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Well here it is. A Summers Magic. It answers a lot of the question from Mischief Magic. I hope you like it. It was a lot of fun writing it.



Chapter One: Wrong Place at the Wrong Time

Draco Malfoy had already gave up on trying to get to the train on time. He wasn't going to make it and he knew it. Instead he had taken to following his Godfather around in hopes to put some fire under his feet. School was over and all he wanted to do was go home.

Not that going home was really any big improvement. He was sure by now his home had been taken over by most of the Death Eaters. He had no idea what possessed his father to become one of those things. To follow a man with a snake face. Creepy really.

"Here." Severus Snape remarked handing him a test tube.

Draco held it up to the light. The coloring was odd. A bluish red. Not a potion He had saw before.

"What is this for?" Draco asked.

"That is not your concern." He answered.

Draco eyed his Godfather. For him to tell him that, it had to do something big. His Godfather always answered his questions.

"Later?" Draco asked deciding to try again. Catching a slight nod he grinned. That was more like his Godfather.

Draco stepped out of the potions lab.

"Shake that and pop the cork." Severus instructed. "It has to breath or it will be useless."

Draco did as he was told. Waiting for his Godfather, he watched a first year Gryffindor jump down the hall. Glancing down at the boys feet he saw the problem. A shoestring hex. One Draco could easily counter. Instead he chose to watch the boy hop. If nothing it was amusing.

"Malfoy!" Harry Potter called.

"Potter." Draco returned. It helped to know he wasn't the only one who missed the train.

"Is Professor Snape still in?" Harry asked walking toward him.

"Watch it!" The boy cried out crashing into Draco with a jump.

Draco landed on top of Harry. He felt the potion running between his fingers where the vile had been crushed in his hand.

"What have you done?" Severus asked pulling the young boy off Draco.

Draco stood only to find Harry not moving. "What is wrong with him?"

Severus scooped up Harry. Draco had expected for him to head to the hospital wing, but instead he headed to his own set of rooms.

Draco followed him. Severus laid Harry down on the couch.

"How much of that did he take?" Severus asked.

"Take?" Draco asked.

"It was running from your hand into his mouth. Your cut hand I might add." Severus pointed out.

"Surely you can fix it." Draco said looking down at the sleeping boy. "Can you not?"

"What I can assure you is this." Severus remarked turning to him. "Is that this cannot be fixed Draco. That potion can not be reversed."

Draco glanced at the boy. It didn't look like anything was wrong with him. Harry seemed to be sound asleep. "He looks okay." Draco offered up in hopes to make his Godfather feel some better.

"He is changing Draco." Severus announced.

"Changing? Just what did that potion do?" He asked.

"You'll soon be finding out." Severus remarked.

"What will change?" Draco asked.

"Everything." Severus answered.

Draco turned his attention to his own hand. He let Severus clean and heal it while trying to figure out another way to approach his Godfather. "Do you need me to get The Headmaster?"

He watched an actual smile cross his Godfather's lips. "Severus?"

"Not yet Draco." Severus answered. "This is one time we wait. This has nothing to do with him."

"This is Harry Potter." Draco pointed out to him. "I'm sure he'll want to know about his golden boy."

"I'm just as sure he will too." Severus agreed.

Draco tried to smile. He really did, but couldn't do it. Yelling was out of the question as well. "Then why not tell him?"

"Because." Severus answered.

"Why?" Draco asked.

"He will not be Harry Potter much longer." Severus explained.

"Then who will he be?" Draco asked.

"He has Malfoy blood running through his system." Severus whispered.

"No." Draco said looking down to the still sleeping boy.

"Yes," Severus answered. "Harry Potter is no more."

"What kind of potion did you brew?" Draco asked.

"I will explain that later," Severus answered. "We have twenty-four hours. During that time the changes will take place."

"What kind of changes?" Draco asked.

"His DNA for one." Severus answered starting to undress the boy.

"His appearance?" Draco asked.

"That will change as well." Severus nodded.

"How?" Draco asked.

"By your blood mixing into the potion." Severus explained taking off his socks.

"That wasn't an adoption by blood was it?" Draco asked.

"A bit more than that." Severus answered.

Draco sat down hard in the floor. He wasn't all to sure that he wouldn't pass out.

"I see your starting to understand." Severus stated glancing at him.

"What else does it do?" Draco asked.

"Depends on how much he has in his system." Severus answered thoughtfully.

"And?" Draco coaxed.

"It has a de-ageing potion attached to it. One that cannot be reversed. It should had took the one who drunk it back to an infant. Now, seeing that we have no idea how much he did take, we have to wait."

"In other words, I'm a father." Draco said.

"That would be one way to put it." Severus agreed.

"My father will kill me." Draco whispered.

Severus shook his head. "I think he will be pleased. I mean Harry Potter that carries his blood. The man will crow."

"And the Dark Lord?" Draco asked.

"Will not know nothing about this." Severus answered.

"Is this even legal?" Draco asked. Not that he would care what Severus done. It was just whom the potion had been used on. Even if it was an accident, they'd most likely not believe them.

"Yes, the only thing you need to worry about is if you plan on keeping him or not." Severus said seriously. "The rest I will handle. It was a test potion that the ministry knew I was working on."

"I'm not bloody likely to hand him over." Draco answered.

"Do you wish to inform the Headmaster now?" Severus asked.

"No," Draco answered. "Lets ride out the next twenty-four hours and see what happens."

"Agreed." Severus said turning once more to the sleeping boy in front of him.