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P.S. As with the doujin, the animals here mostly have an attention span of not more than five seconds.

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In the Vongola mansion, there were rooms dedicated to reports from missions, weapons for the men, suits for the occasion, resting spaces to sleep in, and then, there was an entire storey dedicated to their adorable but clever - well, some of them anyway - animals. This is a story, that took place in that very place.

"Do you guys want more carrots?" Tsuna asked, raising his pitch a little higher to accommodate to the other party. Then he picked up two of the orange vegetable - messily chopped into half - and laid them accordingly on the dish in the cage.

As soon as he did that two little rabbits hopped over enthusiastically to the saucer, hurriedly snatching the carrots with their tiny paws and nibbling on it hungrily.

Tsuna chuckled, "Hey, slow down you two, you'll get choked. Ah," he remembered, noticing the two larger rabbits - also a black and silver duo - in the background. The silver one was about to bounce up towards the youngsters, only to be stopped by the black one appearing in front and nudging it back with its head. The silver rabbit then ceased its tracks, and soon the black rabbit started nuzzling the other's cheeks. Reluctant, the silver rabbit skipped away, with the seemingly joyful black rabbit in tow.

The black rabbit have caught up with its partner, since the latter ran into the corner, and sprawled its upper body on top of the silver fur, scratching playfully at its partner's ears.

Suddenly the irresistable smell of carrots wafted into their sensitive nostrils. They both quickly stopped whatever they were doing and skipped to wherever the aroma originated from. They sniffed at their own plate to make sure, before grabbing the carrots and started to nip at it too.

"You guys are hungry too, I suppose?" Tsuna laughed, retracting his hand back from the enclosure. Suddenly his stomach did a somersault, reminding him of the consequences of sneaking out on Reborn's assignment, even though he meant for it to be a short break.

These two rabbits were initially rabbits stranded in the outskirts of a forest on the grounds of one of their rival clans. It had been a stormy day, and Gokudera happened to look into the eyes of these pitiful and homeless creatures. The next thing he know, he and Yamamoto brought back to the Vongola mansion not only the things he needed to bring back from the mission, but also another addition to the long list of animals in the household.

They faced no troubles with the keeping of the rabbits, however they had problems coming up with names for these two. Eventually, everyone decided on naming the black one 'Takeshi' and the silver one 'Hayato', since the black one had a distinct scar on its chin, while the silver one looked, for reasons unknown, Italian.

That was, when everybody assumed the two rabbits were males. And here comes the funny part, one fine day, someone discovered two smaller bunnies in the enclosure Gokudera specifically built for them. At first, they speculated that they were actually strays which had wandered into the mansion. But the colours of their fur - the black one had a silver tail and the silver one had black ears, the fact that the room was at least three storeys above ground, and observations of the Italian-like rabbit harbouring a fairly large abdomen, led them to, with much awkwardness, conclude that they were the offsprings of Hayato and Takeshi.

Of course, Gokudera blew his top and got mad at Yamamoto for no reason, while the rest ignored him and were abuzz with ideas for names for these two children. Finally, they settled on calling the black rabbit 'Bunny Yamamoto' and the other 'Bunny Gokudera'. (Reborn restrained himself from commenting on their creativity.)

Back to the mammal enclosure. Bunny Yamamoto had just devoured the last of his carrot, and patted his contented stomach. He caught a glimpse of Bunny Gokudera, who was not even half done with his meal. "Eh? Bunny Gokudera's not hungry?" he asked, concerned.

"Yes I am, you idiot," the silver rabbit snapped. "I'm just distracted coming up with plans."

Bunny Yamamoto skipped over to the edgy rabbit, and poked his little nose in front of his playmate's face. "What plans?"

Bunny Gokudera, irritated, shoved his face away with his tiny paws, and answered, "Plans to escape this stupid place." He went back to nibbling on his snack.

"Eh?" Bunny Yamamoto exclaimed, "Why? Doesn't Bunny 'Dera like this place?"

"Stop calling me that!" Bunny Gokudera hissed. "No, I don't like this place. It stinks being stuck inside here. The carrots they give suck. Remember when Hibird-Nii told us about Jyuudaime?"

Bunny Yamamoto wrinkled his nose, before suddenly beaming. "Ah! The place where there are soft grass and very juicy carrots?"

"Well, I'm going there. After I find out how to get out of this stupid enclosure," Bunny Gokudera announced proudly.

Bunny Yamamoto grinned, "I see. Well then, I wish Bunny 'Dera good luck!"

Bunny Gokudera's ears straightened up. "H-Hang on, aren't you coming with me?"

Bouncing to the corner with their toys, Bunny Yamamoto replied over his shoulder, "Nope. I want to play with Ball-san." And then he wrapped his arms around the tattered-looking baseball, an old posession of Yamamoto himself.

"Bu-But there will be a lot of carrots! Forget about the stupid ball! Don't you like carrots, huh?" Bunny Gokudera persuaded, a little flustered.

Bunny Yamamoto tore his eyes away from the captivating ball, and blinked at Bunny Gokudera. "Carrots are nice though..." he started to contemplate. The silver rabbit's eyes lit up. Then, Bunny Yamamoto laughed again, "But I think I prefer Ball-san!" He continued with the game he was playing earlier.

The carrots in Bunny Gokudera's paws fell. He waved his hands about, trying to convince his playmate. He began to stammer, "T-T-Then you can bring the stupid ball along, we'll all find Jyuudaime together! We'll go there together with B-Ball-san! How about that?" He smiled weakly, attempting to hide his jitter.

Bunny Yamamoto paused again, and plastered one black ear onto the baseball. Then he looked back up at Bunny Gokudera, "Ball-san says he's okay with the idea, so long as Mama and Papa allow-"

"No not those two idiots! They'll never approve of this!" the silver rabbit jumped up and down on the spot, agitated.

A flicker of uneasiness flashed on Bunny Yamamoto's face. "So if they don't allow us shouldn't we listen to them?"

Bunny Gokudera slapped his forehead. "That is why it's called an 'escape' you baseball idiot! Are you going to come, or not?" He was getting impatient.

Bunny Yamamoto rested his gaze on the ball in front of him, and alternated between Bunny Gokudera and Ball-san. "I think..." he finally made a decision, "I'll listen to Ball-san."

Bunny Gokudera's face grew red as his cheeks puff up in anger. How can that idiot pick a ball over him? He's the one who had been playing with him and sharing carrots and blankets and plates with him. He's the one who slept beside him under the warmth of their mother. He's the one who took care of him when he was sick because their parents were too busy making out. And now the idiot is going to leave him for a stupid old ball?

Bunny Gokudera pouted and yelled at him, "Bakka! Bunny Yamamoto is the worst!" With that, he mustered all the energy he never knew he had in him. And quite unexpectedly, he made the highest leap he had ever made in his life, and jumped over the knee-high fence of the enclosure. With droplets of angry tears gathering in his eyes, he hopped away.

"B-Bunny Gokudera!" Bunny Yamamoto called after him, skipping towards the fence from which he leapt. Looking at the fluffy backside of his friend, he muttered, "You didn't finish your carrot... What a waste..."

Tsuna was almost tripped over by the sudden stream of white that missed him by barely an inch. "B-Bunny Gokudera!" he yelled, as frantic thoughts jumbled up in his head. Oh great, not only is he going to be killed by Reborn, he is going to be killed by the girls and Hibari and Gokudera and Yamamoto as well! It seemed only then that a perfectly sensible next step approached him. The only unfortunate thing was that Bunny Gokudera was already out of sight by the time the Vongola took off.

"Phew, looks like I've shook him off," Bunny Gokudera heaved a sigh of relief when he spotted the brown-haired man scrambling off in the other direction, not bothering to look at the doorstep where the rabbit stuck his back against. He peeled himself off from the concrete wall and strolled along the capacious and empty corridor, deciding on his next move, since all these was pretty impromptu.

"Hmph, stupid Bunny Yamamoto, not coming with me to Jyuudaime! He'll be regretting when I send him postcards from there - whatever postcards are - hmph!"

But every trail of thought looped back to one thing in his mind. He wandered for quite a while, before the distinct voice of a certain song being sung drifted into his sensitive ears. Eager, he hastily bounced to the source of the sound.

"Hibird-Nii!" he exclaimed, excited upon the sight of the yellow fluff perched on top of Hibari's shoulder. Hibari visited the rabbit family whenever he felt like it, which was very often, and so Hibird preached the children quite a lot, on things like who gives the best tickles (Yamamoto, because he is a pervert with nimble fingers), and who gives the gentlest baths (Mukuro, because his idea of baths are illusionary water that moves).

Hibird paused his singing, and peered down at the tuft of silver and black hopping after him. "Isn't this Bunny Gokudera-chan? Why are you outside?" he whispered, not wanting to alert Hibari.

Bunny Gokudera flashed an eager smile at him. "I've successfully escaped that dreaded enclosure! I'm going to Jyuudaime now! D-Do you know how do I get there?" He was so thrilled he spoke everything in one long sentence.

Hibird, after taking time to digest the information, shook his head disapprovingly. "Bunny Gokudera-chan, your parents will be worried. Everyone in this house will be sad, including Hibari."

Bunny Gokudera frowned. He did not like being forced to feel guilty. "I don't care about them, are you going to tell me or not?" he stuck his hands on his hips.

Hibird puffed up his chest, and let out a sigh. "If Hayato and Takeshi come after me, I'm taking your dish with me," he warned. "You can find that place at-"

Before he could finish the sentence, a human's voice echoed in the corridor. "Hibari-san!" Instinctively Bunny Gokudera leapt away and out of sight, just as Hibari turned his head around in annoyance.

Tsuna turned round the corner and caught up with the tonfa-wielding man. "Hibari-san," he panted, "H-Have you seen Bunny Gokudera?"

Hibari raised an eyebrow, "That rabbit? He has ran away?"

Tsuna rubbed the back of his neck apologetically, praying that his face wouldn't meet the ends of the tonfas anytime soon. "Y-Yeah..."

Hibari hesitated, and stole a glance at the yellow bird on his shoulder. "Have you seen him?" he probed.

Hibird tilted his head, and spread out his wings, parting his beaks to speak. "Mi-dori tanabiku~ Namimori no~" he sang.

Hibari turned back to face the Tenth, replying coldly, "No." And he walked away, with a new purpose in mind.

In between the lines of the anthem, Hibird heaved a sigh of relief.

"Oh great, now I have to find Jyuudaime myself," Bunny Gokudera declared, hiding safely behind the shadows of a giant wooden door leading to a room. "Hm, where did Uncle Hibird looked like he was pointing to..."

"Is this not the child of rabbit Hayato and Takeshi?" a sudden voice broke the silence, making Bunny Gokudera jump.

The rabbit looked up to see an owl with feathers the colour of moonlight, perched onto the window ledge. Staring at the mismatched eyes peering right back at him, Bunny Gokudera couldn't help feeling shaky. The owl had always been known to be mysterious, such that even Hibird-Nii knows not of its name. So everybody simply calls him 'Mukuro Owl', after the name of its human.

"M-M-Mukuro O-Owl-Nii..." Bunny Gokudera stuttered, a trickle of sweat rolling down the side of his forehead.

Mukuro Owl smirked - even though it had a beak - and said, "Hello there. What brings you here?"

"I-I-I'm t-trying to find J-Jyuudaime," Bunny Gokudera explained, heart pounding wildly.

"Oh," the owl commented, and swooped down, "Do you know how to get there, then?"

Bunny Gokudera gulped. This is his chance. "No."

The owl folded its wings when it landed, and faced the frightened rabbit again, "Do you want me to tell you?"

"Y-Yes..." Bunny Gokudera answered without hesitation.

The owl chuckled, "Kufufu... Well then, the place you wish to find i-"

"Nyaan!" Out of the blue the sudden battle cry of a cat shocked the two animals. A bolt of lightning yellow shot past, sending the owl to start flapping its wings savagely.

"Ah!!" Bunny Gokudera yelped, before leaping away frenziedly. Before the surprised owl could react the cat made a sharp turn and followed him out of the room. The owl, upon collecting his calm, chortled "Kufufu..." again, before flying back to its place on the window perch.

"Gah, why must Uri-Nee see me at a time like this?" Uri had always been a playful cat. She finds amusement in almost everything she sees, and is scratchable. While the rabbits enjoyed fooling around with the feline, sometimes she gets a little carried away, and the family ends up with a few more scratches than expected.

"Hey Bunny! Are we playing catch?" the cat called after him, hot on his fluffy silver tail.

Tears almost flew out of his eyes. "No we're not Uri-Nee! Not today please!" he pleaded in between breaths.

"Eh? Then why are you running?"

"I'M RUNNING FROM YOU DAMN IT!!" the rabbit screamed.

Just then Bunny Gokudera spotted a crack of an open room. Left with no other choice, he sprinted in.

Inside the room, expensive-looking gym equipment took up every inch of the space available. Bunny Gokudera gawked at the machines, until his eyes fell onto a muscular being in the middle of the room, hopping about fervently and hitting a punching bag with much vigour. The kangaroo caught sight of the silver fluff at the doorstep, and greeted, not stopping whatever she was doing, "HEY! ISN'T THIS HAYATO AND TAKESHI'S CHILD TO THE EXTREME?"

"Kan-Kangaryuu-Nee!" Bunny Gokudera called as a sign of respect. "S-Sorry for intruding!"

Keeping her eyes on the punching bag, she replied, "NO IT'S EXTREMELY OKAY! WHY ARE YOU EXTREMELY HERE?"

Bunny Gokudera was about to open his mouth to answer, when the door was smacked open. "Oh I see! We're playing hide-and-seek!" the apprehended voice mewed.

Bunny Gokudera jumped out of his skin, and landed in Kangaryuu's pouch in one bound. He was shaking as he peeked from inside the protective pouch. "T-That's why I'm here!" he answered, starting to feel a little giddy as the kangaroo continued hopping.

Uri skidded to a stop, just inches away from the trembling rabbit. She looked around, her vivacious large eyes scanning the room in wonder. "Eh? Where is the bunny? I thought he was right here?" she asked herself.

Bunny Gokudera's faint heart almost stopped working. "HELLO, URI-SAN! WHY ARE YOU EXTREMELY HERE?" Kangaryuu inquired, seeming to have forgotten about the rabbit.

Uri waved her tail in a continuous motion, tilting her head to the side as her thoughts drifted off. "Hi Kangaryuu-san. Have you seen the bunny?"


Uri pouted in disappointment, as she stretched herself, razor sharp claws almost touching the pouch and scaring Bunny Gokudera to death. "That's sad, I'm so bored now."

Kangaryuu paused and turned to face the cat. "YOU'RE EXTREMELY BORED?" She positioned her fists in front of her. "LET'S HAVE AN EXTREME DUEL!"

A delighted smile crept upon Uri's face. "You're on!" she challenged.

Kangaryuu, being the driven boxer that she was, decided to use some of the leftover Sun Flames from the previous battle. And the next moment, it became a duel between an overgrown kangaroo and a gigantic leopard in an undersized room.

Bunny Gokudera swore his lifespan had been reduced by at least ten years.