Chp 1. The Not So Quiet Picnic

The students sat in their seats watching their teacher as she scribbled notes on the blackboard. Miss Tuttweiler was attempting to teach a history class but wasn't having much luck. Only a few students were actually interested and were giving her their undivided attention. One student wasn't paying attention. Zack Martin had his head down and a strange noise could be heard from the slouched student. The other students were giggling and throwing things at him. His twin brother Cody reached forward and flicked his brother's ear. Zack bolted upright.

"Nice of you to join us Zack. Now do you fancy answering the question." Miss Tuttweiler said. Zack looked around the room in panic, he looked to Cody who just shrugged. He was not going to help his brother this time.

"Well yes I would, but it's hard for me as I didn't understand the question, if you could repeat it I am sure I can answer it." Zack said.

"Or in reality you were asleep at your desk?" She replied.

"Maybe." Zack said.

"Well for those students who were awake, can you tell us the name of Henry VIII sixth wife?" She asked. Zack looked at her, he had no idea and was hoping to get over the question with his usual wit.

"Hannah Montana, everyone likes her." Zack said.

"Not even close Zack. Anyone?" She asked. Cody and Bailey instantly put their hands up. "Cody?"

"Catherine Parr, who was actually married a few times before Henry and..........."

"Thanks Cody." Miss Tuttweiler said cutting the youngster off before he got carried away again. The bell sounded and the students got up and gathered their books.

"Zack, can I see you for a second." Miss Tuttweiler said. Zack headed to her desk with Cody watching a bit bemused.

"Word up teach," He said.

"The word is, disappointing. You don't seem to have grasped the concept of history and you tend to sleep in my class more times then a sloth in a tree."

"What can I say? The future is what interests me, not the past. Its all boring, full of men in silly neckcollars and tights."

"That may be, but it is not helping you and your grades. If you don't get at least a B on the test next week, you will need to retake a lot of the class while your friends are enjoying their time away." She said. Cody stepped up behind Zack listening to the conversation.

"I just struggle with history." Zack said.

"And maths and science, everything actually." Cody said from behind him. "I can tutor him Miss Tuttweiler."

"I thought you said you would never tutor me again after the last time." Zack said looking at his brother.

"Do I dare ask what happened the last time?" Miss Tuttweiler asked.

"Let's just say I tired myself out trying to teach him science and all I got was a chemical reaction that nearly blew up our hotel room and made me go to a beautician after he burnt my eyebrows off." Cody said.

"That wasn't my fault." Zack said.

"Of course not, you the one who decided to mix the chemicals and then drop your cola in the tube." Cody said.

"Oh my." Miss Tuttweiler said. "Well if you think it will help him then you can be his tutor but please, no experiments." The boys agreed and headed out of the door.

"Why are you doing this for me?" Zack asked.

"I am your brother, I have an interest in your future........."

"And mom would kill you if she found out I failed a class after you promised I would pass them all?"

"Absolutely." Cody replied.

It was early evening and Cody was finishing his shift on the sky deck. Zack was still working at the juice bar where London, Bailey and Woody were sat. Cody joined them. He placed a kiss on girlfriend Bailey's cheek and then sat down beside them.

"Hey Cody." The group said. Zack poured his brother a smoothie and handed it to him. Cody looked at him in surprise.

"What is this for? What have you done and how mad am I going to be?" Cody asked.

"Hey, can't I just be nice to my brother without the third degree?" Zack asked.

"No." The others chimed in.

"Nice to be trusted ha?" Zack said.

"Come on Zack, you know you only do nice things when you want something." Bailey said.

"Why doesn't he just do what I do, ask Daddy." London asked a bit bemused.

"Because our dad isn't rich." Cody said.

"Why not?" London asked. The group ignored her and looked to Zack.

"Come on Zack, what gives?" Cody asked.

"It hurts me............hurts that you don't trust me to be kind and considerate." Zack said with his usual sarcastic tone. He headed over to a table and started to clean up the mess. The others followed him.

"I know you Zack, even Woody and Bailey know what you are like."

"What about me?" London asked feeling left out.

"Yes London, you too."

"Yay me!" London said. Cody looked to Zack who gave up his act.

"Okay here it is. Moseby told me he was going to call Mom about my failing grades and he mentioned she might take me off the ship."

"So?" Cody asked. Zack put his arm around Cody's shoulder.

"So, I need your back up on this one. You can convince mom of anything. You can tell her I am working so hard and its not my fault of this job is getting in the way of my studies."

"Its not the job Zack, its the daily dates with different girls." Cody said.

"Mom doesn't need to know that. I need your back up on this one little brother." Zack said looking at his brother with puppy dog eyes.

"No, don't give me the puppy dog eyes." Cody said. Zack intensified his stare and Cody backed away. "No, don't you dare. You know I can't resist them puppy dog eyes." Zack advanced on his brother. "Okay, okay. I'll do it." Cody said. Zack turned to look at the group.

"And that is how you get Cody to do what you want." Zack said.

"I'll remember that." Bailey said. London approached Zack and began pulling his face around.

"London what are you doing?" Woody asked.

"I don't see any puppy dog eyes."

The following morning was a lovely morning. Cody had asked Bailey to go on a picnic in a quiet corner of the sky deck. He had spent all morning getting everything together for the perfect picnic. He had sent her a bunch of flowers as the invitation and had set up some flowers around the picnic blanket. Moseby had agreed to let no one go up that part of the deck so the youngsters could have a few hours alone. Since they had got together they were finding it hard to spent time together. Someone was always near them, their room mates, their teachers, Zack. Cody did feel sorry for Zack. It had been them two for so long and now Bailey was in the mix and Zack was a bit left out. But he knew his brother was happy for them. Even if he did sometimes lay on the guilt trip when Cody was going on a date. But Zack had offered to help Cody on his morning shift so the younger twin could spend some time with his lady. Cody laid out the strawberries and cream as Bailey appeared.

"Woah, you done all this." She said. Cody got up and brushed the dirt from his clothes.

"For you, yes." He said offering his hand and took hers as he led her to the rug. She looked radiant in a lovely lemon dress and ribbon in her hair. She sat down and Cody poured a glass of sparkling soda and handed it to her.

"This is all so lovely Cody. But I don't understand."


"Why you have done all this?" She asked him.

"To spend some time with you. Between school, home work and working, I hardly get time to see you."

"I know, and now you have offered to tutor Zack........."

"I am sorry about that, but he is my brother and I don't want to see him fail and get thrown off the boat." Cody said.

"I understand I really do and I offer my help where I can." Bailey said.

"I may need it." Cody said.

"It's a shame we couldn't do this at night, would have been lovely." Bailey said.

"I thought about it, but it's quite cold out here in the evenings and I don't fancy trying to defrost all evening." Cody said. Bailey giggled and Cody realised how much he loved her laugh. She always smiled brightly as she laughed and Cody loved that about her.

"Well I love it, you must have spent ages planning all this."

"Yeah and I owe a few people quite a few favours because of it." Cody said. "Including Zack."

"And you know he is going to collect back right?" Bailey laughed.

"You can be sure of that." Cody said. Cody opened a box of salad and begin to serve it up. The teens stopped eating when a strange sound came from the ship. It seemed to shudder and stop. Cody and Bailey stood up and went over to the side of the ship.

"What was that?" Bailey asked.

"Not sure." Cody replied. The noise got louder and it came to a sudden stop throwing the teens back on to the ground. "That's not good."