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Sanji, the Little Devil

Chapter 2: The Little Devil is Weak to Pleasure

"Let's see if my luck is worse than your curse, Mr. Devil," Zoro smirked at Sanji evilly and Sanji could only pale at that.

"You… are you a demon in disguise!" Sanji pointed at Zoro in accusation and in annoyance heatedly.

Zoro grinned at him. "People call me a Demon from East," Zoro laughed at Sanji's 'WTF' expression.

"Asshole! Don't fucking kid with me! I'll definitely curse you for this!" Sanji had already cracked his knuckles and was ready to stand and gave the idiotic marimo a hard kick when Zoro went ahead and stood before him.

"Aah, like I thought, this will surely entertaining. Get to brag that I call an interesting creature!" Zoro started walking away when Sanji widened his eyes.

"Mo-Moron! Stop—!" Sanji set his horrified expression as a sudden invisible power pulled his right arm, forcefully dragging his body to Zoro's direction.

Zoro felt the restraint on his left wrist as he walked out the hexagram. He didn't stop, though, and only glanced behind slowly while the blond devil was flying to his direction. "Eh?" Zoro could only widen his eyes before Sanji's body crashed into him, sending them both down to the wooden floor.

"OWW! What the Fuck—!" Both teens—well, Sanji appeared as a teen anyway—growled and groaned in pain and in annoyance at the same time.

"What the hell are you doing, you-shitty devil!" Zoro yelled at Sanji angrily, groaning slightly of his pained head and back that collided with the floor quite hard.

"That should be my line, shitty fucking marimo! You can't just walk out the hexagram without releasing the binding!" Sanji yelled back as loudly, while glaring daggers at Zoro in pissed look.


Zoro froze as soon as he realized what kind of position they were in right now. Sanji was on top of his body giving his weight entirely, in almost sitting position, on Zoro's stomach, with practically nothing except the thin black robe; one of his hands was on Zoro's shoulder and the other was beside Zoro's head on the floor. Then again, Sanji's legs straddled Zoro's and one of them was very close to Zoro's groin.

Zoro turned beet red at the provocative view of Sanji's flushed face (even thought it was form anger). He could see the nape of his neck and his sexy milky colored shoulder blade. Everything was so visually wonderful that sent a jolt straight to his sexual desire.

"G-get off!" Zoro shouted loudly, bewildered by all of it, nicely forgetting their conversation about the 'bind-what' earlier. He tried to push the devil away half heartedly as his hand came in contact with Sanji's chest, unintentionally brushing his nipple behind the thin fabric.

"Ahn~," Sanji jolted in surprise, accidentally making a sexy voice without even realizing it.

Zoro dropped his jaw on the floor and widened his eyes in disbelief at what he had just heard and see; and Sanji, realizing what had happened, quickly slapped his mouth shut, face red in embarrassment.

There was a brief silence as the event sunk in their head.

"You…," Zoro growled as his sexual instinct took control, eyes narrowing dangerously at Sanji.

"H-hold on! It's an accident! Acci—aaah~!"

As panicked as he was, Sanji couldn't help moaning as Zoro's other hand began to touch him as well.

Zoro slid his hand behind the robe, finding Sanji's lean waist, creeping slowly aside to land feather touches on Sanji's abdomen, up to his abs and finally to Sanji's other nipple.

Sanji made very interesting hot excited noises as Zoro experimented with his body. The devil seemed really sensitive on every part of his skin that Zoro touched, and that really turned him on.

Sanji panted and flushed uncontrollably. It had been a long time since he had felt like this. He was rarely called because he was still young and he had almost forgotten that having contact with human's skin was heaven. It was addicting and he was craving for it.

Still… to be felt up like this by a retarded marimo—! Sanji felt pissed off at the sudden thought.

Sanji hardened his heart (eased his hormone actually) and slapped Zoro's hand away. "Stop that! You-lowly shitty human…!" He gritted his teeth, annoyed as hell even though his body completely betrayed his pride.

Zoro smirked evilly at Sanji. "Your body seems saying something else, shitty devil," he said, noticing the devil's predicament from his spot.

"Shut it! It's just the characteristic of this body. Devil's weak to pleasure," Sanji said, trying to push the marimo away. "Back off, asshole!" he yelled in annoyance.

"You expect me to back off after hearing that?" Zoro looked at Sanji incredulously.

"If you push it, I'll take it as a wish and grant it." Sanji smirked at Zoro evilly and Zoro hurriedly released him, lifting his hands up to a surrender motion.

"Okay, okay, such a pansy." Zoro said while looking at another way, not wanting to see Sanji's provocative face and body in fear of being seduced.

As much as Zoro wanted to fuck the devil, he didn't like the idea of him being dragged into hell after that.

Sanji felt at loss a bit as Zoro easily gave up. It was the first time someone -human- he had encountered gave up on him that easily after being threatened. Did that mean this marimo considered Sanji wasn't worth to die for? Usually everyone, men and women, gave no shit about hell when Sanji offered them his service.

This was definitely new.

"Heeh, it seems you're a bit different from those other assholes. You actually prefer living clean against your desire." Sanji said in his smirk as he moved away from Zoro's body.

"Actually, I want to fuck you," Zoro confessed boldly, without trying to mask it that even make the devil cough, "but it's not fair doing it against your will." He added stroking the back of his neck while sitting up.

Sanji was actually surprised at hearing that. "Who says it's against my will?" Sanji asked, confused. Hadn't he already offered to grant it as a wish?

"Hn? Aren't you saying you'll drag me to hell if I do it? That…is a threat so you can protect yourself, right?" Zoro said. "You won't say that if you want to do it willingly." Zoro looked at Sanji straightly into his eyes without doubt and Sanji was a bit fascinated at that.

No one had ever thought about his feeling like that.

Sanji chuckled slightly and began to fall in the fit of laughter.

"What's so damn funny?" Zoro asked, annoyed. This devil was irritating as hell even though he was so sexy and hot.

"No, I can't believe a human is thinking about devil's feelings. How sweetly dumb can you be, moronic Marimo?" Sanji tried to cover the fluttering feeling he felt with his mocking laughter.

Devils did that all the time. Human was lower creature with no brain to think logically. Devils always used their feelings and weakness to seduce them to do bad things and then brought them to hell. In the end devils always laughed at their stupidity.

"Eh, but aren't you the same with us? You have feelings, don't you?" Zoro asked again, still grunting in annoyance at the devil's mocking laughter.

"No, we don't." Sanji said while setting his wicked smirk at Zoro again. "We only do our job. There is no feeling whatsoever."

"Heeh, but… aren't you laughing and getting angry? What do you call those emotions then, aside feelings?" Zoro asked again, puzzled.

Sanji widened his eyes a bit at that. He…had never thought about that at all.

"And you also feel good when you're touched, right?" Zoro added.

"We-well… that might true, but I'm not talking about those kind of feelings." Sanji said, trying to reason even though he wasn't sure himself. "I was saying that devils do not have feeling for doing his job. It's just like that, simple."

"Really?" the green haired marimo asked. "Don't you despise human that you bring to hell?" he asked more and Sanji was getting confused.

"Stop asking ridiculous questions and confusing me, I don't know the answer, okay? It's just like this from the beginning!" Somehow, the blond devil was also getting annoyed for some unknowing reasons. Zoro's words nailed some parts inside the devil's head and he didn't like that at all.

Zoro stared curiously at the devil for a moment before he shrugged. "Okay," he said, dropping the subject.

Then Zoro remembered about the event before he felt up Sanji earlier. "Oh yeah, about before…, what the hell happened? I mean, why did you suddenly fly at me?" Zoro asked Sanji, demanding explanation.

"Ah, that…. Right, I told you not to walk out the summoning cricle without releasing the binding." Sanji also remembered what brought them to this mess in the first place.

"Binding? What binding?" Zoro asked, confused.

"This," Sanji lifted up his right hand and something was slowly coming up to Zoro's vision.

"Huh?" Zoro was dumbfounded as an unknown material appeared from the thin air, circled Sanji's right arm in light yellowish color and lengthened bit by bit until it was connected to Zoro's left wrist. "Huh…? HUH!" Zoro could only widen his eyes in surprise at that. "What the hell—!"

"This is… the binding chant you put on us when you called me earlier." Sanji said.

"What?" Zoro looked at Sanji ridiculously in confusion.

"You… you really didn't read the parchment entirely before calling me, huh?" Sanji was amazed at this marimo's stupidity.

"I only looked at the procedure," Zoro said flatly.

"I can't believe I was called by a moron," Sanji sighed in defeat.

It seemed Sanji would be long in human world this time, teaching—scratch that, he meant seducing this stupid human so as to get his soul before he could come back to hell.

"Who are you calling a moron, dart-brow?" Zoro mocked him in annoyance again.

And he is such an irritating bastard as well!—Sanji glared heatedly at the marimo before sighing again. It wasn't his day apparently.

"Whatever," Sanji flailed his hands indifferently. "Anyway, this is a binding that connect us and it wouldn't disappear unless you removed it when we were inside the hexagram." The devil explained.

"Then how do I do it, to remove this…," Zoro didn't know what to call that. A cuff? A chain? "Just call this...bind-whatever off?"

"A binding," Sanji said with an irritated look. Zoro rolled his eyes at him. "-and no, that won't do. It's too late." He continued.

"What?" Zoro made a face. The devil was confusing him to no end.

"Didn't you hear me? I said when we were inside the hexagram. We're already outside." Sanji said, showing that they're indeed outside the summoning circle.

"That means…," Zoro trailed off as he felt a bad feeling about it.

"That means we will always be connected like this before you make your wish and I grant it." Sanji said indifferently.

"WHAT!" Now was Zoro's turn to be freaked off. "Don't be kidding! How can I bring you around like this!" Zoro protested.

I will always be in constant massive hard on if you're always around me like this!—Zoro's mind screamed in horror at the thought. And without even able to touch the devil unless I make a deal… that will be HELL!

"Not my fault, it's your own incompetence that put you in this mess." Sanji said with a smirk, seeing Zoro's incredulous expression.

"Then what should we do! What about my privacy! People will find it strange, having two people unrelated chained together like this!" Zoro began to panic.

"Easy, tiger; this binding is only visible for us. Human won't be able to see it." Sanji said as he stood slowly. "Well, your privacy is indeed no longer yours, though, because I will always see you," Sanji smirked at him teasingly, "-and oh, I will love it so much messing your life in the mean time," he grinned creepily after that.

"Sadist!" Zoro accused him in a pale sweating face.

"Fufufu, say whatever you want, but I'll take my time to make you suffer, marimo." Sanji said with a very disturbing look.

"Whatever," Zoro tried to ignore him even though he felt a bit threatened. However, when he looked away from the devil, he saw the strawberries on the bowl in the middle of the hexagram earlier. Suddenly he had an idea as he remembered that the devil loved the strawberries.

"Aren't you going to finish the strawberries?" Zoro asked then, trying to change the subject.

At the mention of his favorite food, Sanji's mood instantly brightened. "Of course I will," he said as he walked slowly inside the hexagram. Zoro's wrist was pulled as Sanji walked.

"Whoah!" Zoro had to stumble before he stood and followed Sanji.

Sanji then sat in front of the bowl, but instead of picking the fruit with his hand, now Sanji took the silver fork that had been prepared by Zoro before calling the devil earlier, and started eating with it.

Zoro stared silently in awe as Sanji enjoyed his meal. So it is indeed for eating…

Zoro understood immediately. The procedure to call the devils was a procedure to treat them into something they liked, to bait them out using their favorite food. That explained the glass of water, the bowl, the strawberries and the fork.

Then the handkerchief is for…

Sanji finished his last fruit and spotted a blue handkerchief beside the bowl. He smiled like a happy kid and took it to clean his mouth. "Mn~, delicious~," Sanji said in satisfaction.

See, it's for cleaning his mouth… Zoro couldn't help chuckling at that.

"What?" Sanji looked at him in an odd look.

"No, I am glad you like the breakfast." Zoro grinned at him.

Sanji stared at Zoro for a moment before he looked at the blue handkerchief. "This," Sanji lifted the handkerchief in front of Zoro. "I return it." he said.

"Why? That's for you." Zoro said without even thinking and Sanji widened his eyes at that.

"You…," Sanji was about to say something, but he called off the idea seeing Zoro's clueless look.

He doesn't know what he's doing… Sanji thought as he clutched the handkerchief. It's supposed to be stated clearly in the rules that human absolutely cannot give anything to the devil aside the food…. The marimo really doesn't read it.

"You want to say something?" Zoro asked.

"No," Sanji said with a hidden smirk.

Whether he realizes it or not, that doesn't matter. His soul… will become mine anyway.

"You really don't want to touch me, Marimo?" Sanji asked then, purposely using his sexy purring voice.

"I already told you, I won't unless it's not a deal." Zoro said with an annoyed look, blushing slightly at the alluring gaze the blond devil threw at him.

"Then I'll give it an exception. It won't be a deal this time." Sanji said while pulling the binding that connected him with Zoro.

"Whoah!" Zoro, surprised, was pulled, and then he crashed onto Sanji's slender body. "You…!" Zoro growled, really annoyed, and was about to bark when he saw at Sanji's lustful gaze. Zoro staggered a little staring at the baby blue eye very closely, sending a shiver through his spine.

"Come and take me," Sanji whispered, purring and licking Zoro's lower lip in seductive motion.

Zoro narrowed his gaze. "You… if this is about your job…."

"I want it," Sanji cut his words. "This is what I want, so… please?" The blond devil smiled at Zoro and Zoro wouldn't even think twice to take the invitation.

Zoro lowered his face and captured the cherry colored lips of the devil. It was an innocent kiss at first before the lust took control and tongues join actions. Sanji opened his mouth and Zoro thrust his tongue inside his cavern. Sanji also joined Zoro's tongue in a battle of control before he let the green haired teen win.

Zoro tasted the strawberry flavor and something-wonderful-else he hadn't ever tasted as he explored Sanji's hot cavern with his tongue. Sanji moaned at the deep kiss and the touches Zoro gave him again.

"I want to feel good…." Sanji said while panting and moaning hotly, weakly, excitedly after they parted for air. Zoro kissed his jaw, down to his neck, bit and suck at Sanji's sensitive spots. Well, every part of Sanji's body was sensitive at this moment. "Aah, more, more…!"

Sanji reached his left hand to curve on Zoro's neck and his right hand to tangle on Zoro's green hair. He pulled Zoro closely to him while the other teen roamed his hands, exploring Sanji's blooming body.

Awesome…! He's really sexy. I might get a nosebleed seeing his wanton expression—Zoro thought silently while taking a good look at Sanji's performance.

Censored lemon scene (A/N: Sorry for this. It's ff net RULES. Please visit my LJ for the complete version)

After that Zoro fell on top of Sanji's body. Both laid down on the floor, panting heavily, tired and spent.

"Shit… that was the most intense sex I've ever had," Zoro said as he was slowly pulling his now soft member out of Sanji's body and moving away from him to lay down facing the roof after the post orgasmic sensation. "Awesome." He sighed contently in blissful expression.

Sanji chuckled beside him. "Indeed. You're pretty good, human." He said with a satisfied look.

"And you're an awesome devil. I can do this forever," Zoro laughed, partially joking.

"That's not a bad idea," Sanji said as he reached out the black robe on the floor beside him, pulling it closely to his body, looking for the handkerchief he dropped somewhere near the fabric. "If it means I can feel like this every day, I don't mind staying here longer," the blond devil found the blue handkerchief and looked at it with a strange fondness in his eyes.

"Seriously!" Zoro actually sat up hearing that. He looked at Sanji with surprised as well as delighted expression.

"Sure," Sanji closed his eyes and kissed the handkerchief.

Zoro looked confused at the motion. "What's with that?" he asked curiously.

"It's nothing." Sanji opened his eyes and gazed at Zoro expectantly. "Call my name, Zoro." He said.

"Eh?" Zoro was surprised.

"Call me by my name," Sanji said with seductive look.

Zoro was hesitant for a moment before he opened his mouth. "Sanji," and called the devil's name.

Sanji smiled. "Sounds good."

"Huh?" Zoro blushed a bit at the genuine smile Sanji showed. It wasn't a smirk or an evil grin, and Zoro liked that expression better.

So cute…!—Zoro thought slightly.

"Anyway, you have to take care of me if you want me to stay here." Sanji said. "And maybe, you'll want to do something about that." Then Sanji pointed at the door direction and Zoro followed it.

Zoro's father was standing in front of the door, gaping with a pale shocked face at the sight in front of him.

"Oh, CRAP!" Zoro set his horror expression at that while Sanji laughing heartedly at Zoro's hell.

The End

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