Number Theory

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Issac Swift knew that the line between genius and insanity was very thin. He knew what types of chaos people endured to reach fame and recognition in the world of mathematics,and he knew how it drove people mad. A long time ago, he promised himself he would never get that desperate- he would never cross that very thin line.

But that was then, not now. He understood why they did it- why the mathematicians got so desperate for the chance to be in the famous math magazine, Number. If you weren't in that magazine, you were nothing. And the older you became, the less chances you every got of becoming a well-known mathematician.

He was already well into his 30's, and had not gotten one word into that magazine. How in the world would he manage to do it now?

"You know, in all fairness, you haven't tried that hard." a voice said from behind him.


What on earth was a famous and respected member in the mathematics community doing talking to an amateur like himself?

"Excuse me, sir?" Issac asked- incredulously.

"Number. I'm not quite sure why all you young mathematicians are so upset about not being in it, but if you honestly want to be in it, why don't you try just a bit harder?" he asked with a smile.

"Because I am not quite sure how to." Dimitri smiled, and sat down close to him.

"I can teach you how." Issac nodded.

"I would like that- a lot." Dimitri and Issac's eyes met for just a moment, and what Issac saw was sincerity.

"Let me ask you something- why are you doing this?" Issac asked.

"Because I was just like you. And I've seen your work, Issac. You're quite good. And as you know, I'm getting quite old. I think investing a little time on you would be a good idea. Would you agree, Issac?" he smiled.

"Yes. I would have to agree." Issac nodded.

"So, why don't you come by my office tomorrow, and we discuss some number theory, yes?"

"Yes- I would like that. A lot." Issac said.

"Now, if you would excuse me, I have some grading to catch up on. Good day, Issac." With that, Dimitri left a bemused Issac in his tracks.

'And who was your biggest supporter throughout this whole journey of yours?' a reporter would ask.

'A sweet old man by the name of Dimitri. ' he would answer with a smile.

'Do you have anything you'd like to say to him?'

'Yes. Thank you- for everything. Even when I doubted myself, you encouraged me to going- something no one else has done for me. You will never understand just how much that meant to me.' With that, he would leave the room as a round of applause filled the air...

"Thank you so much, Dimitri." Issac whispered as he watched one of the most amazing man he had ever met in his whole life walk away.......

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