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This is a rewrite of a story that me and my best friend wrote together. This is an AU. The events happening in SH4: The Room is happening at the same time as SH: Homecoming. There will be Yaoi (guy/guy) in later chapters. You have been warned.

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Ch.1. Unfamiliar Place


Josh? Josh!" Alex called out after his elusive sibling. He could just see the hint of his brother's pale arm as he went around the corner. He rushed after him, his footfalls echoing off of the walls as he tried to keep up. He came to a pause, his greyish blue eyes squinting. The area he was in was just as foggy as the last. He looked around slowly, his mouth open as he breathed out in quick breaths, trying to calm his pounding heart. Where could his brother have gone? He gripped the axe he had tightly in his hands and he began to move slowly, his steps unsure.

"....Josh?" he called out. His eyes finally fell on the building that stood before him. It didn't look to be in the best shape, broken windows, some which were boarded up. It looked very dicrepid, like no living being could live there.

Is that where he went? he thought to himself as he looked around himself to make sure. Well, there were no other buildings that held as much interest as the one before him. So with a clear mind, he approached the building. Now that he was closer, he could make out the worn letters of the building.

S - - TH ASH-IE-D -E- -TS A- - - -MENTS

Some of the lettering was missing, so he couldn't really tell what it was, but it looked like the apartments that they had back in Shepherds Glen, so he supposed that was what it was. He approached the double doors and stepped through. He looked in, his brows furrowing. It was really dark, too dark for his eyes to adjust, so he resorted to using the flashlight that he had on hand. He saw a glimpse of legs that ended in the sneakers Josh always wore hurrying up the steps to his right. "Josh!" he called out, rushing after him.

He could feel a hum of noise, the walls paint cracking and splitting, peeling off. The very stairs he was standing on was trembling and groaning, the tiling becoming rusted and covered in what looked like old congealed blood, some tiles fell away to reveal the rusted and worn wire beneath.

Dead plants were being covered with more rot, but now it held more of a putrid smell. All these things were changing but Alex wasn't focused on it. He didn't care, all he wanted to do was find his brother, so they could both get out of this place together. "Josh!" he called out again, before the stairs infront of him collapsed, preventing him from going on forward. He panted, sweat dripping down his brow before turning to his left. It was the only other place he could go.

He started down the hall, his booted feet making slapping sounds on the moist floor. He looked down and grimaced at the sight. "....gross.." he muttered before focusing his attention to more important things, finding his brother that is. He looked at the door room numbers to see that it he was on the second floor. Should investigate the area.. he thought to himself, after all, that was usually military protocol when you were in an area that you didn't recognize. Perhaps he'd find something useful.

He didn't know how long he'd been looking through the area now, but he was sure that a considerable amount of time had passed. Alex continued to look around the area however. He was sure if he didn't look carefully enough that he would miss something. His steps were slow and steady, now that he saw the complex had taken on a hellish state. He didn't know what could be lurking around the corners, so he tried to keep as quiet as possible, even going so far as to turn off his flashlight when he thought he heard something other than his footsteps.

Most if not all doors were locked on this level. The ones that had been open, he found old papers talking about the residents that lived there. He found some ammo too, and that was always a plus.

He finally approached another door, and this one was different from the others. It had a small plaque on the door instead of a room number. Superintendent. Alex slowly approached the door, his hand raising up while the other gripped the old rusted axe. He slowly gripped the doorknob. Don't know why I'm bothering with even trying, it's going to be locked...nevermind. he thought as the door knob turned, but the door itself was stuck.

"Damnit.." he muttered to himself. He rammed his shoulder against the door, twisting the knob back and forth. It didn't budge. "Come onn.." he groaned and he rammed into it again before the door burst open with a loud creak. He turned his flashlight on, glimpsing inside. It looked just like everything else in the apartment building, decrepid and covered with rust, old blood and other fluids that he didn't wish to think about. He walked around, looking for anything useful, seeing as there were no monsters in this room. He picked up a box of ammo resting on the couch and pocketed it.

He sighed, turning and looking into the far corner. He could see a desk with filing cabinets. They were labeled as so: A-F, G-M, N-R, S-Z. He tried some of them, the first three were locked, but he was able to jimmy the last one. It happened to be file cabinet labeled S-Z. He pulled it back, blinking when he saw only one folder in it's depths. He lifted the folder out and opened it, something clattering to the ground at his feet. He looked down and saw a key. He picked it up noting that it looked like it went to a padlock and pocketed it.

"...Henry Townshend.." he mumbled to himself as he read up on it. Well, there had to be a reason why this folder was the only one in the only openable cabinet. There was a key too. He looked to see what room it specified. "302.." he muttered. He pulled out a notebook he carried in his pocket and jotted down the information for later. He had a feeling he would need it. He noticed a red box on top of the desk and picked it up. "...what is this.." he muttered as he tilted it. He brought it up close, but the moment he did he could smell rot and decay. It made his stomach curl and he could feel bile rising in the back of his throat. Making a face he coughed and gag, dropping it back on the desk. "...what...the hell is in there..." he muttered, squinting at the red box. He didn't want to find out. He turned and hurried out.

It took a while before he found a way up to the third floor, but he did it. He saw a glimpse of his brother again and hurried after him. "Josh! This isn't funny!" he called. He turned a corner and found a dead end, the only rooms there were 301, 302, and 303. 302... he thought to himself he approached the door. He wasn't sure what he was going to find behind this door, but he had no other choice.

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