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Ch.2. Muse


The sight of Desalvo's corpse floating in the pool of water was the last thing he saw before everything faded to black.

His ears were buzzing when he gained consciousness once again. His head ached and his body was sore. He slowly turned his gaze to the side, seeing the nearly bare closet that he had. There were two empty hangers, about 4 shoe boxes that he hadn't gotten to yet, a brand new designer white button up shirt he had bought from the shopping center only days ago before this nightmare began.

Maybe I shouldn't have gone there. He thought to himself lazily, pushing himself up into a sitting position. His body complained and it brought a grimace to his face, but he had to do something. He couldn't lay in here all day.

There was still a mystery he had to solve. First of all, how the hell had someone been able to trap him inside his own apartment? It made no sense to him to be honest. Well, he could understand if the chains were on the outside of his door. But inside? Where had the culprit gone? Out the window?

He snorted at the absurdity of it. He was on the third floor anyways. It wasn't possible, especially since all his blasted windows seemed to be melded to the wood, keeping them in place and preventing him from escape.

He looked around himself, sliding off the bed and onto his feet. He looked down at the comforter. He always seemed to wake up here after going through those hellish 'worlds.' These weren't dreams like Cynthia had forced herself to believe. He wished it was, but those wants fell on deaf ears.

These walls....they look so...wrong now..He thought to himself as he took in the once pristine barriers of his room. They were now dotted with dust and dirt, his windows looked as though someone painted a layer of grime on them, preventing him from seeing much of outside. He spotted his phone, once new, now old and cracking, the phone line snapped with wires peaking out from the safety of the insulation. It as though someone ripped it with their bare hands.

How many days has is been....eight...hmm..maybe nine days...no...ten... he sighed. Man...what am I kidding? he continued looking down at his plain black shoes. He'd just bought these too, but now they looked like he'd been wearing them for years.

He pursed his lips as he started out of his room. The hall looked worse, the moment his foot landed outside of the safety of his bedroom a low wail sounded. He grit his teeth, moving further down, the sound growing louder, more incessantly. Another haunting. He could see the black inky blood sliding down his walls, tainting it with more rot that the room hadn't already suffered.

He was about to pass the mess now. He winced, his hand coming up and covering his ears as the cries rose in pitch, screeching at him. Even though the sound was slightly stifled, it didn't help much because he was starting to get a blaring headache. It always seemed to happen in the presence of the supernatural. Quickening his pace he hurried into the living room, going towards his trunk. Holy candles...please tell me I have some left.. he prayed. He searched, almost frantically because the screeching was getting louder and he was sure that his ears were going to start bleeding if he didn't hurry up.

Finally finding one, he pulled out box of matches hidden in his back pocket. He hurried over to the base of the wall underneath the screeching wails and struck the match, lighting the white candle. Now that his hands were free they were back to protecting his ears. He backed away as he watched the candle do its work.

He didn't know how many times he'd seen this and tried not to be amazed by it. The crying sounds of infants began to die down before there was nothing but blissful silence. The black dribbling liquid faded away and then it was gone. He'd gone and saved his apartment again. He leaned back against the wall, sliding down before his bottom felt the floor and he slumped forward, sliding his hands through his messy light brown hair. What would my parents think...if they saw me now? he thought to himself as he sighed softly.

He tilted his head back and looked up at the ceiling. That man...in the coat... he thought to himself, brows furrowing. That man was the cause of everything. He'd only seen him a handful of times, but every time the blonde's name was mentioned, a new body was found. The man bothered him. Not so much that he was killing people - hell, he was honestly worried about himself because it wasn't affecting him as much as it should have (he seemed to be growing more apathetic to the killings themselves too)- but that he was so...peculiar as a person.

He was honestly scared shitless of the man--this man that everyone called Walter Sullivan. Maybe it was the way he walked, or perhaps it was the permanent smile that was always plastered on his lips. But for Henry, it was just the man himself. Walter had haunting green eyes that glinted, eyes that looked lifeless but highly intelligent, and in combination with that disconcerting smile he was every persons worst nightmare. Literally.

i should have never gotten this room... he sulked as he stood up again. If he wouldn't have gotten this room, he would probably be out and about, doing his photography. Maybe he'd actually date, or something along those lines. But this seemed like this was his destiny. He was drawn to this room the very first moment he'd lay eyes upon the door. He was sucked in even more once he stepped in and took a look around and, before he knew it, he was signing the lease and placing a deposit.

That was in the past now. Now, he just wanted to get the hell out of here. He stood and paced around, even going so far as to approach the door. He moved to look in the eyehole but hesitated. Last time he looked in, he'd seen something that nearly made his heart stop.


He had seen himself, only, it wasn't him. His mirror image was bloody, bleeding through every orifice he could see. Gaping holes that once held his vibrant green eyes stared at him. Lips that were cracked and bleeding shivered as words were mumbled. His form was shaking like a possessed thing.

Henry had stood there, numb and transfixed. "Pleasee..help...mee..." were the words he was finally able to make out through the grinding noise sounded every time they tried to speak. Over and over again, that's what his doppleganger whispered. The real Henry swallowed thickly. Was that supposed to be his fate? A suffering spirit trapped with no way out?

-end flashback-

He had long gotten rid of that though. Surely the holy candle had done it's work and demolished such an image, right? He hadn't looked since he'd lit the candle. He shut his eyes, swallowing thickly. Come on Henry, quit being such a baby. he admonished to himself. Gathering up his courage, he leaned and closed the gap, squinting into the eyehole-

-and standing on the other side was a man he'd never seen before in his life. His doorknob twisted and shook and he let out a squeak immediately throwing himself away from the door. His heart sped up in tempo and he stared at the door.

clack clack clack

Apparently the man had heard him. Wait..they'd heard him?!

"Hello?" came the man's voice, slightly muffled by the door. Hope surged through the occupant and he rushed to the door, his hands already up as he frantically rammed into the door.

"HEY!!! CAN YOU HEAR ME!? LET ME OUT OF HERE!!!" he yelled, his fists beating against the door. His heart was still pounding and he was reduced to a desperate, panting mess as he looked through the eyehole. He could see that the male had backed away from the door, stunned. He eased on the door, just resting against it, shutting his eyes for a moment but opening them quickly, still gazing through the hole. He opened them just in time to see the male move closer to the door once again.

"Are you Henry?" The man asked in a slow careful tone, brows furrowed. Henry's mind reeled. He can hear me!

"Yes!" Henry stressed the word out, sounding breathless as he gripped at the chains, leaning against them.

Click! Henry was dumbfounded as the chains fell away from the door, the locks clinking loudly as they cluttered to the ground. He took a step back, his mouth hanging open in a small 'o' of surprise.


As though controlled by an invisible force, the door that had once blocked him from his freedom slowly opened. It was deathly silent besides his own breathing. He looked past the door to see a pair of eyes looking back at him.

A surprise right?

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