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Tony sat at his desk, tapping the keys of his board impatiently. It was the same four letters his fingers went across, from one side of the board to the other. Z-I-V-A. Eventually his e-mail box slid up in the corner of the screen. Ecstatic he opened it.



To distract himself Tony replied, despite McGee only being seven feet away.

Why, McSenior? Is it getting on your tender nerves?


He returned to tapping, still not realising the formation of the keys.

It was a Monday morning, the middle of winter and pissing down with rain outside Washington Dulles Airport. Six bedraggled federal agents were exchanging goodbyes, and in some cases holding back tears. It was time for Ziva David to leave.

Abby was the first to get in, throwing her arms round Ziva in what can only be described as a bear hug. Ziva gasped, one thing she would not miss were the death hugs that Abby had demanded on issuing her for the past two weeks. She was basically a large bruise these days.

"You will stay in contact. Right Ziva?" She seemed almost accusatory, as if Ziva had already not replied to an e-mail.

"Yes, Abby. I will stay in touch."

Abby's eyes narrowed to slits, "Promise?"

"Abby..." She wilted under the iron stare. "Strike my heart."

Tony grinned at her. "Cross, Ziva."

"I knew that." She embraced him warmly. "I'll miss you."

Tony had forgotten to tell her, I'll miss you too. But worse than that, he had realised there had been three significantly more important words he had meant to say… although, knowing him, there would be an 'I think' before it. But all he had to do was wait. Wait for the e-mail she had promised, then he could reply and tell her.

Another few minutes passed, and another box popped up.


Ziva's e-mailed! What did she send you?


Tony ignored it, a dangerous move with Abby at the moment. First Gibbs retiring now Ziva leaving, she had a severe case of paranoia, checking up on Tim and Tony upstairs every few seconds. McGee interrupted his thoughts, "That's odd…"

"What's odd?"

"Ziva's e-mail… she only sent half of it… I mean look here, it trails off halfway through a sentence."

Tony's phone began ringing, he pulled it out, the call registered as International, "Telecoms. Some day they'll leave me alone." He frowned and went over to inspect McGee's e-mail.


Ziva, on the ground, bleeding, no-one was there to help her, no-one would help her. She flipped open her phone and hit speed-dial 6. It rang to answering machine, "Hi this is Anthony DiNozzo, if you want to leave a message wait till the beep, if not, I'll just call you back later."

"Tony… no time for calling back later… I needed to tell someone… I needed to tell you… Tony… I lov…"

Tony saw the caller had left a message, right now he was too busy speculating with McGee. Quickly, he deleted the call record.