A/N:I had first intended this to be a Freddie´s P.O.V. and throw some Carly-Sam couple in it
but I changed it to Sam´s P.O.V.,it seemed to fit more,it´s a one sided Seddie
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I hope you´ll understand if something doesn´t seem to fit somewhere,it was
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The only time I felt like telling him how I felt about him and He had to screw it up,

And he screwed it by kissing my best friend,

Last night I dreamed about how it would be to be his girlfriend,

to hold hands and stuff like that,I know it isn´t like me to talk or think like that,

but,you know I´m a girl nonetheless and that girly part of me tends to think like that sometimes,

besides love changes people I have always believed it,so…yeah,I dreamed of him,

and I liked it,every bit of it,I don´t care what people think about me,Sam puckett

holding hands with the nerd I´m always harassing,Freddie Benson,

I don´t care about my reputation as a though bully anymore,I´m tired of pretending that I hate him,

I´m tired of insulting him,of hurting him,I just want to go right to him,tell him how I feel and

hope he feels the same with all my might,even tough all the odds are against me,

I have to try,I have faith he´ll at least consider thinking about us in a ¨more than friends way¨ …

anyways,so it´s decided,I jumped out of my bed,brushed my pearlies,took

A quick shower and headed to bushwell plaza,I was just exiting the elevator to Freddie´s Floor when I saw them,

the object of my love and my best friend Carly Shay,kissing passionately on the lips!!...there they stood in the middle of the hallway,tong wrestling like Nothing else existed around them,I felt like I was going to faint any minute,and I´m not a faint-y person at all,

it´s just that…that,she always rejected him,every single time he professed his love for her,she turned him down,and besides I was always reminding him How she would never love him,but now…now,there they were,kissing,

what was she Thinking?!..why did she change her mind!?...why at the same time I had decided to tell

Him I loved him?!...or,had they secretely been dating behind my back?..if so,for how long?

Why did my stupid,stupid heart decided to love HIM of all people?...I felt my heart breaking,I felt numb,

I just stood there,looking at them,dumbfounded,takin it all in stride,letting it all sink,
a tear rolled down my cheek,they didn´t notice me,
hell! They didn´t even notice the elevator bell announcing the door open!...they jut kept kissing,
Gosh! Didn´t they need air or something!?...
I managed to pull myself togheter,turned around and pressed the button to floor number one,
and headed out of the building,
just my luck, as I got out of the front door It started to rain,as in really rain,like pouring rain,
too sad to be annoyed and too heart broken to be angry I just bitterly snorted/chuckled…I wasn´t about to go back in there

So I started walking back home,when I saw the park on my way there,I headed to the swings and sat there for what seemed like hours,
but it must have been a few minutes in reality,drenched to the bone and cold as hell I just sat there
replaying the scene of them kissing,I just couldn´t get it out of my head…-¨OMG,I´m so stupid¨ (sigh)…
-¨oh well¨ ,I tried To reason with myself,-¨I guess nothing´s gonna change after all,at least I get to keep my reputation
and image as a tough girl,and the respect and fear of others,…no one will see me walking by,holding hands,smiling dumbly with someone dumber than that smile…nor will anyone see me kissing anyone..
nah! everything will remain just the same¨…only my heart Won´t be the same,I thought…now it will be harder,harder than a rock…
-¨well,at least it stopped raining...oh,shit! There they come!!¨ I hope they don´t see me.
I jumped into some bushes sat on the same swing I had been on before,
he started to softly push her,well They didn´t see me,I thought…I could see them from the bushes though,
she laughed,he laughed, I silently cried,how could I possibly destroy that happiness by telling him how I felt about him?
...how could I do that to them?...I forced myself to stop crying,
I got out of the bushes On the opposite side of the swings and started walking towards them,
making it look like I Came from home,being all drenched helped me so they didn´t notice the tears on my cheeks And puffy eyes,
I walked to them with one eyebrow rised in a questioning manner,-¨what´s going on here guys?¨.-¨hey,Sam!¨.they said in unison
Freddie was grinning,and Carly had a dreamy look on her eyes,then she said.-¨I finally realized that I liked when he told me he loved me
and since he had stopped doing it I started to miss it,so I told him how I felt and,this happened!¨.
she said motioning between them with her hand,weirdly she reminds me of Spence sometimes,
I took a deep breath to calm myself and said.-¨so,the dork finally gets what he always wanted..well I´m happy for you guys¨.
-¨really?¨said Freddie,surprised that It was ok with me.-¨what happened to she will never love you?¨.
-¨well,if she changed her mind about you,then I guess you ain´t that bad¨.
-¨wow,thanks puckett,I never thought I would hear you say that¨.
-¨yeah,don´t get used to it Fredumb¨..Carly still had her dreamy look on.
-¨well,I guess I gotta go get some ham,I need some now,¨…so,yeah,

nothing will Change,I can´t destroy what they have..and nothing will change

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