Kiss and Kill

Summary: One-shot – "Touch me and die."

Pairings: Squall/Zidane.

Disclaimer: I do not own any characters featured in this story. They all belong to the inventive Square Enix.

Kiss and Kill

Zidane had three things that he enjoyed doing above all in his spare time.

The first was stealing. Nothing got his blood racing like a good ole' fashion five finger discount.

The second was flirting. Making cute girls giggle, blush or glare was always a thrill.

The third and final one was pushing someone's buttons. He always got a kick out of annoying people, and in some cases, even making them lose it. He couldn't explain it, but for some reason seeing someone get carted off to the loony bin always did his heart (wherever it was vacationing at the time) some good.

Squall was his new (unfortunate) victim.

"Heeeyyyaaa, Squally," he greeted cheerfully and loudly, running and getting ready to hop onto the older teen's back.

Squall sidestepped at the last minute though and he went sailing through the air before making an intimate acquaintance with the floor.

Owwwww, Zidane moaned mentally, peeling himself off the ground. He jumped up and spun around to give the taller boy an exaggerated pout.

"Squall! What was that for?"

"You were about to… glomp me," Squall said, shuddering slightly in horror just at saying the word 'glomp.'

"So? What's wrong with giving your friend a hug?" Zidane asked innocently, tilting his head slightly and widening his eyes in a way that he KNEW made him look innocently cute. No one, man or woman, could ever resist his 'Chibi Look of Doom.'

Yeah, Zidane even had a name for it. That's how powerful it was.

Squall twitched.

"If you want a… hug, then you should ask first," Squall muttered, looping his thumbs into his belt hoops and carefully avoiding looking him directly in the face.

Tch. Coward.

"So… Can I give you a hug now?" he asked.

The brunet glared at him. The power of his chibi look must've worn off.


"Touch me and die," he growled.

Now, to most people that would've been a warning to Back. Off. Now. But to Zidane—who had no fear or survival instincts—that was a challenge.

And he never passed up a challenge.

"No touching, huh?" he mused, tapping a finger against his cheek like he was thinking. "Well… I guess that leaves only one thing left."

Before Squall could run or dodge him, he jumped up and yanked the taller boy down by his jacket and kissed him.

It only lasted a few seconds before he had to pull away but it was long enough. As he backed away a few steps, he couldn't resist licking his lips just to get a taste.

Wow. For such a sour guy, Squall sure had some sweet lips.

Squall, meanwhile, was stunned stupid. At first, anyway. Then, slowly, the expression of clear MURDER took over. Zidane knew at that moment that if he wanted to live than he was better off running far, far away from Squall and empty ditches. But for some reason he just couldn't make himself move.

The fact that he was still licking his lips really had nothing to do with it. Really.

Then Squall pulled out his Gunblade, and he knew he was in trouble.

Later, as he was dodging both a right hook and a Heel Crush, Zidane couldn't help but reflect that maybe he now had a fourth, dangerous and new favorite hobby to pass the time with.

Stealing a kiss from Squall.