She could have everything. It was enough for her to ask. But she wasn't willing to ask. Never satisfied with herself and with her performance, always convinced that she could rich higher that she could do better.

Then she met him and she learned to appreciate every moment, every passing minute because there was only little time for them. So she changed. Still expecting a lot from herself but now eager to waste time for things that were pointless but that made her happy. She find out the hard way that life was short, too short.

And then she met him. She wanted to love him and to be loved by him. And then she learned that she can't always have what she wants, that sometimes despite of what philosopher Jagger used to say, you can't even have what you need. She loved him and she tried to be happy about it, but couldn't. Because he didn't want her. No matter what his longing eyes said, no matter what his delicate touches whispered – he didn't let her in.

So, in order not to go crazy she has changed again. Seize the day – that was her motto from now on. Don't let yourself feel too much, because it hurts. She got this lesson very well – he taught her that.