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EPOV (Esme)

My entire family were sitting in the living room watching television. Carlisle was next to me with his arm around my waist. Bella was lauging at Emmett, who had just, perfectly, immitated an advert for barbie dolls. I just rolled my eyes as Rosalie slapped his arm, grinning. We were all laughing by the time Alice jumped out of her seat, looking pertified

'Alice? What did you see?' Jasper put his hands on Alice's shoulders

'They're coming' She replied

We all froze, staring at her face. Carlisle's grip tightened on my waist as we stood up and walked over to her

'Tell us exactly what you saw Alice' Carlisle's voice was always calm and sure

'They came in through the door, there was speaking but it was muffeled by a scream, I heard alot of shouting and yelling' Her eyes foucused on Carlisle's face

'Who is coming?' Bella asked as we all sat back down

'Demetri, Felix, Jane and Alec' Edward looked over at Alice

'Why?' Jasper asked, glancing at Alice

'Im not sure, it was like something was missing. An un-made decision' She looked down

'When?' Emmett asked looking at Rosalie

'In five days' Edward confirmed

A few moments of silence passed by. Alice finally broke the silence by sighing

'I know what they are coming for' She said quietly

'What?' Jasper asked

'Not what, who' Edward put his arm around Bellla's shoulders

'Who?' Emmett asked, annoyed

'Aro sent them here for.... Esme' Alice whispered

'Esme?' Carlisle asked

'Me? Why?' I wondered

'Sulpicia and Aro have split up and he saw Esme in Edwards memorys and when we fought for Renesmee. He took a shine to her'

Carlisle growled quietly as the others discussed what was going to happen. I was speechless. Did Aro not realize that I love Carlisle? He and Carlisle are friends. You dont do that to friends, do you? I would never go with him anyway

Edward moved and sat next to me

'You wouldnt have a choice' He said quietly

'Thats not fair though. They can't do that' I thought

'Yes, can and they will' He looked down

I looked over at Carlisle, who was frowning at nothing in particular. I felt empty, alone. These people were going to take me from the people I love. I could never love anyone as much as I love Carlisle, it was impossible. They are going to try and make me stay with Aro, away from Carlisle. But why me?

'Esme?' Rosalie asked

I couldnt find my voice so I just looked at her.

'We wont let them take you. I promise' She said sternly

I smiled greatfully at her. I truly had a wonderful family

'They cant take her. There are four of them and eight of us, not to mention the wolves' Emmett said, grinning

'Yeah, but Alec could blind and defen us all and Jane could throw us on the ground before we can even take a step' Jasper explained

'They cant do that to me and Im a sheild' Bella reminded us

'What about Renesmee?' Edward asked

'She can stay on the reservation' Carlisle said

'What positions are we taking?' Emmett asked

'Bella, Jasper, Emmett and I will be in front' Edward explained

I still couldnt find my voice. They were all so worried. I was too, I didnt know what to do. So I just sat there, speechless, staring at my shoes.

'Esme?' Carlisle's voice came from across the sofa 'Esme, love, its going to be alright'

I looked into his orcher, sad eyes. I knew that he would do anything to prevent this future from happening, I just couldnt feel it.

'It will be ok, dont be scared' He pulled me closer to him

How could I tell him that I wasnt scared for myself but for him and my family? I wouldnt allow them to be hurt. If the worst came to the worst, I should go with them willingly. Anything to protect them. I would get back home, eventually

'Carlisle, shes not scared for heself' Edward pointed out 'Sorry Esme, Im not allowing you to do that'

'Do what?' Carlisle asked looking over at Edward

'She was thinking that shes not scared for herself but for you and this family, also that if it came to it she would go with them' His eyes apoligizing to me.

'No, Esme' Carlisle turned to look at me 'They wont take you, I promise. Maybe I should call Aro'

'Yes, that might help' Alice said

Carlisle got up and went over to the phone. We all waited to hear what Aro would say

'Hello, I would like to speak to Aro please its urgent' Carlisle spoke into the phone

'Carlisle Cullen' He answered

'Aro, how are you' He tried to sound nice but was failing

'Hello Carlisle, Im well, Is there a reason you called' Aro's voice came from the phone

'Its regarding Esme' He said through gritted teeth

'Oh, Alice saw im guessing' Aro said

'Yes, she did.' Carlisle answered 'Aro, you do realize that Esme is my wife right?'

'Yes, dear friend, I do. Funny thing love isnt it' Aro chuckled

'That isnt love Aro, this is payback' Carlisle was about to hit the roof

'Yes, same thing, I only wish to borrow her. Sulphicia will come back and she can go home' Aro sighed

'Sorry Aro, I dont lend out my wife, why dont you use one if your guard' Carlisle calmed down a bit

'Sulphicia knows I would never fall in love with my guard' Aro chuckled

'So its alright to borrow someone elses wife, then?' Carlisle glanced at all of our faces

'Glad we're on the same page' Aro said cheerfully

'No Aro, I dont believe we are, Esme is staying here with her family' Carlisle slammed the phone down

'So, how'd it go?' Emmett asked jokingly

'You have ears Emmett' Edward said acidily

I went over and hugged Carlisle

'It will be ok' I whispered in his ear, knowing that the others could hear anyway

His arms snaked around my waist and he hugged me tightly

'I know it will' He whispered back

'Carlisle?' Alice asked

'Yes?' He turned to face her

'Aro is coming also, the futures fuzzier, so hopefully he wont take her' Alice looked confident

'We'll have to wait and see' I said

They all just stared into space. I wondered, would this man really take me from my family? The looks on their faces told me the answer.

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