She groggily opened her light eyes and yawned as she rubbed them free of sleep. She moaned softly as she reached for her bedside table to check the clock. 3.15 am. She groaned as she saw the time and turned to her side, expecting warmth to greet her but found nothing there. She patted the empty half of her bed and pouted as she sat up.

She looked around, looking for him, but didn't see anything. She turned to the window and saw the rain drops, running down her window and the coldness. She slightly shivered and she stared at herself. She fixed the strap of her babydoll and got up from the bed, in hopes of finding where her boyfriend was.

"Babe?" she called lightly as she walked around. She entered the bathroom and it was empty. She kept walking and entered the kitchen to find a glass of water. She sighed and grabbed it.

"Honey?" she tried again as she walked around to the livingroom and found it empty. She sighed and headed for the guest room. She opened it lightly, avoiding a loud creaking noise or something of the sort and heard moans of pain, elicited by her boyfriend. She smiled sadly and entered the room. He was writhing in pain and sadness, tears pouring down his cheeks.

She heard a loud thunder that got him trembling and she headed over to the bed. She sat down softly, in order to avoid any vibrations that might scare him. She grabed his head and placed it on her lap as she brushed his hair. He was still tossing and turning until she kissed his forehead.

"Babe. Honey, wake up... it's just a dream. I'm here" she muttered softly, making him clutch the hem of her babydoll, desperately, still asleep. She could still hear him mutter things, shake, and moan. She tried again and lightly shook him awake. He sat up suddenly and wiped his face free of tears and cold sweat. She shook her head with a small smile and circled her arms around his toned torso. "Babe, it's okay... it was just a dream. Just a dream" she kissed his cheek and he grabbed one of her hands, holding it tighly- but not tight enough for it to hurt.

"Don't ever leave me..." he said in a hoarse whisper that broke her heart. She shook her head as she hugged him, her head resting against his back. Her free hand trailed his back as she drew every prominence in his back, every bone, every scar. She kissed every single scar until she reached the most painful one. The one that caused him a lot of his pain.

It throbbed and she knew it was because of it that he changed rooms. He didn't want her to wake up due to his groans of pain. She kissed his shoulder, just on his seal and he moaned, in pleasure this time. She kissed it again and began kissing his neck, slowly going up to his ear lobe.

"H-Hin-Hina... not right.. ahh... Hinata!" he tried to scold but she felt his grip tighten. She just kept kissing him and rubbing her hands over his torso.

"I won't leave you, ever. I love you" she said as she stopped kissing him and released him. She stood up and headed for their room. He looked at her with a pout and she giggled. "Come on, lets go to 'sleep'" she said as she extended her hand. He took it and a smirk appeared on his lips. She pulled him up and tried to run but he just pulled on her arm, bringing her against his toned chest. Her eyes lustful and mischievous meanwhile she bit her lip.

"'Sleep', huh?" he said as he picked her up and she giggled while she wrapped her legs around his waist. He took her to their room, his lips locked against hers. " I love you too, woman" he muttered before entering their room and closing the door behind them.