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Chapter Eight:

Draco smiled down at the pouting boy in front of him. Harry hadn't took the news of moving so well.

"I like it here." Harry explained with a whine.

"I like it here too." Draco said with another smile. "But you'll have just as much fun there as you do here."

"No I will not." Harry said crossing his arms.

"You will." Draco promised.

"Where are we going?" Harry asked.

"That is a secret." Draco answered.

"Is Blaise going too?" Harry asked.

"No, he has school." Draco answered.

"Will I get to go to school?" Harry asked.

"Not this year." Draco answered.

"Good, cause I wasn't planning on going." Harry said with a nod.

"You can even write to your friends before we go." Draco said.

"Hermione?" Harry asked smiling.

Draco gave a nod.

Harry clapped. "Can she come see us?"

Draco bit his bottom lip. How was he going to answer that? Hermione would want to see Harry. No doubt about that. But him? "If she wishes."

"Good, cause I think she will wish." Harry remarked running off.

"Do you now?" Draco whispered going in hopes of finding his mother. He didn't even know where it was they was going. All he did know was that it was in America and that a friend of hers had helped set everything up.

"Draco." Lucius called from his study.

"Father." Draco replied walking in to find his mother in a chair.

"We need to be ready to leave within this week." Narcissa said.

"This house isn't safe enough." Lucius reminded him.

Draco knew that was true. The threats of raids would only last for so long, then that would be it.

They would be back. Just the thought of that made his skin crawl.

"I also had a few words with Dumbledore." Lucius said slowly.

"What did he have to say?" Draco asked.

"He would still like to get his hands on Harry." He answered. "He offered to take custody of the boy."

"I refuse for that to happen." Draco stated.

"So," Narcissa smiled. "I think it is best to leave as soon as possible."

"I'll have Harry to write is letters." Draco said thinking.

"Those friends of his?" Lucius asked.

Draco nodded."I think Hermione is the only one. He is the only one he really talks about."

"Narcissa nodded. "I'll leave you to get your things in order."

Draco gave a wry smile wondering what America had to offer.