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Chapter 2: Possibilities

"What's going on Ignitus?" Spyro asked.

"There have been reports of a shadowy being that has killed four dragons in the last week," Ignitus explained.

"Why do you even tell him," Perturis shouted, "He knows what he did and he's just trying to play dumb."

"What?" Ember roared, "Are you accusing my Spyro of this?"

"Yes," Perturis replied, "There have been witnesses to the events that a dragon who never left the shadows killing a fellow dragon. Each case confirms that the dragon looked just like Spyro from the silhouette as he left."

"That can't be," Ember replied, "I have been with Spyro every night since you tried to lock him away three years ago."

"Is that so?" Perturis replied, "Make sure he stays out of trouble I'm sure."

"To make sure you never get the chance to threaten him with death or imprisonment ever again," Ember growled stepping in front of Spyro.

"Anyways," Perturis said getting back on topic, "Spyro you are currently a suspect of these four murders and therefore we must take you into custody."

Ember growled and got into a fighting stance. Spyro was shocked that she was willing to do this for him. It would surely mean that she would be imprisoned as well.

"Ember," Spyro said calmly, "It's ok. I'm innocent. They can't execute me for something I haven't done."

"They can't take you into custody Spyro," Volteer challenged, "They have no proof or evidence that you were ever there. Sure people saying they say a shadow that looked like you can't be the only proof to take him in. Plenty of dragons look like Spyro."

"I'll have my proof don't you worry about it," Perturis said as he left.

The rest of the Council remained for a short time sharing their opinions about the events. All supported Spyro's freedom and shunned his involvement. Ember was greatly relieved that they wouldn't take Spyro from her.

Ignitus pulled Spyro aside and they left the grotto. They stood outside on one of the walls that the temple sported and Ignitus looked out on the landscape.

"What is it Ignitus?" Spyro asked.

"The murders I know are not you," Ignitus said, "But I have found what the source is of the murders."

"What is the source?" Spyro questioned.

"Follow me," Ignitus replied as he headed inside. They headed in the grand library and Ignitus brought him to the back of the library where he pulled a book from a shelf. It was old and had no title.

Ignitus opened the book and he read aloud, "Shadow Dragons, fierce breed of dragons that were most gifted in the arts of combat and war. They had many abilities that gave them such advantages. The most unusual of their powers is the ability to create a "shadow wraith" of themselves."

"I've never seen a shadow dragon before," Spyro commented.

"Nor has anyone presently alive," the fire guardian replied, "They went extinct thousands of years ago. There have been rare sightings of what is believed a shadow dragon, but it is dismissed by the public as dragons trying to get attention."

"Why does it matter then if shadow dragons are extinct?" Spyro asked.

"Because only a shadow dragon can summon something like this," Ignitus explained, "I believe there are a few that have hidden themselves from the world and live on the edges of the realm."

"Oh," Spyro said, "I see."

"I have hired a group of highly trained and skilled warriors to escort you and assist you with the killing of this shadow dragon that seems to be attacking innocent civilians," Ignitus continued, "You will meet them tomorrow at an inn on the west side of the city, in the lower levels. I have to tell you that the leader's name is Sunflare and that he is the son of Malefor. Don't worry though he hates his father and was perfectly willing to help you. He told me it was the least he could do for the one who killed his father."

"Ok," Spyro said slowly.

"Be there an hour after midday and he will be waiting for you," Ignitus replied, "You can go now if you want."

"Thank you Ignitus," Spyro said as he left.

The purple dragon headed into the grotto and met up with Ember. After saying their goodbyes to the other Guardians, they left for home.

Along the way Ember questioned Spyro, "So what did Ignitus talk to you about?"

"He told me that a shadow dragon is causing the attacks," Spyro explained, "They have the power to create ghost like versions of itself. That's what Ignitus thinks is happening."

"And what is he going to have you do?" Ember asked.

"How did you know that Ignitus is having me do something?" Spyro questioned looking at her confused at how she knew.

She looked at him as if he was joking, "Spyro we've been together for three years. I know everything about you. Ignitus though usually has you do something when he talks to you alone like that."

Spyro chuckled, "That he does. Well Ignitus has hired some dragons to help me kill this shadow dragon. I'm meeting them tomorrow and will probably be leaving tomorrow for the uninhabited parts of the realm."

"When will you be back?" she asked as she laid her head on his shoulder.

Spyro wrapped a wing around her body and pulled her close to him and his head leaned over to rest on hers, "I'm not sure. It all depends on how fast we find this dragon."

She sighed and he shared the sad feeling with her, "If it makes you feel any better I'll search as fast as I can and I'll push the team along to speed up the search?"

"Yes," she replied, "A bit. I would like it better though if you stayed here."

"I know," Spyro coed, "I would to, but duty calls."

"I know," Ember replied.

They arrived at their home and entered.