- Chapter 1 -

Howling within me.

Days, months and years have past since my pack left me for dead in the long grass next to the rushing and crashing waters of the river's waterfall. Memories of my mother's upset green eyes looking back at me, her only baby left of the litter now being left alone to face the cold, cruel and unfair world all alone. I tried getting up, but my legs were still limp and wobbly from my young age. My soft whimpering effected her as she tried coming back to save me, but the Alpha of the pack snapped at her and she was dragged away. Minutes passed and they were eventually out of my sight, but my mother's sorrowful wailing still could be heard in the distance. Hours passed and I began to grow hungry and scared as the wild's sounds could be heard all around me. Slowly I crawled closer and closer to the moving waters, I didn't know it was Death starring me in my just opened eyes and so I fell in. Its waters sucked the breathe out of me and it would have been the end of my just started life if it wasn't for him… Gramps...

Present time: Three years later after the event.

"That a girl, Gypsy! Drag em' out!" My owner cried out as he pointed his shotgun at the rabbit hole.

I dug deeper and deeper into the quivering rabbit's barrow, obeying his orders gladly. Dust and sand flew around everywhere, now I was so close to my kill that I felt the frightened rabbit's breathe on my paws. Uttering a victorious bark, my fangs fastened around my prey's neck and its body went limp after a few minutes as it gave out its last breathe of life. Dragging its body out, I presented it at my owner's feet and lay down. "Good girl, Gypsy. It's a plump one." He praised me and patted my head with affection.

I smiled my doggish' smile and lolled my tongue out in exhaustion. After visiting more burrows and doing the same task of hunting, we walked home. My owner carried two rabbits on his shoulder and I carried two rabbits on my back as we walked back towards the cottage. It wasn't far to walk and a few minutes later we entered the cottage. The door, like always, creaked open, and smelt of the Wild and of Pine. I walked over to my basket and lay in it. My owner knelt down by the fireplace, started the fire and adjusted the coals, making the fire grow. He starred into the flames for a few seconds, most probably day dreaming and then looked at me. Ruffling up my black fur, he smiled down at me and his grey eyes looked into my green eyes. Then he got up and went into the kitchen.

"What do ya want for sups' girl?" He asked and opened the fridge door.

I started wagging my tail and got up. I stretched for a bit and then padded towards him. Looking into the fridge, I spotted some bacon, and sausages, and so I pulled both the packets out and handed it to him.

"Bacon and sausages eh? You are gana' drive me out of food and home one day." He sighed out and I whined at him. "Ok, ok. You can get your way tonight you funny girl." He chuckled and patted my head.

Wagging my tail again, I watched him switch on the stove, open the packets and place the tender meat on a pan. Minutes passed and the smell of the meat was delicious and made me drool a bit as I sat next to him. He switched off the stove and put the meat into my bowl.

"There you go. Say thank you to your Gramps." He told me as he smiled down at me and knelt down. I placed my paw onto his knee and licked his face as I whined lovingly. "Down pretty lady, down! Eat your supper so we can go onto the porch." He ordered and got up. I looked at him and then went to the food bowl. Leaning my snout into the bowl I began to eat my food quickly. When I was done, I looked up and saw Gramps reading under the lamplight. Walking over to him, I nudged him and looked at the door.

"Ok, I'm coming." He told me and placed his book on the coffee table. I trotted to the door, started pushing the door forward and then I slide through the open gap I made.

"Clever girl, Gypsy. You beat me to it!" He said as he followed me outside. As I sat down on the wooden porch, Gramps lighted the outside lamp and sat down in his camping chair. I looked at him fondly, sat next to him and then looked to the sky. It's colour was pitch black, but the stars shined so bright. Floating around in the air, they circled the ghostly sickle moon and covered almost every corner of the night-time sky. Golden orbs could be seen all around us, watching us, blinking sometimes as they hid in the bushes. I sniffed the air and smelt the scent of rodents foraging around in the bushes. I lay my head against my paws again, deciding to rather ignore the golden eyes that stalked our presence. Gramps also spotted the eyes watching us and so he observed them closely. Suddenly there was a ruffle in the bushes as a shadow swooped down towards the golden eyes. Scuffling, and screeching then could be heard and the shadow flew up and perched onto a Pine Tree branch. I looked up and saw a Barn Owl feeding upon a now dead rat. Law of nature and the food cycle. Eat or be eaten is the wild's proud law.

"Well I'll be danged. That happened so quickly!" Gramps said in amazement and clapped his hands together as he looked up at the eating bird of prey. I flattened my ears and looked down.

'Humans are so strange, Gramps sees this every day yet he is always is amazed.' I thought for a moment and then perked up my ears suddenly. I heard a call for help in the distance. Gramps also heard it, but in a different way and so he rushed inside to grab his shotgun. The call for help was from a beast he hated with a passion. But to me I heard a howl from a brother...

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