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Secret Confessions

She didn't know how she ended up crouching behind the sofa and listening to the boys laughter while they talked complete gibberish and made jokes about their own flaws. It all had started out so innocently when she had decided to do the chores today this morning.

Leaving the apartment so he wouldn't get in the way of Maka's weekly tantrum while cleaning, Soul had decided that it'd be best to hang with the boys since there was no school due to summer break. Wearing only jeans, sneakers and a tee-shirt without his hoody, he strolled down the street to his best friend's apartment to fetch him and then make their way to their other, overall symmetrical and neurotic friend.

While Soul was hanging out with the boys, Maka started her cleaning in the kitchen where she washed up the dishes and cleaned the table and all working/cooking plates before she wandered into the bathroom. Having taken a shower only two hours ago, the shower cubicle was still wet when she entered it again – this time to clean it from the inside.

She was almost finished cleaning – the only thing left to do was to vacuum the living room – when the chain of the necklace she had got from Soul for Christmas last year broke and the wonderfully sparkling pendant in form of a little scythe on top of some piano keys decorated with little diamonds while the necklace itself was pure gold fell onto the floor and skidded under the sofa. She had gotten mad at him when she had opened the box to find such a beauty inside while she had only bought him a new motorcycle for which she had been saving up the whole last year. In return he had gotten mad at her for not accepting his present when she had practically forced him to accept the bike. So they had ended up storming into their seperate rooms, only to come out ten minutes later to apologize and continue their Christmas meal.

She cursed and crouched down to see if she could reach it but there was nothing to see, so she stood up again and moved the furniture a bit to be able to see something. Spotting the jewelry, she crawled behind the couch to reach it. Suddenly a door opened and slammed shut almost the next instant. Maka turned around to see who had entered but the voice calling her name proved her no wrong that Soul came back.

"Black Star has made his entrance!", a booming voice shouted before the sounds of footsteps entered the living room. For a moment it was eerily silent.

"Dude, where has Maka gone to?", Black Star's voice asked before he threw himself onto the sofa, pushing it back in the process.

Maka who found herself being stuck between the wall and the couch and almost suffocating from the pressure on her body tried not to sneeze as some dust filled her nostrils. Feeling the couch rumble and hearing it squeak from the weight, she figured that Soul also sat on the sofa now.

"Maybe she remembered that she needed to buy something important and so went out to get it", a voice that Maka recognized as Kid's supposed and went around the coffee table to sit on the couch on the opposite side.

"Went out without finishin cleaning?", Soul asked and shifted his weight a bit backwards, so he could put his feet on the little table. Maka gritted her teeth as she heard the material of his sneakers meet the glassy surface of the table she had gotten from her mom. Not only did he break his promise – he really had to promise her that he wouldn't put his feet onto the table anymore for which he gave her a roll of his eyes and promptly got a Maka-Chop afterwards – but she had also just cleaned that glass pane.

"Nah, I don't think so", Soul added as an explination to his remark. "What could be more important than cleaning?", he mocked and they all chuckled. Maka felt her blood boil. Oh boy, he was so dead! So being stuck between sofa and wall wasn't that bad after all. She did not only hear how they made jokes about her but she also caught them doing it behind her back.

They laughed, joked, talked and wondered where she could have disappeared to some more until Kid asked, "Say, Soul. Have you told her yet?"

Feeling the atmosphere suddenly getting thicker, Maka wondered who this person they were talking about might be.

"Haven't told her yet", Soul retorted and Maka thought she could hear some sort of disappointment and nervousness through his deep voice.

"Why n-", Kid wanted to ask but Black Star interrupted him, "Who're we talkin' 'bout?"

Kid cleared his throat before answering, "Gee! How often do I have to tell you to not interrupt a conversation you're not part of?"

"I, the godly Black Star, can interrupt whenever I want to! Also, I am always part of all conversations! So, who're you speakin' of?"

"Maka, who else?", Kid's annoyed voice responded before he cleared his throat once again, seemingly turning his attention back to the Death Scythe. "So?", he added as a question. "What are you going to do from now on?"

Groaning, Soul leaned his head back to stare at the ceiling. "I dunno", he said after some while. "I really don't know how to tell her."

Huh? Not comprehending what they were talking about or how the subject and atmosphere changed so suddenly, Maka tried to get into a more comfortable position.

"Tell her what?" Black Star's voice sounded almost as angry as Maka had felt only mere minutes ago. He really hated to feel left out.

"Tell her that he likes her", Kid answered.

Suddenly the sofa rumbled as Soul snarled, "Idiot! Why did you tell him?!" Sighing afterwards, he leaned back into the cushions. The two other males were quiet and probably staring at him in confusion. An even bigger questionmark whirled around in Maka's head as she desperately tried to understand what Soul was mumbling.

"Gee!", he murmured and sighed again. "I didn't want him to know because he'd just blurt it out whenever possible. Too late now."

"Hyahoo!", was all Black Star shouted before Maka heard a painful slap and a wincing Soul. "Finally! You've got to tell her, man! Before some stupid fucker gets her! So... You really like her? As in... love her?" His voice was slightly mocking.

Maka's ears immediately perked up at the word "love". Could it be... ?

Growling, Soul simply said, "Yeah. Got a problem with that?"

Feeling her cheeks burn at the comment of her longtime partner and best friend, Maka shut her eyes closed to blend out their congratulating voices and to pull herself together. So... Soul was in love... with her? She had expected him to confess that he broke the remote control once again but this... Whoa! She really hadn't expected this! Feeling her heart thump even harder than before, Maka shifted once again into a more comfortable position. She suddenly stopped moving as she saw a spider crawl past her right hand. Pulling her hand away quickly and squeaking in the process, Maka slapped a hand over her mouth to prevent another shrill noise escaping her throat.

The boys stopped talking immediately when Soul asked, "Did you just hear that?"

Both boys said "no" and so they continued their conversation in which they decided that they wanted to go get a coffee.

Waiting for the door to finally close, Maka jumped from her hiding spot almost the next second and sighed a breath of relief when she saw that they really had left the apartment and she was alone again. Before doing anything else, she grabbed a nearby Swiffer to kill the spider. After that was done, she finished all of her cleaning.

Slouching into her room, she set the necklace and the pendant onto her table, leaving it there so she could repair it later. She jumped onto her bed and smashed her head into her pillow letting out a frustrated groan. After having heard that her partner was in love with her, she couldn't keep her thoughts off of him. Gah! Turning around so she would lay on her back, she grabbed another pillow, pressing it to her chest and staring at the ceiling.

Late afternoon and early evening crept into Death City as Maka continued staring off into the distance while searching and rummaging through her own heart to find her feelings. Yes, of course she liked him. They were partners after all. But did she really like him that way? Smiling to herself, she figured that she knew the answer to this question all the time. She jumped up, quickly changed into her pajamas and ran into the bathroom to comb her hair and brush her teeth. After that, she went into the kitchen to start preparing dinner. She grinned to herself while she prepared Soul's favourite meal.

The door opened about two hours later. Maka had already finished her plate and was now finishing up her homework after she had left his share wrapped up so he could warm it up later. As soon as she heard him fall onto the couch and turn on the TV, she left her room to go into the living room. Going to the door frame of the kitchen to stand there, she turned back to him to inform him that she could warm his meal now if he was hungry. He accepted with a loud growl of his stomach befor she giggled and went to do so.

Shoving his feet off the coffee table and putting his plate in front of him, she sat down beside him, eyeing him out of the corner of her eye as he bent down to grab his dish.

"So... you were having fun with Black Star and Kid-kun?", she asked while flashing him a smile. He grimaced and then nodded. His eyes drifted back to the television screen whereas he shoved a piece of his favourite meal into his mouth.

Noticing that she was still staring at him, he turned back to her and eyed her suspiciously, "Is there something else you want to say?"

She blushed and turned her head away. "To be honest... there really is."

Swallowing another bite of his food, he continued staring at her, awaiting a response.

"I was thinking a bit and I... I like you, too!", she said, blurting out the last part and quickly covering her mouth as if she didn't believe that she just said that.

Soul blinked once, twice before sighing and dragging a hand through his messy white hair. "So I wasn't imagining things earlier. I really thought I had to go see a doctor..." Stopping his rant, he showed a small and nervous smile. "You were listening then?"

"Sorry", she mumbled while she kept her head down to hide the blush burning on her face. "Something fell under the sofa and I crawled behind it to reach it", she then explained, carefully looking up at him to see him grimacing.

He leaned back into the cushions. "You probably think I'm really uncool to do such a thing."

"No...", she responded and grabbed his hand with a warm smile. "I think you're really cool. The coolest Death Scythe and partner ever."

Showing a warm smile himself, he slowly leaned in and then softly pressed his lips to hers. Closing her eyes, Maka couldn't feel any happier. Both teens grinned when they pulled away. Looking anywhere but their intertwined fingers, the white haired Death Scythe turned his head to hide the little blush on his cheeks as he simply asked, "What're we gonna do now?"

Maka blinked in surprise. "I dunno really..."

They both sat in silence and listened to the TV in the background and each other's breathing until Soul grinned. He turned his head to look at the petite Meister staring at their hands. She looked up a bit startled at what he said next. But soon a grin replaced the surprised look on her face.

"Wanna cuddle then?"


And with an even bigger grin she threw herself into his arms while giggling like a happy child.


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