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Chapter 3: Aquamarines

Morning came swiftly and Spyro spent the morning with Ember before he had to leave. When it became time for Spyro to meet his escorts, Ember insisted that she go to. Spyro couldn't deny her especially since she told him that she wanted to see who was protecting him. He could tell that she was worried for him.

They arrived at the inn and entered. They both looked around and couldn't find anyone who they were looking for them. Something caught Spyro's eye in the back of the room, which was a bar. A red dragon sat at a table in the back corner gave Spyro a scarcely noticeable gesture to sit at the table he was at.

Spyro tapped Ember with his tail and she followed him. They both sat down and looked across the table at the red dragon. The scales around his eyes were scarred with charred scales. His eyes themselves looked fierce at first glance, but if you starred at them long enough they showed a nicer personality.

The red dragon had many scars from his profession. His scales were a dark red, but his chest scales were a brilliant gold color. Two pairs of long horns protruded from the back of his head. He also had a small horn growing from his snout. It was no longer than two inches, but it still was an unusual trait amongst dragons.

"You are Spyro I take it?" the red dragon asked.

"Yes I am," Spyro answered, "And you must Sunflare."

"I am," Sunflare replied, "I have to thank you for what you did to my father. I would have loved to have killed him myself, but I never would have survived."

"You're welcome," Spyro said, "This is my mate Ember."

"Hello," Sunflare said, "You are very beautiful might I say. You are very lucky to be with this dragon. He could have easily been killed if he made one wrong move."

"Thank you I know that," Ember replied.

"Well you are here to be escorted to a supposedly extinct dragon species to kill it with our help if need be?" Sunflare confirmed.

"That's the plan," Spyro said.

"Ok," Sunflare replied, "Let's introduce you to the rest of the group."

They headed upstairs and entered a large room. Inside were three other dragons. Sunflare sat down and offered the empty pads to his guests.

"Well this is the group," the red dragon said, "The white and blue dragon is Moonicus. He's my brother through my mate."

The white scaled, navy underside and yellow horned dragon gave a smile and nodded his head. Moonicus controlled ice with a mastery few could match and controlled wind as well.

"This is Pika," Sunflare motioned towards the black female dragon with yellow streaks that crisscrossed her body. Her horns were interesting since the curled like a ram's. Her strength laid in the control of electricity as displayed in her personality.

"And the tin can is Ray," Sunflare finished.

The dragon that Sunflare directed Spyro's attention to was covered in metal that had a bluish tinge to it. The only the only organic thing that was exposed was the inside of Ray's mouth and his eyes, which was an icy blue.

"Very funny Sunflare," Ray said, "Just remember that I can put a missile into that big mouth of yours."

"Oh relax Ray," Pika said loudly, "Flare's just joking around."

"Everyone this is Spyro and his mate Ember," Sunflare said.

Moonicus nodded to them as did Ray, who was mad at the nickname Sunflare had just given him and didn't want to be part of any conversation at this point.

Pika loudly stated, "Are you sure he isn't a girl or something?"

"What?" Spyro asked completely confused by her question, "What is she talking about?"

"Your color," Pika replied, "Purple is a girly color I have no idea why you are purple."

Sunflare shook his head, "Just ignore her. She tends to speak her mind a bit too much. You'll get use to everyone though in two days you'll be one of the members practically."

Ember left a short time later, leaving her purple dragon. The group left shortly after heading out to the edges of the realm. They headed north by air to speed up the travel. After several hours of flight Ray descended and the other four dragons followed.

Once landed, the small jets on Ray's back retracted into his armor. He was too heavy for his wings alone to keep him aloft so a series of small jets were installed into him. He watched as the others touched down.

"We are at the edge of the maps," Ray said flatly.

"How do you know that?" Spyro asked, curious to his knowledge without any aid.

"The computer that was built into my brain has all that I need," Ray replied tapping his blue claws against his armored head.

"Yeah, if you ever have a question you ask Ray," Pika said as if Spyro knew nothing.

"So where exactly are we heading to?" Spyro asked directed to Ray.

"The ruins of the Well of Souls," Ray answered, "If we are looking for an outcast or thought to be dead creature why not look for them in places where no one would go?"

Moonicus chuckled, "It's funny that despite the supercomputer in his brain he uses logic most of the time."

"What's wrong with being smart and wise?" Pika asked Moonicus.

"Nothing," Moonicus replied.

Spyro whispered to Moonicus, "Do you guys usually get into these little arguments?"

"Yeah," Moonicus replied, "Usually Pika and Ray get more interesting. Give it some time and you will see the crazy stuff."

"Do I want to?" Spyro asked.

"Oh, trust me," Moonicus said, "After you see these escalate you will look forward to the next one."

Sunflare grew irritated and ordered them to keep moving. They did and he asked which direction they should head. Ray told them to head towards the entrance to the Well of Souls.

The terrain was extremely rocky and hard to pass. All around them were sharp, grey rocks, cold and unfriendly as the mountain was. Snow was lightly falling unlike the other time when Spyro came here when there was a blizzard.

The small white specs fell to the ground and made a blanket for them to walk on, making the journey slightly easier. The only problem the snow brought was that you could hardly see the rocks that waited to impale the feet of the unwary.

The entrance came within view and they quickly reached it. The great archway made of black stone from the very mountain loomed over them making them seem insignificant to what Malefor was.

They stopped in the center of the hall and Sunflare order, "Pika, Moonicus, search the dungeons for our troublemaker. Ray you are with Spyro and me."

The two groups set off to find what they could discover. Spyro, Sunflare, and Ray climbed hundreds of stairs only to find out that they were only half way to the throne room at the top of the mountain or what use to be the top of the mountain. For being in ruins for many years it was surprising to see that so much of the interior was still intact. It took another fifteen minutes to reach what was left of the throne room.

The purple beam of Convexity still flowed from the hole in the floor even though the mountain has collapsed. The beam cut through the rocks that were in its path for the last few years and shot into the sky just like the Night of Eternal Darkness.

Rubble and debris was scattered across the old room. The massive hole in the floor created by the duel with Gaul was filled with rocks and pieces of metal, creating uneven flooring for them. Ray scanned the room for any life forms and found none.

"Let's get out of here then," Sunflare growled as he swiftly exited the room.

Spyro looked at Ray and asked, "What's with him?"

"His father was Malefor and he hated him with a passion that few could match," Ray shared, "He hates being anywhere that his father took as his home and rarely goes near them. Sunflare had enough one-day and fled this place. I was an experiment that the Dark Master was working on. I was to be the ultimate weapon against the dragons, but Sunflare had been a friend to me while I was a captive before I became encased and robotic. I was the only one he could talk to. I was his only friend in this place and he was my only friend. He broke me out of my cell and we escaped to the far northern mountains."

"How long were you there for before you two found Pika and Moonicus?" Spyro asked.

"That's where we met Moonicus," Ray stated, "And that's where Sunflare met his mate Aquamarine."

Ray's head lowered as he said her name as a tear fell from the metal plates on his face.

"What happened to Aquamarine?" Spyro asked respectfully.

"Well," Ray started, "When Sunflare first saw her they both seemed to instantly fall in love with each other. They were the perfect matches for each other. Sunflare was looking for someone who cared for him and Aquamarine was looking for someone different from the group of dragons that she lived with. Sunflare and I stayed in the northern mountains for two years and let me say those where the worst years for my body since metal and the cold don't get along too well. We then headed south after a force of four dragons attacked the camp. Sunflare, Aquamarine, Moonicus, myself, and three other dragons were out hunting when the attack occurred. I picked it up on radar and we hurried back. It was there that we first meet the Black Claws who were a secret group that Malefor created after Sunflare escaped with me." Ray paused to steady himself and continued, "We fought and the three other dragons died. A few years after that event the Black Claws came for revenge and Aquamarine died in the fight. He mourned for a year for her. Moonicus was at first doubtful of Sunflare when he came Aquamarine's mate since he was her brother and didn't trust outsiders, but after her death seeing how Sunflare responded all his doubts about him washed away and they have been as close as blood brothers ever since."

Spyro asked, "One more question. How did Pika join you guys?"

"She was an orphan, she never knew her parents and when we passed a tribe of feline warriors along the coast of the eastern ocean we heard great cheers and yelling. We entered the tribe and found her chained and in bad condition. She stole food from merchants of the tribe on the road a few miles away. Warriors captured her a week ago and that day was to be her execution date. I proposed the idea that we should asked to bring her with us. The tribe wouldn't need to worry about her return since she would be with us in Warfang. We didn't know at the time that Warfang was under siege by Malefor's forces and luckily it took us three months to reach Warfang due to Pika's injuries making it impossible to fly for her. Aquamarine took care of her for the most part and became an older sister to her that is before she died."

Spyro nodded, as he understood how this group came to be. The two followed Sunflare who was already heading down to the lower levels his head was low and tears were falling from his face.