A/N: How I Live Now is such a sweet book! I love it. (:

Anyway, this is told from Edmond's point of view, obviously, haha.

As I wake up craving a cig, I'd guess it was a little after midnight. Daisy had fallen asleep with her arm curled around her head, like she was trying to protect it from falling projectiles or some such. I love her so much.

I know that in those movies and books, it takes ages and ages for the two love interests to realize their feelings for each other, and when they did, they came running into each others' arms in a mildly revolting display of passion.

It isn't like that at all. It's so much simpler. I pretty much knew the minute I saw Daisy, and yeah, I get it, she's my cousin. I'm here to tell you that gross as it may sound, real love doesn't care if you're brother and sister or if one of you is 17 and the other is 24; honest-to-God true love has no blood or age or any other restrictions. In fact, restrictive is the opposite of how love is.

Now I'm looking at Daisy sleeping. She's gorgeous. I brush some hair out of her face, and she smiles a small smile in her sleep.

I get a lighter and a cigarette out of the pack I keep on the little table by our bed. As I blow smoke rings, I turn the little TV we have on. Flipping through the channels, I end up on that ship movie where the girl's like, "I'll never let go, Jack!" and then she does let go, which is utterly pointless. They're in the water and she tells him she loves him. I scoff. Please.

They have no idea what love is.

I really hope I did well characterizing Edmond, I've only just read the book! Critiques will be greatly appreciated. :D