawberry fragrance from an old parchment? He must have been imagining things.

Zoro shook his head and looked at the parchment once again with curious expression.

Sounds fun…. What kind of words engraved inside this old thing I wonder…?

Zoro grinned as he thought amusing things would come with the secret old parchment. "Well, I will keep it for a time being." Zoro took a tool box and emptied its inside. Then he put the parchment there and closed the box.

Zoro hummed and continued his task of cleaning the storages after that.


As Zoro had expected, he got yelled by his father for making a hole on the last storage floor, but Zoro said nothing about the secret parchment. He said something about being bored though.

"Jeez, consider your action a bit, will you?" His father scolded him.

"Okay, fine, it's my bad," Zoro grunted and scratched his neck indifferently.

"Don't repeat the 'yes'! Once is enough, once!" The father yelled even more at his son's careless attitude.

"Yes, father!" Zoro responded to him a bit loudly while straightening his body, having been disciplined quite well before.

"Good. Now, you're dismissed." The father huffed in satisfaction at Zoro's response and allowed him to go.

Zoro sighed and stood. He left the dojo after bowing his head a bit to his father who continued his meditation.

"Jeez, that old man and his strict rules…." Zoro mumbled in annoyance as he went back to his room.

Well, I'll take a look at the interesting old scroll though. Just treat it like an exam before winning the prizes.

Zoro grinned again as he hurriedly entered his room. He took the tool box he used earlier to keep the parchment safe on top of his studying desk in the corner of the room.

Zoro opened the box and carefully took the scroll out. He brought it with him to his bed and then carefully laid it there.

Hmm…the gold seal must be removed first… but how can I do that without damaging it?

Cutting was out of option and pulling the seal from one of the sides risked the parchment being ripped.

Zoro touched the gold seal slowly and stroked it gently with his forefinger. Then he felt something sharp slitting part of his forefinger skin. He was a bit surprised and took a closer look. There was a part of the seal that was jutted out, creating a line of thin firm paper. Zoro then looked at his forefinger. It got a little cut, not deep, but enough to produce some blood.

"Aah, the blood got on the seal…," Zoro was about to clean it when the seal snapped suddenly. "Huh?" Zoro was surprised. The seal wasn't on the scroll anymore, but it laid lifelessly beside it.

How come it snapped on its own like that?

Zoro stared at the scroll and the seal quizzically for awhile, trying to think a reasonable explanation of this unique scene. Finding none, Zoro shrugged and then slowly, he touched the parchment and began to inscrolled it.

The scroll turned out to be a very long old parchment with ancient Japanese letters inside. Zoro could read it though, since he was raised surrounded by those letters.

"What is it, what is it… huh? How to call a hell devil?" Zoro set his most weird expression.

A devil? A devil as in… that Satan devil?

The green haired teen threw his head aside. "Why would there be a summoning technique for a western devil in this place? I mean… there are already a lot of demons in this land thousands years ago…." Zoro was confused.

Anyhow, what's with this arrangement? A glass of water and strawberries??

If Zoro could be more confused than right now, he would get an award from the governor.

"Sounds stupid and ridiculous… but it can be interesting somehow," Zoro began to get excited. It was hell of strange procedures and he was sure it was just a prank, but he was willing to try it out.

Zoro continued his reading and memorized all the procedures first before he would try it later.

Well, Zoro would remember the procedures later… but he forgot to read the most important thing on the scroll: the purpose of summoning the devil itself.


"Father, do you have any black robe?" Zoro asked his father when the older man was eating his breakfast at the morning. Zoro was in the hallway and only snuck in his head so it was visible for his father in the dining the room.

"Black robe…? What are you going to do with it?" He asked.

"Ah, I want to try some secret sword techniques," Zoro lied.

"Secret techniques with robe?" his father was a bit confused.

"Err…yep. See, isn't it hard to move with long robe? If I can master the technique, I don't have to remove the robe every time I want to use the swords," he explained, suddenly feeling he could really do that with some practices.

"Oh, I see… It's time for you to advance some of your techniques huh? Alright, if I am not mistaken, all the robes are kept at the small storeroom at the back of the dojo." The father nodded and answered thoughtfully.

"Thank you, father," Zoro said while snuck out again. Then he ran to the dojo to take the robe.

Now Zoro was in the first storage where the weapons were kept. He had already asked his father and he was allowed to borrow the storage for himself today, so he would carry out his plan there.

"Some black robes—check, a glass of fresh water—check, a silver bowl full of strawberries (I get a funny feeling every time I read this part)—check, blue handkerchief (why must it be blue?)—check, a silver fork (what for?)—check, last but not least… a white chalk to draw the summoning circle—check," Zoro huffed after he matched the list with the tools and ingredients.

Somehow or another, I feel like preparing something to cook or to eat rather than to summon a devil…

Zoro couldn't help thinking like that. Well, it couldn't be helped. There was no blood or something resembling black altar for it. Shouldn't it have more…dark things to summon a devil? Not that Zoro wanted to protest. He would get a lot of troubles if he had to prepare mandrake for this after all.

"Okay, everything is ready. I only have to draw a summoning circle and a hexagram in the middle of it." Zoro sighed in satisfaction and began to draw them on the wooden floor.

Finishing his drawing, Zoro set the robes surrounding the circle and put the bowl full of strawberries and the glass of water in the middle of the hexagram. "Done," he said while wiping away a bead of sweat from his forehead.

Now to the main course….

Zoro took out a small paper, a note he had prepared for the summoning chants. He already copied the words from the original parchment, so he wouldn't have to bring it with him. He didn't want to risk damaging the historical paper anyway.

Zoro nodded surely after he read silently and then began to chant following the words loudly three times.

There was only silence befalling in the dark room after ten seconds.

"Like I thought, it's a fake…." Zoro was about to shake his head and flail the note when suddenly there was a boom and a loud bang, like something just fell on the floor very hard. Then, before he could even react, Zoro was surrounded by very thick white smokes.

No way!

Zoro was in shock. He was sure that it was just a prank. He didn't expect that something would actually come out from that stupid ceremony.

"Ouch, ouch, ouch…,"

—Zoro heard a whining voice in low baritone from the circle. He even saw a silhouette of something moving behind the smoke.

"That hurts…! Damn it, what the hell—! Who the fuck calls me at a time like this!?"

—and the voice sounded obviously displeased with that.

"For real…?" Zoro was still in denial as he witnessed the scene in front of him. He didn't believe that he just called a devil from the hell.

Sometimes later, the smoke began to clear out and both Zoro and the devil could see more clearly. When the smoke cleared out fully, Zoro met a pool of clear day sky color of the devil's eye under an interesting curly eyebrow, which surprised Zoro so much. Not enough with the visible eye and eyebrow, the devil took a form of a very beautiful young man with ivory skin and silky blond hair which covered part of his face, covering his left eye.

Oh, and if you thought Zoro was quite shocked at all of that, you're wrong. The shocking thing came after this.

Zoro was a bit fascinated at the beautiful face of the devil. However, when he lowered his gaze a bit, he was officially freaked out for being greeted by a certain male human anatomy part which was set between the pale long legs. "Whoaa—! Why are you naked!?" Zoro couldn't help blushing at that, he quickly looked at another way from the very gorgeous devil.

"Huh? That's because I was in the middle of bathing when you called me, stupid human." The devil knew no shame at all regarding his naked form. He even put his hands on his waist, pretty bold with how he showed off his sexy body without anything on it. "Anyway, you… are you a stupid marimo or just a retarded bastard with no sense of time? It's still a freaking morning day and you've already called a devil? Normally people call devils or demons at night, ass hole!"

The devil had a very bad language as well apparently which didn't suit his feature at all.

"Ah…um…," Zoro still couldn't look at the blond devil's feature completely. He didn't know what kind of expression he would make if he did. Of course he had already seen people, men, naked before, but this one was different. He had never seen such a beautiful face and slender body. This devil was too gorgeous. He was definitely Zoro's type.

"Hey, are you listening to me, marimo!? Mind the rules a little will you!?" The devils complained more.

He's such a talkative devil, huh?

Zoro's face faulted at that. "Umm…before you complained more, would you please cover your body first?" Zoro asked politely. He still didn't know what kind of devil this guy was and certainly didn't want to mess with him if he was capable on cursing his life after that.

The blue eyed blond devil then set his gaze at Zoro's flushed face and move his attention to the three earrings on his left ear in silence while thinking. Then he smirked knowingly. "I see~, you're that kind of guy, huh?" The devil asked with a playful tone, purposely purring his low voice a bit to create a sexy impression that made Zoro shiver a bit.

"W-what are you talking about?" Zoro played dumb even though he blushed again from the correct accusation.

"Stop it. I know you lied, marimo-bastard." The devil laughed slightly as he sat with his legs wide open, knees folded on each side, his hands holding his tibia, somehow covering his groin. "You're so obvious." The devil grinned naughtily at him.

"Anyway, put something on!" Zoro yelled at him, more embarrassed at the devil's bold attitude and words.

"Right…," The devil looked around and found the black robes. "Oh, so thoughtful, did you expect me to come at you naked, marimo?" he asked while taking one of the robes to cover his body after that.

"As if I'd know something like that! It's on the procedures!" Zoro said still blushing, but now more in annoyance than in shame.

"Oh? You read the procedure to call me huh? Then…if you read it, why didn't you read the rules first? Are you a moron?" The devil asked, sweat dropping.

"Who are you calling a moron, dart-brow!?" Zoro counter-attacked the insult.

"Hoho, you're in the mood of being cursed, I see," The devil smirked scarily at him while holding out a cursing straw-doll.

"I will appreciate it if you don't," Zoro's face faulted again at him.

This guy's personality is the worst. Moreover, aren't you a western devil? Why are you using a Japanese cursing straw-doll?

Zoro thought silently, partly annoyed and confused after being able to control himself quite well. The devil had already covered his provocative body after all. Now Zoro could sit in front of the devil and look at him straightly in his eyes.

"Then…why are you calling me in the first place?" The devil asked then with a business man's face. "Do you want fame? Unbeatable skills and talents or a lot of money?" he mentioned the choices.

"Do the devils grant something like those?" Zoro asked in curiosity.

"Of course, well, with a certain cost though." The devil said with a charming smile.

"What is the cost? Do you get paid with money?" Zoro asked more.

"Devils don't need something mortal like that," The devil said again while pointing on Zoro's heart with his long nicely shaped forefinger. "It's your eternal soul," he said with a smirk.

Zoro blinked at that once. "Huh? Then you kill the ones who summon you? Then what's the point of granting their wish, if you're just gonna kill them on the spot?" The green haired boy asked in confusion.

"No, moron. We're not gonna kill them on the spot. We'll drag their souls to hell after the deal's done and they die," The blond devil said nonchalantly.

"Heeh, so hell and heaven are real huh?" Zoro mumbled slowly.

"Of course they're real. I am from hell, so I can prove it," the devil said in a huff.

Zoro stared at the devil's feature for awhile before he asked again. "Why are you in this form?"

"Huh?" The devil looked at Zoro in questioning look.

"You know; many people draw a devil with red horns and a pointed long tail. Do you have them as well?" Zoro asked more.

"You…, don't you know that there are a lot of devils in hell? The one you're describing just now is Satan, my great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great Grandfather," The devil said, sweat dropping. He had a thought that he was called by a total moron after that.

"Heeh, then who are you?" Zoro asked again, suddenly feeling interested to know more about this little devil.

Well, the blond devil wasn't exactly a little kid, but looking at his slender feminine feature and his great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great Grandfather Satan, he might be still a very young devil, just like Zoro who was still a teen. Well, 18 year old was still a young teen, right?

"My name is Sanji, code-name is The Black Leg Devil," The devil introduced himself.

"Sanji, huh… I am Roronoa Zoro," Zoro also introduced himself.

"I know that. You mentioned your soul when you chanted to call me," Sanji said.

"Mention my soul?" Zoro was a bit confused.

"A name is a soul of something. Have you ever heard that saying? By giving a name to something, you give a soul to it and by giving your name to someone, you're giving away the will of your soul to that someone," Sanji said while smirking. "That's why you're required to mention your name when you're calling a devil. This way, you won't be able to get away from me in case you want to break the deal."

"A deal? What deal?" Zoro really didn't catch what this Sanji-devil was saying.

"The wish, moron! You make a deal with me if you want me to grant your wish!" Sanji began to get impatient. "Have you really read the parchment, boy? Do you even understand what you're doing right now?" Somehow Sanji began to feel that this green haired bastard was making fun of him.

"To call a devil, right?" Zoro said.

"NO. I mean yeah, but what kind of purpose you have to call me? You must have something on your mind, right?" The devil silently swore if this guy called him for stupid reason, he would—

"I am bored, so I want to do something new and interesting." Zoro answered straightforwardly before Sanji even decided what he would do if it was indeed something stupid.

This marimo is a retard!

A vein popped on Sanji's head. "You really wish to die young, huh?" The blond devil cracked his knuckles, ready to beat up the marimo when he noticed a nice smell of strawberries.

Sanji blinked and got distracted from his previous thought. "Strawberries…?" He sniffed around slowly.

"Beside you," Zoro pointed at the middle of the hexagram.

Sanji looked down beside him and his face brightened immediately seeing a bowl full of strawberries. He immediately took one and ate it with a happy face.

Zoro was silent when he stared at the beautiful devil devouring the red fruits. He seemed enjoying the delicious sour-sweet fruits so much that Zoro gulped a bit. The devil looked extremely sexy when he ate. The way he put the fruit on his soft kissable pink lips and kissed the red fruit lovingly before opening his mouth to lick it with his cherry tongue and bit it; the way he licked the strawberry juice which was spilled on his hands…, Zoro was about to have a nosebleed when he saw it, but he couldn't even move his gaze from him.

Zoro covered his mouth and nose and forced himself with his will power to look away again. "W-why strawberries?" Then he forced himself to ask the question that had been nagging in his head since he read the strawberries part in the procedures for the first time.

"I love strawberries," Sanji answered it right away while smiling and sighing heavenly.

"No, I mean… in the procedures of calling you, why isn't there any blood or skull or dead animal or anything dark like them, but strawberries instead?" Zoro detailed his question.

"Blood, skull and dead animals?" the devil made a disgusted face. "Are you seriously thinking devils eat those kinds of disgusting things? That's pretty much discrimination," Sanji threw a dirty look at Zoro.

"Eh?" Zoro was confused.

"The offering used for calling a devil should be its favorite food, right? It's strawberries for me (and Satan loves eating baked lambs, so use that when you want to call him). Why must we come if we're called to eat those filthy sickening things? Eating blood and corpse… what a joke," Sanji made a sick face and took the provided glass of fresh water and drank it. "Aah, you spoil my appetite, you damn stupid patch of green moss!" Sanji began to get annoyed again after emptying the glass.

"Eh… but normally devils like those things, right? It's in the movie and all," Zoro said again, still a bit surprised.

"That's why, humans are such insolent bastards. People who called devils with those kinds of things always got horribly slaughtered after that, don't you know why?" Sanji smirked again and Zoro paled at that as he shook his head. "They call no devils, but the lowest demon who knows nothing but killing and eating. Demons love the smell of rotten corpses and blood. By calling them, those humans are committing suicide without knowing it. What a bunch of idiots…."

Zoro shivered a bit when he heard the explanation, but Sanji was still gorgeous even though he spoke sadistic things like that. "T-then what about you? Do you like killing as well?" The green haired teen asked further about Sanji.

"I am a liberal and moderate devil. Rather than killing, I like seducing them so they'll surrender and offer their souls to me willingly," Sanji grinned. "What about you? Do you want to come with me to hell?" The gorgeous blond devil then set his sexy smile and his alluring aquamarine gaze at Zoro who blushed slightly.

"Um… I don't really want to go to hell, but…," Zoro's mind was debating with his hormone now. The sweats prickled out from his entire face. He didn't know what to do. This was one of a lifetime chance to feel up a devil, but to go to hell for that…

"Err…will I still go to hell no matter what I am asking?" Zoro tried to find any catch in the rules.

"You'll definitely go to hell by calling me, even though you only want to pull a prank," Sanji smirked at him again evilly but still sexily as well.

Zoro was silent and thought again. "What kind of place that hell is?" He asked in curiosity some seconds later.

If Zoro had to go to hell, he would like to know things about the destination first.

"That's a secret. Well, pretty much the same as the hell pictured by humans though… only slightly crueler, bloodier and scarier," Sanji smiled fondly at that while Zoro paled a bit.

What an odd sadistic devil…. Well, if I am going to hell no matter what kind of request then…

"How many wish I can have for a lifetime?" Zoro asked again.

"Only one," Sanji grinned.

"Eeh, stingy," Zoro complained.

"That's in the rules! I can't do anything about that!" Sanji retorted heatedly, sweat dropping.

"Then I won't ask anything," Zoro huffed. It wasn't worth it.

"WHAT!?" Sanji was freaked out at that, making Zoro look at him in surprise. "Don't you dare do that, marimo! I can't go home before I grant a wish, ass hole!" Sanji moved forward suddenly and grabbed Zoro's collar. "Make a wish, bastard!" Then he shook the green haired boy hard angrily.

"Then you'll be with me all the time before you grant my wish, huh?" Zoro smirked at that.

"Damn!" Sanji had just realized that he slipped up an important secret. He quickly released Zoro and clasped his mouth shut.

Zoro began to plot many things on his head. If the devil would stay for a long time beside him, he didn't have to make any wish to bang the gorgeous blond later. As for anything else… he didn't really need anything. He was confident that he would get a title of the best swordsman in the world with his own skills and talent and he had already got fame and lots of money from his family as well.

Sanji shivered a bit when he saw the nasty face Zoro made. "Don't even think strange things, human! I'll curse you to death if you do!" Sanji threatened, a bit in a panicky.

"Let's see if my luck is worse than your curse, Mr. Devil," Zoro smirked at Sanji evilly and Sanji could only pale at that.

End of Chapter 1


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