Bulma woke up at the sound of someone at the door knocking. She glanced beside her only to find Vegeta, resting peacefully with his whole arm embraced around her waist. She breathed out in happiness, and smiled widely knowing Vegeta was at her side. For this moment she was truly graceful, not to mention she felt complete, to her surprise. Soon the knocking at the door ceased, and she took that moment to look gracefully at Vegeta. I am so thankful I've found someone like you. You can be stubborn some times but you sure love me in an amazing almost fascinating way...not that you like admitting you do...she giggled to herself. Vegeta moaned a bit lazily, moving himself around but never opening his eyes. He only tightened his grip around Bulma and resumed his sleeping. Bulma traced the outline of his brows. They were soft, like she thought they would be. Soon he opened his eyes slothfully, then looked at her warmly and smiled, caressing her back with his gentle fingers giving her a short peck on her delicate lips.

" I love you...." she stated back. Vegeta smirked then leaned and gave her another kiss, this time savoring her as if she was candy....the kind of candy that tastes so good you eat it slowly, fearful of it come to an end. Bulma cupped his face in her hands to kiss him harder....soon enough they had to stop for air...

" I wish I could stay here and do.....that thing...." Bulma suggested looking at him flirtatiously. Vegeta frowned at her.

" There's no way I'm going to do that again!!" he stated a bit loud, but still low for Bulma. Bulma pouted at him

" Pretty please..." she now asked in her sweet little 'take - pity - of - me' voice. Vegeta tried to frown harder, attempting to try and not to let her see that her efforts were starting to take over his reaction. He sighed hard.

" No..." he stated once again. Bulma snuggled on his chest, caressing it with her soft hair.

" Please...." she whined once again. Vegeta rolled his eyes and scoffed.

" Fine!!" he finally gave up. Bulma giggled and faced him.

" I knew you'd do it!! Come on! It's always so fun!!" she stated cheerfully. Vegeta rolled his eyes once again and looked at her.

" I swear to god woman....if you weren't so beautiful or such a loudmouthed, crazy woman, I would never do what I just agreed on..." he stated. Bulma frowned at him, then stuck out her tongue at him.

" If I wasn't such a loudmouthed beautiful woman, you could never love me, so can it!!" she stated back, smiling in superiority. Vegeta's scowl hardened. That is until Bulma kissed his lips without notice.

" I knew that you'd agree on doing it again..." she stated. Vegeta sighed hard and rolled his eyes once again

*** Later On ***

"....but the princess got disappointed when she saw that in fact...that wasn't the prince she was hoping for either. She knew because the special feeling in her heart wouldn't start beating, and soon, she wanted to give away her dream and search for the love of her life..." started Bulma. Vegeta followed, as he rested his back on the back of the bed, Bulma sitting in between his legs.

" Then came her little friend rabbit and told her ' Don't give up now. You must search farther.' The princess's eyes became teary ' Why mustn't I give up? I have not found him yet, and I will die without love..' she stated back hopelessly. The rabbit jumped on her lap and smiled at her. ' We must never feel sorry for ourselves. If you reach farther you'll find him' he encouraged her..." stated Vegeta as lowly and sweet as he could. Bulma smiled caressing the arm Vegeta had embraced around her, as Vegeta rested his chin on her head.

" And so the rabbit's words started to resound on her head from dusk 'till morning. When she woke up, she decided to have a long walk through the woods. Maybe she could think clearly when the sound of the waterfall, and the sight of the dawn inspired her well being, and would make her sensible to start living a new day to try and find the man that deserved her heart. She had looked through certain places and all around them, but found nothing. The thought of how long she'd looked for was only making her wish she could give it up. But then she would never be happy, or so told her the goblin. A tear ran freely through her cheek as she remembered the goblin telling her that 'she was to find love before the third sunset of spring, or else she would die of a broken heart'...." stated Bulma again. Vegeta held her a bit more tight and kissed her head.

" The Princess decided to go and search for where the waterfall was sounding. It would be more refreshing to start a day by splashing some water into her skin and falling into a graceful nap while the water covered her completely. When she got near, she heard some voice...a masculine tone. She hid herself under some bushes and spread two branches apart, only to see more clearly. The voice started to sound in a melodic tone, as the masculine figure standing before her splashed a poor amount of water to his face. The princess's heart started beating surprisingly, and soon a smile took over her angelic features...." he stated sweetly. Bulma kissed his hand as he ran it through her neck gently, his lips still kissing her head eventually. Bulma smiled.

" Determined to find out what this feeling inside her all of the sudden appeared, she walked out of the bushes and down, until she could be at the sight of the handsome prince. The man smiled at her, observing her beautiful features steadly. The princess smiled back, looking at him curiously, for she had never seen such a handsome man, and never had felt such a powerful feeling inside her. Soon the man approached her, brushing some of the long waves on her hair back of her face. The princess's cheeks flushed with rose colors, as she smiled innocently at the handsome male. ' You must be the nymph. The goddess that the goblin cursed me to find or else I would die....' he stated at her. The princess smiled back at him warmly, blinking her beautiful blue eyes at him...." she stated. Vegeta caressed her cheek with his fingers.

" So the princess's heart suddenly burst a cooling feeling all around her body that made her giggle out of plain happiness....for she had found the man that not only would break the spell, but would love her eternally. ' You must be the prince....the prince the goblin cursed me to find or else I would die of a broken heart..' she stated back. But the man's expression suddenly became gloomy. ' I am no prince. I am but a simple man that does not posses nor the riches or the glory...' he stated back. The princess turned her head down sadly and disappointed. ' And I am no nymph. I am but a beautiful princess searching for my prince...' she stated back lowly..." he stated. Bulma continued.

" The man walked to her, and held her face on his hands. ' There is nothing left for both of us but to love each other. At least we'll die knowing what love was..' he suggested. The princess agreed by kissing his lips tenderly. The kiss broke when the goblin magically appeared in front of the two of them. ' Look at what I found....perfect love...' started the gobbling. The man and the princess exchanged confused looks, and soon their attention was brought back by the goblin, who magically gave the princess a sparkling white dress, and gave the man a black, silky tuxedo with a bow on the collar neck. The princess smiled at the goblin enthusiastically, while the man in the tuxedo looked at the goblin confused. ' I do not explain what is this about?' asked the man. The goblin smiled at him while tapping his magical cane around covering the waterfall with white daisies along with the princess's hair. 'You don't always find love as perfect as you expect it. Appearances may fool you...but not love...' he stated back, quickly disappearing. The princess ran to the man's arms and kissed him..." stated Bulma. Vegeta kissed her cheek.

" And they lived happily ever after..." he stated back. Bulma turned, her legs each falling on his sides, and kissed him.

" I love you so much...." she stated kissing him again. Vegeta looked at her.

" You should call home. You've been here from morning to almost nighttime..." he stated caringly. Bulma smiled and kissed him again.

" Remember tomorrow's Chem test. I guess I will see you there....and don't worry. My dad thinks I'm at Chichi's.....we have nothing to worry about..." she smiled. Vegeta raised a brow in confusion.

" Ah...so now you're the bad ass and I'm the pure little angel..." he stated back at her teasefuly. She smiled at him, pressing her forehead gently against his.

" Correct..." she added embracing her arms around his neck. Vegeta held her waist gently.

" I think....I'm....falling...in love with you..." stated Vegeta out of nowhere. Bulma held her face back and looked at him surprised.

" Is that so?" she asked, her heart pounding as if it wanted to come out of her chest. Vegeta smiled at her and cupped her face in his hands.

" Yes...it is so. Like I said....you're beautiful, yet is not the reason why I love you so. You've made me grow, and see that I was worth in life. And I am thankful for it...I'm thankful for you..." he stated. Bulma smiled at him, then leaned and hugged him tight.

" I never knew you loved me this much..." she stated while still hugging him. Vegeta broke the hug and looked at her, passion and love written on his black deep stare.

" Now you do..." he stated. Bulma, without hesitation, kissed him deeply.....and well, then discovered the truth. ' Appearances may fool you....but not love...'

~ The End ~


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