Sorry everyone, I didn't write for a while and now – well I had a small stroke. The ONLY thing effected is my verbal skills. Bad enough my reading isn't as good as it was, but trying to write is much harder than normal. I will give you the bare outline(s) of the story so that you know what happens. I will probably eventually finish it up but I don't know how long it will take.

Tokito hadn't decided which way he was going yet. He was upset after leaving – frightened and upset. The only person he think of talking to is Kou, but he won't really talk to him. He will show up at the store and just stand around without talking. Kou will first make some conversation about Makota getting better, but when Tokito doesn't really respond, he'll guess that Tokito has been upset by Makota. He will say something about Makota being upset and worried about being incontrol, that doesn't know how to act or feel, that he always been in control and able to do what he wanted but now things have changed. (I'm not saying this well). Makota is very confused. Tokito will return to Makota to find him still in the same place, stunned and afraid. There will be much lemony goodness – make up sex.

From here there are two ways to go. Kubota wakes up in the morning and says "Guess all I needed was a good fuck." and all is back to normal. Or things get worse and Tokito winds up trying to take over Kubota's job because they need the money. Tokito getins in over his head, Kobota uses his senses to help Tokito out, Kubota is hit and restored to sight.

I appologize for leaving you in the lurch, I really would have finished this.