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Her voice was weak in his head.


He twitched slightly.

Why did you leave me?

Her voice was filled with sorrow.

I didn't mean to. They took you away from me.

He muttered in his sleep.

I want you back...I want my family back.

He turned in his sleep.

Oh? Then why not look better?

She turned. She had beautiful silver flowing hair, and, with barely any makeup on, she truly looked immortaly beautful.

I try to. But it seems no one will say whether or not they see them.

He gripped the pillow.

I'm sure our daughter is alive...

The woman smiled.

If she was...then how come I can't-

You've always been a miserable father. Never with the twins, when they needed you the most. You even let one die.

The man turned, on his stomach.

I'm so sorry...please...you need to help-

Why should I? I'm dead...

The woman's hair and slightly pale skin became tinted with the crimson liquid that had once supplemented her.

Don't leave! I...I...


Someone is calling you...you're needed...

Ai! Please!

"Lord Orochimaru..."

The man jolted up, and looked around. A young adult with white hair tied up and glasses was standing next to him. In his hands was a tray with a bowl of rice, some juice and something that kind of resembled sasuage.

"What is it, Kabuto?" The older man rubbed his eyes.

"I brought you breakfast." The younger man, Kabuto, offered the tray of food to the older man. But the older man only shook his head,

"I am not hungry this morning."

"Was it that dream again? It's been popping up reciently" Kabuto pointed out.

"Which means...something is going to happen very soon..."


A young girl woke up. She opened her curtains to a cloudly, but snowy, outdoors. She was somewhere on the top floor. Everything was covered in snow, and was beautiful in it. As far as you could tell, it was covered in snow.

"Wowwwww...and it's only October, too" She exclaimed. She slipped out of the thick nightgown she had worn, and slipped into a purple thick yukata.

She had brown hair extending to her hips, dark green, piercing eyes, and, most uniquely, cat ears. She opened a sliding door to a semi-modern bathroom. She went over to the sink and picked up her brush, and started brushing her fluffy mess.

"I hate this hair. It's sooooo thiick! OW!" She had found a knot.

After about ten minutes fighting all the knots, and winning, she walked out to a...lounge of sorts... with an opening in the middle. She jumped from the opening, at about 5 or 6 stories, and landed on her feet. She stood up, and walked to the kitchen.

"They said that today they were coming up here...and one of them their birthday was today..." She had a habit of mumbling to herself. She doesn't know where it came from, she just knew she did it.

She took out mixing bowls, spoons, eggs, her oven mitts and two boxes of cake mix. She thought for a second, then took out a couple cake tins.

"Can't make a cake without these!" She laughed, no, giggled.


The pair were jumping thorugh the trees, into the mountains. It had turned a bit frisky, so they had worn some thicker clothing.

"Kabuto, you do remember what today is, right?" The older man looked at the other.

"Yes, Lord Orochimaru. It's your birthday today." The younger fixed his glasses. They had a habit of slipping down his nose, and he didn't want to favor one pair over the other. They were all the same.

"Yes, so why are we coming all the way up here?"

"It's a suprise, m'lord..."


The girl took out the two cakes from their tins, and started adding white icing. She then put on some coconut, making it look much like snow.

"Hmmm...wonder why they didn't tell me who this was going to be for...oh well!" She giggled again. She set the two cakes, one on top of the other, onto a nice snow-themed plate. She set it on the small dining room table, and set up three chairs.

"What would happen if there were more than two of them?" She added another chair.

"What would happen if they wanted something more formal...?" She placed the cake at the bar, and put a nice purple satin tablecloth down. She then added three candles: one with red and made a blue flame; A blue one with a moonlight-like one; And, lastly, a normal candle.

"And what would happen if they wanted something to drink?!" She put on a cape,

"I guess off to the market, then..." She slipped out the door into the snowfall.


The pair arrived at a large traditional Japanese-stly mansion with a tall tower jutting up from the back. It was surrounded by trees, a medium-sized shrine, and a brick and pike fence.

"Seems like someone lives here..." Orochimaru looked at Kabuto with a look that one would call a mix of anger and wonder.

"W-Well, let's just go it, it must just be the servants up and about..." Kabuto opened the huge iron-cast fence to a beautiful traditional garden.

Orochimaru almost immedietly went over to the shrine next to the house. He walked up the three steps it took to get in, and knelt down.

"Nnnnnnahhhhhhhhh, I have the sake!" The girl ran into the courtyard with a bag in her hands. She looked at Kabuto and Orochimaru, and, just like a snake grabbing its pray, Orochimaru grabbed the girl's neck.

"Who are you?!"

"P-pastaaaa...?" She giggled, and felt the grip get tighter. She winced, and whimpered.

"WHO ARE YOU?!" the girl winced more, looking down. Her hat fell off, revealing her neko ears. Orochimaru stared at them for a minute, then let the girl go. She fell to the ground, and crawled inside.

"L-lord Orochimaru, what's wrong?" Kabuto walked over to Orochimaru.

"Th-that was-" The girl came out with two cups filled with sake.

"S-sakee...?" She raised the two cups. Orochimaru held one, Kabuto the other. The girl bowed, and walked backwards the the steps. The only thing was, she forgot there were steps there. She triped feeling the stairs, and slipped on some ice, hitting her head.

"OW!" She held her head. Orochimaru quickly downed the shot of sake, and ran over to the girl to help her up.

"Are you alright? You should watch your step up here..." He stared at her ears again, almost hypnotised by them...


Orochimaru sat next to two small children. One had brown hair, and neko ears, the other, just brown messy hair. All three of them were in shreded, bloodied, burned clothes. The ends of Orochimaru's hair was even singed. He sighed, and laid down next to the two children.

"We're all on our own. Just you two and me." the boy woke up.

"D-daddy...?" The boy raised his head, and blinked, as though he was blind.

"What is it, Inochi?" He turned the boy's head to him.

"Where are we?" He held his arm.

"Well...we're..." The girl woke up, and crawled over to Orochimaru.

"Da..da..." She smiled, her eyes closed, and fell back asleep. Orochimaru looked at them both, and held them both.

"Daddy?" The boy fell asleep. The girl was still asleep, weak in his arm.