The Canadian sighed to himself as he watched Adam with his eyes, running his fingertips back through his short blonde locks as the other Superstar continued twitch almost uncontrollably. It was started to annoy him, but at the same time, continued to creep him out beyond the current words that flooded his thought chain. He hadn't seen Adam act like this before, it was weird, different.. Almost scary really. Why he'd taken such a dangerous attraction to the younger Hardy no one really knew, but then again.. After Amy, the blonde had been running off the rails when it came to the people he wanted. All he seemed to have was vengeance in the mind towards the older Hardy.. Maybe that was why he'd decided to kidnap Jeff? No, they'd been over this before.

Adam wanted Jeff to be his Bitch. And when it came down to everything..

What Adam wanted.. Adam got.

The thought caused the Canadian to cringe, shuddering out of clear and actual fear towards what the current thoughts that Adam could be thinking towards Jeff.. What he could want with the Hardy, want to do with the younger Hardy. Why of all people that he could have had, why Jeff? He had practically all the divas flinging themselves at him - mainly Michelle McCool, but she was a whore towards most of the locker room, so that wasn't anything shocking to either of the pair.

He could have had John Morrison, polished him up, glittered his abs and made him his own personal glitter trophy. A pretty face with rock hard abs? That's just.. perfection, really. John Cena.. Sure, there was alot of tension and anger that constantly hung in the air whenever one of the pair talked about the other, or if they were ever near eachother. But hell, the sex would be incredible, wouldn't it be?

Soo many names.. Miz, Ryder, DiBiase, Rhodes, Orton, Dave, hell, even that new RAW Superstar, Yoshi something. Sure, he didn't really speak a word of English, but that wouldn't have bothered Adam, he would have probably found it even more frilling to not have a clue what Yoshi was saying besides the screams of pleasure. Well, at least he gathered Yoshi would do that, or with Adam in this state, he'd regret it. Wait, why the hell was he thinking about Yoshi Tashu and 'Edge' having sex?! Okay, that wasn't weird at all..

"I'm bored."

The sudden sound of Adam's childish complaints pulled the multi-time champion from out of his thoughts, blinking afew times as he turned towards the other blonde. He stared at him, eyes and features blank considering the fact he had absolutely no idea what Edge had just said.

"I. AM. BORED." Adam hissed again with a darkening expression, not at all amused by the fact his former tag team partner hadn't been listening to him.

The blonde's lips formed into a small 'o' before arching his eyebrows upwards as Adam giggled. With that, the taller man shot up and giggled again but louder as an almost hyperactive grin appeared on his lips. His eyes widened - watching Adam practically skip in the direction of the basement door. Oh god.. What the hell was he going to do this time?

"Uhh, where are you going?"

Adam almost skidded as he came to a sudden halt, turning to look at the blonde over his shoulder, smiling in an almost 'innocent' fashion. But of course, he didn't fool the other one with that, at least he didn't think he did. He'd kidnapped Jeff and had these thoughts in plan, of course he wasn't innocent! The simply thought caused him to shriek out a sudden loud fit of laughter, wiping his eyes as he finally calmed after afew minutes.

"To see my rainbow."

The way that he said that made the blonde think he meant a whole lot more than he was giving away. He'd just have to find out, and then stop him from scaring the 'rainbow' more than the pair had planned to at the beginning of this all. Standing up, the blonde was taken back by the sudden deadly glare he'd received. Adam hissed darkly, marching over and shoving the smaller man over with ease. His eyes burned madly with fire, staring down at him with tightened fists.

"You come into that basement.. I'll kill you."

The words took him by surprise, trailing his fingertips back through his short hair.

"But, Adam.."

"I'll Kill You."

The malice clear in Adam's voice was clear, yet his voice was calm. Something not to be messed with, made a fool with, or it would keep it's promise and beat you down until your last breathe escaped. It caused him to cringe, nodding his head up and down.

Grinning in success, Adam didn't waste any time to turn around and skip towards the basement again, opening the door and leaving it wide after as he sung the tune to a 'Gunners song. It caused the shorter Canadian to sigh, putting his head into his hands and closing his eyes. This could turn out to be interesting.. And by interesting, bad.. Very, very bad. He could just feel it in his blood, bubbling, boiling.. The blonde cringed, closing his eyes tighter than they already were.

And unfortantly, his worse fears were slowly being brought to life by the sudden sound of a loud bang, a shriek of alarm and water being chucked against naked skin. He winced, looking over at the door which only showed the downward going stairs. He pursed his lips out, resisting the sudden, large urge to bite on it until it bled.

"Hold still, bitch!"

He buried his head into his hand again, closing his eyes again tightly before digging his fingertips back through his short hair. He shook the next shriek that bounced off the walls, echoing through his ears like a alarm bell. He hissed lowly, trying to block out the noise of Adam's sudden loud grunts followed by another loud shriek of pain. A slap to the face, a quiet sob and another loud grunt coming from Adam.

"Stop it! Stop it! Chris, help me!"

Jeff's screams were desperate, causing Chris to finally open his eyes and hold back the urge to go into the basement.

"Chris, help me!"

The sound of a flesh pounded scream was choked back, followed by another loud, almost bragging groan from the taller Canadian. Chris shoved his fingertips into his ears, shaking his head as Jeff's screams of his name rung in his mind madly. He couldn't take it anymore.. Jericho stood up and grabbed his jacket, storming out and slamming the door without a final word. The sound of Jeff's screams continued to haunt him as he drove away from the deserted House.