"That's odd, where else could he have disappeared to?" The 24-year-old swordsman scratched his head, pondering. Jiro was sniffing at the enclosure, hoping to find traces of the missing mammal.

Tsuna, feeling especially guilty and sorry, stood in the background and apologised for the eight-thousand-and-fifty-ninth time, "Sorry Yamamoto, sorry Gokudera-kun. If I had been more alert..."

Gokudera peeled his eyes away from the enclosure and stood up, consoling his boss, "Don't worry, Jyuudaime, it's not your fault! It's that stupid rabbit's fault, and I will find him, so don't worry!"

"Yeah, Tsuna," Yamamoto joined in, "It's our fault for not bringing them out more often. Maybe they're sick of being in here for too long."

"Urrgh!" Gokudera exploded, pointing his finger at Yamamoto, "I told you we should spend more time with them!"

Yamamoto paused and reasoned, "But it's Gokudera who wants to stay up late finishing reports and stuff."

"That's because there was a lot of work to do!" Gokudera rebutted.

Yamamoto sulked, "You have work to do everyday."

"Well not everyone is free like you!" Gokudera crossed his arms, "Besides, if you're so free then why didn't you bring these children out in the first place?"

"I tried. But, how funny is that, they won't follow me unless you're here too," Yamamoto laughed.

"There are days when we're both free too you know!" Gokudera scoffed.

"There is?"

"Urrgh!" Gokudera almost tore his hair out. "Yes there is! It's those days when you would rather spend time dragging me to bed and pounding me senseless!"

A look of enlightenment shone upon Yamamoto's face. "Oh... That..." Then his foolish-looking smile dissappeared. He froze.

Gokudera froze.

They eyed the other man in the room.

Tsuna could not believe his ears. "WHAT?!"

The rabbits and Jiro and Kojiro suspended their conversation when they noticed the awkward atmosphere that has been looming in the room.

Thankfully, the explosion from the room at the far end of the hallway distracted the embarrassed grown men from their dilemma. In a thrice Jiro kicked off and dashed out of the room, with Kojiro gliding speedily after him.

Bunny Gokudera coughed out black clouds of smoke, only to realise that he was no longer in the safety of Kangaryuu's pouch. He was sitting on his tail, on the dusty soot-stained floor. He looked down at his body to find out that his fur was as dirty as the floor too, which made him a little sad, since his fur was one of the things he was more contented with in his life.

Kangaryuu and Uri were also being stirred into consciousness, the two giants getting up on their legs. Bunny Gokudera decided that it would be best to escape before the fight starts, and hurriedly skipped away, despite the splinter in his backside.

He successfully bounced out of what used to be a room, only to be flung far away after colliding into something else. "Ow..." he moaned, rubbing his already sore butt.

The impact, however, did not prove to be of any significance to the canine which he collided into. "Ooh, Bunny Gokudera! Found you!" Jiro wagged his tail ardently.

"Thank heavens! Where did you go? Do you know everyone was worried sick about you?" Kojiro landed beside the groaning rabbit.

Bunny Gokudera bounced back up, shaking his head in an attempt to clear his headache. "Kojiro-Nii, Jiro-Nii! I'm on my way to - cough - to Jyuudaime!" He punched his dirtied fist in the air.

Jiro cocked his head, and quizzed his swallow mate, "Isn't that the place with lots of juicy carrots and very soft grass?"

Kojiro folded across his chest and tapped his foot/claw, asking the dog with suspicion in his voice, "And how would you know how carrots taste like?"

Jiro gave a nervous laughter, and confessed bashfully, "Ehheh... I've been sneaking into the kitchen..."

Kojiro shook his head, and switched his attention back to the dusty rabbit. "Anyway, let's get you back before you get more injured," he poked Bunny Gokudera, which is the same size as him since he is a baby, "Hurry up now, before those two start fighting again."

Jiro barked, thinking that a faster way would be to probably scoop him up and give him a ride back. However he met with fierce resistance.

"No!" Bunny Gokudera insisted. "I'm going to Jyuudaime no matter what!" He took a step back.

"Why? Don't you like it here?" Jiro asked, lowering his head to the ground to level their eye contact.

Bunny Gokudera rolled his eyes at the similarity between the dog and the idiot at home. "No, but I like Jyuudaime. So I'm going there."

Kojiro persuaded with maturity in his voice, "Your family, and everyone else is worried, Bunny Gokudera. Even Gokudera and Yamamoto. And you're injured. I can't let you go out in this state."

"Yeah," Jiro agreed, "It's very dangerous to go out with that nasty splinter."

Bunny Gokudera moved back somemore, in an attempt to hide his wound. "W-"

But echoes cut short his sentence. "Jiro! Kojiro! Have you found him?" It was a mixture of voices, although Bunny Gokudera could make out the owners of the voices.

"Yeah we have! Woof!" Jiro replied animatedly, as though the humans could understand. "He's right h-"

But Bunny Gokudera was gone.

"Che," the leaping rabbit spat, "What's with this story and not finishing sentences?" He cursed at the unapologetic author.

The more he bounced, the more the splinter hurt. Finally, the baby slowed down, before coming to a stop. He flipped into all yoga and pilates and ballet poses that existed, but he was still unable to reach the shaving of wood on his butt.

"Do you need help with that?" A high-pitched voice sounded.

It was only then that Bunny Gokudera realised he had deviated into a new room. He looked up, and true enough, the majestic tangerine-coloured lion laid right before him. "N-Nuts-Nii..." Nuts the lion has always been his idol, and Bunny Gokudera holds a great deal of respect for him. He doesn't think Nuts know much about him, but he was happy enough to look up to him in admiration whenever they happen to meet.

Nuts, having caught a clearer sight of the furry animal, raised one of his eyebrow, "Aren't you the missing baby rabbit everyone is looking for?"

A shiver shot down Bunny Gokudera's spine. Oh no, now he will make a bad impression on him! "Y-Yes..." he admitted with much shame.

Nuts leapt down in one majestic move, ambling towards the shaking rabbit. "Then why aren't you heading back?" His eyes were wide with concern.

"I... I..." Bunny Gokudera didn't know whether or not to blurt out the truth. After much struggle, he figured it would be even more dishonourable to lie, so he admitted, "I want to find Jyuudaime."

A mischievious grin hung in place. "If you want Tsuna he's just down the hallway." He couldn't help it, he had to say it.

"No, not the human! Jyuudaime's a place-"

"-with very juicy carrots and soft grass? Yes I've heard of that place. I was pulling your leg!" He lolled on his back as he drowned himself in laughter. Really, this child and his human are so alike.

Bunny Gokudera peeped at his own leg, which wasn't pulled by Nuts in anyway. Then he remembered something. "D-Does Nuts-Nii know how to get there?"

Nuts wiped a tear away with his long tail and bounced back up. "Sorry," the fiery flames encircling his neck danced. "I don't like carrots so I don't know."

Bunny Gokudera's heart sank. "Is that so..." he muttered, and addressed the lion again, "Then I'll be going on my way. Thank you, Nuts-Nii."

With that, the ball of fluff hopped away in disappointment. Nuts smirked, and laid down on his paws, preparing to continue the nap he was enjoying. He had just lowered his eyelids, when he was disturbed again, this time by a dog and a sparrow.

"Nuts! Nuts!" Jiro jumped up and down, "Have you seen Bunny Gokudera?"

Yawning, Nuts casted a furtive glance at the entrance, undecided on whether to betray a new friend he made. Just then, another intruder arrived.

"Ah, where am I now?" the limping animal grunted, starting to grow a little afraid at the surroudings that had morphed to be a little dark. However, no matter how scary the environment turned into, the pain on his rear-end didn't subside. In fact, it became worse.

Bunny Gokudera wanted to cry. The pain was killing him. He was starting to feel lonely. He missed the feeling of soft grass. He was hungry. He started to yearn for his home. He wanted Bunny Yamamoto here now.


The deep and husky voice made Bunny Gokudera jump again, and he shot into the air. 'Splosh!' Something wet - and familliarly dreadful - engulfed him. He cracked open his squinted eyes, to the affirmation that his worst fear was true.

Bunny Gokudera's jaws dropped to scream, but only bubbles came out. The worst thing was when water flowed into his mouth and flooded his entire respiratory system. He quickly snapped his mouth shut wisely, but still could not help quavering ferociously at the carnivorous-looking shark before him.

"Who are you? What are you doing inside my tank, huh?" as the fearsome sea creature spoke, he did not forget to flash his numerous rows of knife-edged fangs at him.

Unknown to the poor Bunny Gokudera, he had unfortunately strayed into the section where the Varia's animals were kept. And the aquarium of Squalo's shark happened to be the first, and probably the last, one he wandered into.

"VOOII!! You're not answering my question!" the shark demanded.

Bunny Gokudera's mind blanked out before the strange creature he had never met in his life. Even if he wanted to speak, gills were just not meant for rabbits.

The shark, seemingly restless, snorted, "Hmph, then you're here for the fight I suppose? Then what the hell are we doing wasting time?! Here I come, VOII!!"

The next thing he knew, the animal eight thousand and fifty-nine times bigger than him flicked his powerful tail and glided towards him at top speed.

Bunny Gokudera stayed there, completely still and unsure of what to do. His heart pounded wildly. He cannot feel his feet and paws. No, he doesn't want to die before he reach Jyuudaime! He wanted to go Jyuudaime! He wanted his juicy carrots! He wanted Mama Hayato and Papa Takeshi! He wanted Gokudera and Yamamoto! He wanted... Bunny Yamamoto!

The shark cracked open his gigantic mouth, giving him a full view of his murderous-looking teeth and blood red flesh. The warm breath from the mouth; Bunny Gokudera could feel it getting closer and closer. The only thing Bunny Gokudera had time to do, was to shut his eyes, and hope it would be fast.

Just as he did there was a sharp tug on the back of his fur and he was immediately yanked up, just as the ferocious jaws snapped shut.

"Ooh, just in time," Yamamoto let out a breath he didn't know he held. Then he turned to grin at the petrified rabbit again, "Aren't you glad we got here in time?"

Bunny Gokudera gazed at his savior with overflowing gratitude in his eyes. "Yama...moto...!!" Without any consideration for the piercing pain on his butt, he threw himself onto Yamamoto, giving him an intensely grateful hug.

Yamamoto, surprised by the sudden gesture, just laughed and stroked the damp silver fur of Bunny Gokudera.

"That damn Squalo..." the acute swearings of Gokudera could be heard. Bunny Gokudera immediately forgot about the hug and looked to where his human was. Imagine his embarrassment when he saw the Italian walking about with Uri glued onto his face. "Nn, get off me Uri, I can't see..."

Tsuna ran up behind him, wheezing, "Finally... Found him..."

"Hey hey, Bunny 'Dera! Are you alright?" the voice he thirsted to hear so much pricked his ears. He looked down to see his old playmate leaping on the ground.

"Bunny Yamamoto!!" Bunny Gokudera yelled in relief, wriggling himself out of Yamamoto's grasp and hopping onto the floor. He threw his paws around his neck and drew him in for a tight embrace. Tears started to gush down his cheeks, as he took in the nolstalgic smell of his partner.

"Maa, maa." Bunny Yamamoto wrapped his paw around his waist with one hand and patted his back with the other. "Don't cry, Bunny 'Dera," he whispered in a soft and tranquil voice into his ear. "I'm here." He could feel the water from the rebellious baby's fur soak his own, but he didn't really bother.

Jiro and Kojiro, on the other hand, trodded and flew up to their human, satisfied. "It's Bunny Yamamoto who brought us here! He just dashed out all of a sudden, and he ran faster than me!" Jiro explained, hyperactive as ever. Kojiro nodded, agreeing, "He's really worried for you."

It seemed to have been an eternity before Gokudera managed to pry Uri off his face. "That damn Squalo! How dare his stupid shark attack my Bunny Gokudera?" he blurted out.

Everyone in the room just stared at him, before bursting into laughter at his scratched and bloodied face.

"Ow! Gentler you idiot!" Gokudera howled at the man before him. Evening had arrived, phasing out the frantic afternoon everyone had when their rabbit decided to revolt. The storm guardian was seated on a chair, vulnerable to the Japanese man.

Yamamoto chuckled, "Sorry, sorry. I'll try to be gentler." But he continued dabbing the stinging antiseptic onto the scratch wounds with his unearthly strength anyway.

In the same room, right at the end in the corner, two bunnies were doing the same thing.

"Ow! Gentler you idiot!" Bunny Gokudera howled at the black rabbit behind him.

Bunny Yamamoto gazed at the splinter in child-like wonder, "But it won't bulge unless I use enough force."

Bunny Gokudera sighed, when their parents came hopping along to his rescue. "Mama Hayato! Papa Takeshi! The splinter is killing me!" he pleaded

Hayato and Takeshi eventually managed to pull out the offending stick, but not before giving their son a harsh berating.

"Don't you dare do it again! And I'm not a 'Mama' for the last time! I'm a guy damn it!" Hayato yelled madly.

"Eh?" Bunny Yamamoto's eyes widened, "Then how did you give birth to us?"

Hayato sighed, as he explained yet another time to his offspring with short attention span, "That's because... Hey are you listening to me?!"

Takeshi hopped up beside him and beamed at their children who had sprang off. "Don't they remind you of us when we were dating?"

Hayato shuddered - a bad kind of shudder - and smacked the black rabbit with the unfinished carrot from Bunny Gokudera. "Don't say disgusting things." But he was still being sniffed at by Takeshi, who had not been listening to him. The silver rabbit lamented and hopped off, before his partner tried to make any more attempts at making children.

"Ne, ne, Bunny 'Dera, I've got a new friend!" Bunny Yamamoto hauled his friend over to the side, informing him joyfully.

Bunny Gokudera peeked at Ball-san, which was left abandoned at the other far end of the enclosure - ah sweet old enclosure - and looked at Bunny Yamamoto again. "What is it?" He was curious to know how much more ridiculously inanimated his new friend is.

Bunny Yamamoto beamed as bright as the sun, getting eager and bolted at high speed towards wherever he was intending to go, and did The Yama.

He ran into the wall.

"Ah!" Bunny Gokudera skipped up beside him, anxious. "Idiot! Are you alright?"

But Bunny Yamamoto remained flat on the white wall, unmoving. He turned his bruised face around and laughed foolishly. "Bunny 'Dera, meet Wall-san!"

Bunny Gokudera narrowed his eyes at him in disbelief, and pivoted around, hands holding his luggage, and declared, "Hibird-Nii! How do I get to Jyuudaime!"

A/N: Sa, that was an attempt at animal fluff and mass characterisation of the Vongola animals! Hope it went down well, most of them were characterised according to their appearances, while the rest, like Jiro and Squalo's shark, were personified after their humans. I don't know the names of some of the animals, so I had to call them after their owner's name. And I hope the genders of the animals went down well with you guys! (My friend said that Uri is a girl because Gokudera couldn't bring himself to like another boy other than Yamamoto. How true)

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