Take My Breath Away…


Title: Take my Breath Away

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Riiiiiiiing! Riiiiiiiiing!

The incessant, irritating buzz of the telephone pulls me out of my deep and dreamless slumber.

I fumble around for the receiver all the while mentally cursing whoever is on the line for disturbing the first decent night's sleep I've had in ages. "'Lo" I answer in a scratchy voice, not bothering to mask my irritation at being disturbed.

"Hey Bells."

Those two words in that particular voice are all it takes to jolt all remnants of sleep away.

"Jacob! Oh my God…Jacob! Where…when… where are you calling from?"

For a minute, the only response I get is a deep chuckle. "Open your door honey. I've been knocking on it for some time now. Your neighbor's getting a little suspicious."

"Oh God! You're here? Like, right here? Oh… oh…wait a minute. I'll be right there. Hang on." I hastily don a robe over my tattered sleep attire and blindly make my way towards the door.

Of course, being my usual clumsy self, I stub my toe against the doorframe. "Oww, crap, dammit! Ow, ow, ow!"

"You alright in there, honey?" My best friend's calm, competent question interrupts my cussing streak.

I eagerly limp the last few feet to the door and fling it wide open… in a hurry to feast my eyes on the ever elusive Jacob Black.

It's been ten long months since I've seen him… ten months in which I've wondered time and again if I'd ever even see him again. It's the same worry every time…

That being the case, this unexpected visit… this surprise fills me with unfathomable joy.

His massive frame fills my doorway; partially obliterating the light from the bulb in the passage. Framed in darkness, he appears dark somehow… lethal… dangerous. I shiver in response to my thoughts.

"Hey baby!" the glamour of his smile dispels the notion of darkness in an instant and all but takes my breath away.

I wordlessly take in the fact that he's wearing a leather jacket with a round neck top underneath it. There is some kind of mark on his neck but I can't make out what it is in this darkness. His hair which is usually 'army regulation' short has been allowed to grow out till it reaches his shoulders. His eyes… his beautiful brown eyes are… haunted… just as they always are now-a-days.

I have just a few, short moments to take all this in before he whisks me off my feet and crushes me to his chest in one of his infamous hugs. His hold on me is so tight that I can barely breathe but I find that I don't care. The reality that he's here, safe, unhurt, in my arms, finally hits me and I fling my arms around his neck holding him tight.

"I'm so glad you're okay." A few tears escape my eyes unbidden. He squeezes me even tighter and buries his face in my neck which is covered by my hair. "Umm… you smell nice. Goddamn, I missed you honey." He breathes in my ear causing a tremor to run through me.

"I missed you too." My voice is muffled by his chest but I know he can hear me. I can feel him smiling against the crook of my neck and I can't help but smile in return.

"Where the hell have you been, Black? You've been MIA for more than 10 months now! It was like you'd disappeared off the face of the Earth or something. No calls, no mails, no letters, no nothing… How's a person to know where you are, huh?"

He actually has the audacity to grin in response. "Uh uh uh… you know I can't answer any of those questions Bells. We've had this conversation before. Top secret, remember? Nice try though."

I hate it when he gets this way… all 'top-secret-y'. This isn't my best friend Jake, this is 'secret agent' Jake; 'superhero' Jake – Lieutenant Commander Jacob Black – the commanding officer of one of the most elite teams of navy SEALS in the United States Military.

I hate that he has a life away from me, a life he can't share with me… but I'm also proud as hell of everything he's accomplished.

I know it's pointless to get anything out of him when he's like this but I try anyway. After all this is how we operate… Bella – probing; Jake – denying.

I shamelessly use my secret weapon. "I was worried, dammit."

"Aww baby, why? You know I'm the best."

Cocky bastard!

But I can't deny the truth behind his words. He is the best. His training… his meteoric rise in the Special Ops… the respect he commands and the confidence that oozes out of him are all testaments to this.

I give in with a sigh.

"So, when did you get back?"

"We got in just a little while ago. I dumped my gear at home, grabbed a shower and a change of clothes and hoofed it all the way here." The smile softens, the cockiness falls away. "I couldn't wait to see you." A hint of vulnerability creeps into his eyes, "I needed to see you…"

For some reason, this declaration makes me feel all hot and flustered and more than a little gooey inside. I find that I can't hold his gaze. "Are you hungry? Did you eat something?"

"And why would I do something like that just before coming here to see you? I'm not stupid Bells. And I missed your cooking." Damn… the puppy dog eyes still have the power to turn me into a pile of mush. But at least now there is something for me to do besides gaze at him adoringly. I busy myself with what I do best… providing Jake with enough food to satisfy his massive appetite.

Once the food is on the table, he shrugs off the jacket before sitting down in the chair. One look at him and I can't stop the gasp from escaping my lips.

Long grey lines of ink are etched into his skin and continue down his shoulder and collarbone, more lines hinting at the promise of a larger design under his clothes. Unthinkingly, I pull at his t-shirt to try and follow the design of his newly acquired tattoo.

I can't help but be fascinated… this is completely unlike the Jacob Black I've known since childhood.

"When… why… did you get that done?" He patiently suffers through my examination. "A few months ago, as part of an assignment. Now can I go back to my food?" And I know that's the last I'll ever hear on the subject. I hate his elusiveness but there's nothing I can do about it. "Uh yeah… sure"

But somehow, I can't stop my hands from tracing the lines running down his neck.

He doesn't seem to mind… until a ray of light catches the ring on my finger.

In a movement so sudden, I can't even make it out; he drops his spoon and traps my hand in his overly large one, squinting at the piece of jewelry on my ring finger. "What's this Bella?" The sudden hard edge in his voice makes my palms go clammy.

"Ummm yeah… I forgot that you didn't know about this." I'm nervous about talking to Jacob about this and I don't even know why. I steel myself for the fallout before I blurt out my news. "I'm getting married Jake."

He drops my hands as if burned. There is a fleeting hint of… something… in his eyes before he consciously relaxes his features into an emotionless façade. "Congratulations." Even his voice is impassive. "Who's the lucky guy?"

For some reason, I realize that I feel like crying. I curb the impulse with difficulty and answer him. "Uh… his name is Edward Cullen and he's a businessman from California."

"Wow! A businessman, huh? Sounds amazing." I sense the sarcasm in his voice even though he's trying his hardest to keep it from me.

As if he can, the idiot! He forgets that I've known him my whole life. I know him better than he knows himself.

I fall all over myself in an effort to make him understand. "Edward's wonderful. He's sweet and patient. Understanding and chivalrous. He's also very dedicated and hardworking. He comes from a rich family. His father's a doctor. But he started the business himself from scratch. And he turned it into a high profit venture in no time at all. And his family, oh Jake… they're wonderful. He has two siblings – a brother and a sister. His parents are wonderful too. I can't wait for you to meet him. You're gonna love him. I just know it!"

Why do I feel like I'm trying to convince myself as well as him?

"Hmm… I'm sure I will. So when do I get to meet this paragon of virtue?"

"How about tomorrow night?" I ask eagerly, thankful that he's making an effort.

"Yeah sure, why not?" The sooner I meet this guy the better, don't you think?"

I throw my arms around his neck again, thrilled, excited, happy beyond belief that he's being so supportive.

He lets me hug him for a couple of minutes before gently disentangling my arms from around his neck. His chair scraps loudly against the floor, grating on my nerves as he stands up, the food on his plate only half eaten. When I look at him in confusion, the look in his eyes unnerves me.

"I have to go Bella. I just remembered, I promised the guys that I'd meet them at Christie's for a few beers. They'll be wondering where I got off to. I'll see you tomorrow I guess. Let me know when and where after to talk to your fiancé."

The suddenness of his so called meeting with the guys makes me feel… weird, uneasy somehow.

"But… but… you didn't eat." Jacob always finishes his food… always.

He shrugs off my hand and continues walking to the door. "I'm not hungry. I'll see you tomorrow, alright? Goodnight."

That's it…? No hug, no kiss, no smile? What the hell's going on here?

The panic… the unease keep mounting. It feels like I'm losing him somehow… like he's walking out forever and I don't know how to stop it. "Jake" I call out to him; my voice shrill with the fear I feel.

For a moment I'm afraid that he has no intention of turning around and I don't know what I'll do if he doesn't. Then, he does turn and my knees almost give out in relief. "Is everything alright?"

He smiles at me and even though I should feel relieved, I don't. Something… his usual warmth… is missing from his eyes. "Everything's great honey. I mean, come on, my best friend is getting married. What could be better than that?"

I nod weakly in response, my eyes still searching desperately for that elusive something in his eyes…

Nothing… just emptiness.

Then, just as he's about to walk out through the door, he abruptly turns back and stalks towards me. He grabs hold of my arms and pulls me firmly against him till we're standing chest to chest.

Unblinking, he looks into my eyes… almost as if they hold the answers to all the mysteries of the universe. "Are you happy Bella? Does this Edward guy make you happy?"

The intensity of his gaze scares the living daylights out of me. "Y… ye… yes" I stutter unconvincingly.

Whatever he sees in my eyes seems to drain some of the tension from his body and his grip on my arms loosens. "You don't love him." Matter of fact… not a shred of doubt in his voice.

"What? Of course I do! Why would I be marrying him if I didn't?" I sound sure… confident.

"Liar" He says softly; managing to sound even more confident than me. My stomach dips violently.

"No… I'm not lying." I'm beginning to sound just a little desperate.

"Yes you are. Maybe not to me but to yourself. You think you love this guy but you don't." There is a thread of satisfaction in his voice… the tiniest bit of triumph.

"I do love Edward." I'm almost shouting now.

"Alright, if you say so…" His insolence is infuriating.

He drops his gaze to my mouth and deliberately, provocatively licks his lips. The hunger in his gaze is unmistakable.

My body thrums alive with electricity; an excitement unlike any I've ever experienced before in my life.

His grip on my arms tightens imperceptibly and my heart slams out of control.

I should protest; I know I should but I can't get my body to obey my commands. I'm drowning in his gaze and I can't get myself to care.

Then his gaze turns calculating and the panic begins to seep in. Before I can pull myself away; his lips crash down on mine. I go up in flames.

He's my best friend… my platonic best friend, and I'm kissing him like my whole life depends on it.

His hands are all over me – in my hair, over my back, down my sides. His tongue dances with mine in a beautiful age-old symphony.

He consumes me. He devours me. He owns me – body and soul.

In that one brief moment he manages to shatter every perception I've ever had about myself.

Suddenly, as abruptly as he initiated it, he breaks away from the kiss and pulls himself away.

I can't be sure but I think I groan aloud in protest. He takes a few steps back from me, putting some distance between us, I think, so that we can't reach for each other again.

We're both gasping for air, breathing heavily.

"Are you this passionate with him Bella? Do you go so wild for him? Do you let him fuck you till you can't see straight? I don't think you do. There's no way in the world that you respond to him the way that you just responded to me." Again; he's not really asking. He's stating a fact.

I'm still too dazed to form a coherent reply. I stare at him blankly.

The part of my brain that's still capable of rational thought notes that the elusive expression I'd been searching for in his eyes… that indefinable thing that makes him Jake… is back.

"You're mine Bells. You always have been. You always will be." The quiet confidence in his voice is staggering. "The sooner you realize that, the better it'll be for everyone involved." A quick, bright smile and then, "See you tomorrow honey. I can't wait to meet this fiancé of yours" and he walks off… leaving me floundering in a sea of confusion.

What the hell just happened?


Edward and I reach the restaurant a little before the appointed time and are led to our table by the maitre d'.

I'm uncomfortably aware that this is Edward's world… elegant, sophisticated, glamorous…

This isn't Jake's world. This isn't my world, at least not yet, it isn't. I try to tell Edward this but as usual he brushes my concerns away.

"Will the rest of your party be arriving shortly?" our server asks while handing out our menu cards.

"Isabella, when did you say your friend will be here?" Edward asks me… ever solicitous.

I sigh helplessly. I hate being called Isabella and he knows it. Apparently though, it isn't appropriate to display too much familiarity in public. The only time he lets go of his inhibitions enough to call me with any degree of familiarity is when we're in the throes of passion in the privacy of his bedroom.

I can't help but think of Jake. Bella, Bells, honey, baby… my best friend is all about the nicknames.

Speaking of whom, "Um… he should be here soon. In fact, I don't know what's keeping him. Jake is never late, never." I fidget around nervously, partly relieved that he's late… only partly though. "Do you think I should give him a call? Maybe he misunderstood the directions or something? Oh God, you don't think he got lost or something, do you? He might've ended up going somewhere else altogether. I should give him a call."

"Leave it" The impatience in Edward's voice is unmistakable. "You're friend's a big boy. Didn't you tell me that he's in the Special Ops?" I can only nod mutely. "Well then, he's more than capable of taking care of himself."

I can't quite understand the reason behind Edward's curtness. Usually, he's such a warm, open person but ever since he picked me up tonight, he's been a little stand-offish… a little distracted.

I wonder if he's picking up on my discomfort. After what happened yesterday night, I'm not sure this meeting is such a good idea.

Before I can question him, he visibly shrugs off his irritation and amps up the charm factor. "Did I tell you how gorgeous you look tonight?"

I smooth my hand down my dress self consciously trying desperately not to analyze the impulse that made me wear this particular dress tonight. It's a little black number, backless and barely reaching me mid-thigh… bold and daring… a far departure from my usual sedate attire.

It doesn't have anything to do with Jake… it doesn't. And it definitely does not have anything to do with that insane, soul stealing kiss last night.

I hurriedly shut down that line of thought but not before the memory of it – and my reaction to it; causes me to blush bright red. Thankfully, Edward thinks I'm blushing in response to his compliment.

"Ahem" the sound of a throat being cleared saves me the effort of forming a response.

I turn around, searching for the source of the sound till my eyes clash with Jacob's smoldering ones.

The moment my eyes land on him, my heart slams out of control.

He's flaunting every rule of fine dining with his attire and he knows it. The leather jacket, this time paired with a body hugging pullover and jeans so tight that I think they'll have to be cut off him, combine to make him look – sinfully delicious. All efforts to tame his hair by running his hands through it have only succeeded in giving him a 'fresh out of the bedroom' look which is mind numbingly sexy.

His eyes… they're the worst. They're filled with memories…with promises and temptations.

They bore into me, daring me to remember each moment, to relive each touch. I try to break eye contact with him but find myself trapped in his gaze.

My body betrays me and melts at the unspoken promise of his eyes.

Until … I see the one person in the world who hates me with a passion standing right behind him.

"Leah! What are you doing here?"

"Bella. I hear congratulations are in order. And I'm here as Jake's date. He said you wouldn't mind. Do you?" The challenge in her voice is unmistakable.

I seethe in silence… unable to form a scathing enough response.

How dare she? How dare he?

"Oh of course we don't mind, do we darling?" Edward answers in my stead, chastising me wordlessly for being ungracious. He's upset too. I know he is. After all, Edward is nothing but a creature of habit. Any break in the expected makes him uncomfortable. But he's too well mannered to let his irritation show. I'm not. "We're glad you could join us for dinner. We'll just have to ask for a bigger table."

"Oh… yes… sure… of course."

Edward, ever the gentleman, scrambles to pull out my chair and then excuses himself to go talk to the maitre d' about the table.

As soon as he's out of earshot I sidle up to Jake's side and grab his hand in mine. I give Leah a patently false smile muttering, "Would you mind excusing me for just a few minutes?" and then drag him away without giving her any chance to reply.

As soon as I'm sure we have a modicum of privacy I blurt out "What the hell is she doing here?"

"You mean Lee? She's here as my date of course."

"But why her Jake? She's you ex-girlfriend for heaven's sake! She broke your heart, how could you forget that?" I wail.

"Why not her? She's smart, beautiful… sexy as hell. In fact, she's just perfect. And no, I haven't forgotten that she broke my heart." He gives me a devil-may-care grin. "What I also haven't forgotten is the mind-blowing sex."

The thought of Leah with Jake… in that way… makes me want to throw up.

"So it's just about sex? What, is she the last woman left on Earth? Dammit Jake, she's going to break your heart all over again."

What I really want to ask is "how the hell can you even think of sleeping with her after you kissed me the way you did yesterday?" but I don't have the guts.

"She's changed Bella. So have I. I don't want the same things from her that I used to back then." The smirk tells me exactly what he does want from her. "Give her a chance Bells. Once you get to know her well, you'll love her. I just know it."

He's throwing my own words back into my face.

"Oh shut up, you stupid jerk!"

"What's the problem honey? You wouldn't happen to be jealous of Leah now, would you?"


"D…don't be absurd. Why in the hell would I be jealous of her?"

"Oh I dunno…could it be… maybe…cuz' she's my date and you're not? Or maybe it's because she's my ex-girlfriend. Or maybe it's because you know that she's had sex with me and you haven't. Hmmm?"

"W…Wh… What? I splutter indignantly. "That's just…"

"Oh come on Bella. Don't try to tell me that the kiss yesterday didn't affect you the way it affected me. I won't buy it. I've known you for your whole life, remember? I know all your expressions, all your reactions. I know you were as turned on as I was. You and I both know that if I hadn't pulled away when I did last night… if I'd had slightly less control over myself, we wouldn't have stopped at all. We'd have ended up fucking each other's brains out on the first available surface possible. And you wouldn't have minded. And you certainly wouldn't have stopped me. Now, it's driving you crazy that I came to this stupid dinner with a date. Am I right?"

I freak out. He's right… he knows he is.

I stomp back towards where Edward is patiently waiting for me besides a new table without bothering to answer Jake.

"Everything alright sweetheart?" He asks as he waits for me to settle down.

"Yes! Yes! Everything's just fine." I hasten to reassure him.

Jacob meanwhile meanders over to the table. His calmness infuriates me no end. "Edward, right?"

"Sorry. Where are my manners?" I hate that Jake has me all flustered. "Edward Cullen, meet my best friend Jacob Black. Jacob, this is my fiancé, Edward Cullen. And Edward, this is Jacob's…uh… friend, Leah Clearwater."


What's supposed to be one of the happiest occasions of my life has quickly taken on a nightmarish quality.

Someone… Jake… has made it so that I am stuck between him on one side and Edward on the other, leaving me to face Leah throughout the night.

To make matters worse, Edward and Jake seem to dislike each other on sight. Neither of them says anything of course but I know them well enough to get the message.

"Shall we order?" Edward's voice is unusually curt and stern. The way he glares at Jake tells me that he doesn't particularly care for him at the moment. Maybe it's because he's late; maybe it's the way he's dressed.

Edward's always been a stickler for social etiquette.

Jake's attitude is the complete opposite of Edward's. He's relaxed… laid back… When I think about it everything about them is different. Almost like night and day.

As if that isn't bad enough, there's Leah. Beautiful Leah… perfect Leah; with long, dark, luminous hair and high cheekbones and full, pouty lips; her beautiful dark brown eyes nothing like my own plain ones; her beautiful russet skin glowing in comparison to my own sickly pale complexion… We were like night and day too; she and I. It's no wonder Jake prefers her to me. They look like they're practically made for each other. The knowledge is like a hot poker slowly burning a hole through my stomach.

Luckily, Edward distracts me from my thoughts.

"So Jacob, Isabella tells me that you're in the military…?" The way Edward's gaze moves between Jake and me is disconcerting to say the least. Then he focuses his entire attention on Jake. "I can imagine it's not an easy job or a very well paying one."

I can't believe he's being so rude. This isn't like Edward at all.

"I do alright. And I'm not in it for the money anyway. I love the fact that I'm serving my country; making a difference…" Their gaze never falters; neither of them willing to break eye contact.

"What sort of assignments do you carry out? I'm sure there's a lot of bloodshed involved. Have you personally killed many people?"

"Edward!" I gasp. I don't want to hear this. It brings the unsavory aspects of Jake's job uncomfortably in focus.

Jake glances at me briefly. "I can't tell you the details of any of my assignments. But I can't deny that there is some bloodshed, there always is in any war. I don't kill indiscriminately, if that's what you're asking but if it means saving the country or even the life of one of my brothers, you'll find that I don't hesitate to do whatever needs to be done."

I shudder horrifically. Leah looks fascinated. Edward looks triumphant.

"Let's order some champagne, shall we? This is a celebration after all. Isabella's best friend and fiancé meeting each other for the first time…"

He signals the server without waiting for anyone's approval.

I feel sick.

Jake senses my discomfort. "Sorry about that, Bells. You alright?" His hand on my thigh feels steady…reassuring.

"So, being gone so long must be really frustrating, right?" There's no pause in Edward's interrogation.

"Not frustrating… just lonely sometimes." Jake looks right at me as if he's talking to me… only me. "Being away for so long, facing the things that we do and not knowing when or even if we'll get to come home; it gives you a newfound appreciation for what you have."

"Well, I'm sure your girlfriend is in for an interesting night or two then." Edward winks at Leah. She almost gleams with pride.

I'm waiting for Jake to deny it… to tell Edward that he's mistaken… to say that she isn't his girlfriend but he doesn't. He just laughs in response.

I wish I can slap the smile off of her face. I wish I can run away and hide.

For the next few minutes, the pain is almost unbearable.

Until, he leans in real close, his warm breath dancing on my ear, making my body tighten in response… and says, "I'd rather fuck you Bella. You know that."

With just those words he manages to turn me inside out.

"So Jacob, why haven't you settled down yet? Didn't find anyone wonderful like my Isabella, huh?" Edward places a loving kiss on the back of my hand. A few days ago, such a gesture would've filled me with joy. Now it leaves me cold.

Jake's eyes meet mine; holding me in their unrelenting grip. "I did actually. I met her a long time ago and fell head over heels in love. I know she and I belong together. I'm still working on convincing her though."

My heart beats out of control. Is he… talking about… me? No that can't be… can it?

I jerk back in surprise when I feel a light, fleeting touch on my knee. A look in Jake's direction reveals nothing; he's busy talking to Leah.

Maybe, I'm mistaken; the touch is innocent.

The next time; a sweeping touch from knee to thigh and my reaction to it; is harder to explain away.

I glance furtively at Edward. He's busy making small talk with Leah… Thank God!

"Do you have any idea how fucking sexy you are?" The quietly murmured words are meant to inflame… and they do shooting a bolt of awareness to my very core.

He casually moves away smiling at me like he'd just told me something funny. His hand however; stays on my leg; moving higher… inch by slow torturous inch.

My heart is racing inside my chest. I'm sure that everyone in the entire damn restaurant can hear it. I don't even need a mirror to know that more likely than not, I'm crimson all over.

I pray desperately that Jake stops toying with me. Then I pray even more desperately that he never stops.

Then I realize; I've been praying for the wrong thing all along. I pray that the exchange between Leah and Edward goes on forever. I pray that he doesn't focus his attention on me. He knows how I look when I'm turned on. He'd recognize this look in an instant.

The hand moves even higher, reaching the edge of my sheer panties. I forget how to breathe. My eyes flutter shut.

He wouldn't, not here, not in a public place… would he?

Yes he would.

"Jesus…" The heartfelt expletive brings me back from the very edge of insanity.

I open my eyes to see him looking at me with naked undiluted lust in his eyes. His touch is still creating magic but his eyes hold me tethered to reality.

Just when I know that I can't take any more…that I'll surely fall apart, he stops. I barely stop myself from screaming in my disappointment.

Slowly, deliberately… all the while looking me in the eye… he brings his hand to his mouth and licks his finger clean of my juices. I swear I can almost feel my walls quake a little at the eroticism of the gesture.

No one's ever made me feel this way before… reckless… alive.

He stands up as if to leave the table, then leans down at the last moment as if it's an afterthought, whispers, "Meet me outside in five minutes."

I know it's wrong. I know I shouldn't. But I also know I will.

I've gone way beyond the point of no return.

I start counting down the time…


The cool air feels wonderful against my heated face.

The restaurant door closes behind me, throwing me into a world of darkness and silence.

I've barely begun to get my bearings when a warm hand grasps me and pulls me further into the shadows.

The next instant, I'm being shoved against the rear wall of the restaurant and warm lips are running down the side of my neck in desperation.

"Jake," I gasp. "What is this? What're you doing to me?"

"Seducing you. Is it working?"

I don't have the strength to answer. I decide that he'll get his answer soon enough.

"You're wet for me. Do you have any idea what it does to me to know that you're wet for me?" He drops to his knees before me, throws one of my legs over his shoulder and buries his nose between my thighs, breathing in my arousal. I tremble desperately in response. He pulls back slightly to run his tongue roughly over my panties… teasing me, tasting me.

My legs threaten to give out.

Without further warning he stands up and takes my lips almost brutally. I find that I like this side of Jake. Not that I see it all that often.

"You're so beautiful Bells… so goddamn beautiful!" He groans.

"You're… uh… sort of beautiful too…" I tease him breathlessly.

"Oh yeah? I'll show you 'sort of beautiful' you little minx!" He growls and attacks my lips anew… kissing… nipping… biting.

His hands are on my thighs urging me to wrap myself around him more snugly. I happily oblige.

He's supporting my full weight now. His easy display of strength makes my mouth water.

"Tell me you want me Bells. Say it." He whispers huskily in my ear before his mouth drops down to explore my neck. He holds me tightly against him, my back into the brick wall of the restaurant, my legs wrapped tightly around his waist. The contrast of the cool brick against my back and the warmth that radiates off his body is incredibly enticing.

I can feel his excitement through his pants brushing against the thin lace panties I'm wearing. He holds one hand on my backside as the other slips down my chest, grabbing one of my breasts and massaging it.

"Tell me that you want me inside you," he whispers as he kisses his way back up to my ear. By now both his hands are on my backside, his fingers pleasantly digging into my flesh, as he thrusts his hips forward and grinds against my core. "Tell me that you want me to fuck you," he whispers into my mouth as he takes my bottom lip between his teeth.

A strangled moan escapes my lips. I feel the fire ranging inside me… threatening to consume my very being…

I can't take it anymore.

"Oh Jake…..yes….I want you," I moan as his mouth captures mine with his own.

As soon as the words leave my mouth, he reaches between our bodies and swiftly rips off my panties in one fast fluid movement. I can't keep the smirk off my face and he returns it with one of his heartbreaking smiles.

"It would've been easier to just take them off, you know." I whisper huskily.

"Don't worry. I'll buy you a new pair……fuck I'll buy you a few dozen if it means that I can tear them off of you again." His lips meet mine hungrily and he continues to tease me.

He pulls back; looks deep in my eyes and rests his forehead against mine.

"You don't know how long I've waited for this…for you…" he whispers softly. The naked vulnerability in his voice brings tears to my eyes.

"Then take me Jake….make me yours." I whisper back.

Lust and shock immediately show in his face, but it's his eyes that are my undoing. In them I find love – deep, abiding, unending and unconditional love.

Carefully I unzip his pants and free his hardened member; wrapping my hands around him lovingly.

What happens next is a little fuzzy. I guide him till he's lined up with my opening. A gentle thrust and he's inside me... erasing the emptiness inside me with his presence.

The feeling that comes over me can only be described as absolute bliss… bordering somewhere between pain and mind numbing pleasure.

Every little thing he does, everywhere he touches me; my skin burns as if on fire.

I squeeze my legs tighter around his waist, pushing him deeper inside me. My entire world is narrowed down to this moment… the thrusting of our bodies and the strangled moans that escape both of our lips.

I dig my long nails into his back… eliciting a sexy moan from his lips… and hold on tighter and tighter as I desperately reach for the end.

He pulls back to look into my eyes. The love, the devotion… are still evident in his eyes.

One of his hands grips onto my backside while the other is flat against the wall above my head.

I can feel every muscle in my body tightening in readiness for my release. He increases his pace…thrusting hard and fast.

"Ohh…Jake…." I am helpless to stop the gasp as I feel the pit of my stomach clench.

"Bella…" He grunts and with his next thrust I feel my world shatter, coming undone in a glorious burst of color. His lips capture mine in hopes of drowning out my cries of bliss. My core tightens around him as he continues to thrust desperately…

Once… twice… thrice and then I feel him twitch inside me; joining me in my mindlessness. The hot sticky release fills me to the brim and overflows down my bare thighs.

A few moments of silence pass by. Our bodies are still entangled together until he kisses my forehead briefly and pulls himself from my body; helping me to my feet.

"Wow…..wow…" I stutter as I try and fail to catch my breath.

Jake chuckles. "I know. I've been waiting forever and none of my fantasies ever even came close to that."

We try to straighten ourselves up; helping each other to regain some semblance of normality while stealing glances at each other.

There is so much I want to say to him…so much I want him to say. But now is not the time or the place for that discussion. There's a dinner to get back to…an infidelity to confront. The rest will have to wait.

"I'll walk back to the table. You go to the restroom and get yourself straightened out. I'll try and come up with an excuse for our absence. Alright?"

I nod wordlessly.

"Hey you okay?" He asks. I can hear the concern in his voice.

"Yes, I'm fine." But I'm not, not really. How will I ever face Edward after what I've done? How will I look into his eyes and pretend that I'm still in love with him, still committed to our engagement when it's so obvious to me that I'm not?

"Bells look at me." I'm helpless to resist. "Everything's going to be just fine. We're going to be just fine. Trust me."

And I do. Just like I always have.

Just before we walk in, Jake grabs hold of my hand. "Get rid of your fiancé. Leave your window open. I'll come by as soon as I've dropped Leah home."

A passionate kiss and he walks away, leaving me with the certain knowledge that my life as I knew it is over…

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