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Carlisle would not let me go since we left the castle. On the plane he had pulled me onto his lap, ignoring the glares of the flight attendants. I laid my head against his shoulder and closed my eyes. I can't believe it was finally over. I was back with him.

I opened my eyes

Carlisle sighed, smiling a bit 'Whatever shall we do with you Esme? He grinned down at me 'I mean were you thinking; fighting Sulpicia?'

'Love me and never leave me that's what you can do. I was thinking that she was going to kill me anyway, so I might as well go out with a bang' I shifted my head to look at him

'I will never leave you' Carlisle promised

I rested my head back against his shoulder and breathed in his homely scent of lavender and cinnamon. This is home, where I belong.

A few hours later Edward walked over to us

'It's good to have you back with us Esme' he told me

I got up off Carlisle's lap and hugged my son. He buried his face in my shoulder as he hugged me back. Then I hugged my other sons and my daughter after Edward let go

While I was hugging Jasper he whispered In my ear 'That was very impressive'

I let go then looked at the floor, feeling ashamed of almost hurting Sulpicia

'Hey' Jasper said softly, tilting my chin so I had to look at him'Dont be ashamed. Sulpicia had it coming. You were very brave Esme'

I hugged him again. Feeling so happy to have my family back around me

A flight attendant came into our cabin and said that the seatbelt sign was on

I let go of Jasper and returned to my seat

Just before I sat Carlisle wrapped his arms around my waist and pulled me onto his lap

'Excuse me. I don't believe that I'm ready to let you sit there' he said

'Oh really?' I asked playfully

'Really' He replied before kissing me gently

This is home

'How is your shoulder?' he asked, looking at the tear in my top from where Sulpicia had ripped the fabric to bite me

'It's fine' I lied. In truth my shoulder was killing me, the venom was going through every inch of my body and making it ache and make me cold and shiver

Edward coughed from across the cabin, telling Carlisle that I was lying probably

'Esme' Carlisle said, stroking my cheek softly as he spoke 'If your shoulder still hurts then you need to tell me tell'

'Im fine' I repeated, my teeth chattering as I shivered once more

Carlisle grabbed a blanket and wrapped it around me then he smiled and kissed my forehead

Just before he pulled his head away, I snaked my arms around his neck, locking his close to me

He chuckled then pulled away. I smiled and rested my head back against his chest, closing my eyes. I couldn't sleep but this is about as close to it as I'm going to get. Being held by the one I love most in this world. Surrounded by the people I love.

This is home

A few hours before we were due to land my mobile bleeped

'Leave it' Carlisle said, holding me tighter against him

'Sorry I have to get this' I giggled then pulled my phone out of my pocket

It was Bella

Esme I really, really, really hope you are alright. Are you coming home?
Did Sulpicia hurt you? Please tell me. We are all so worried

'I'll tell them Esme. You seem a little occupied' Edward rolled his eyes before pulling out his mobile and shutting it a second later

'Done' he smirked

'Oh and I couldn't have done that?' I asked

'Nope' Carlisle answered

I turned my head around and looked into his honey coloured eyes

'You need to hunt' he told me, rubbing his fingers along the deep purple bruises underneath my coal black eyes

'Says the man who only hunted when he heard we were going to save Esme' Emmett called

'You stopped hunting?' I asked, completely shocked with him

Carlisle was supposed to be the sensible one of the family. He stopped hunting? He knows that if a vampire doesn't get enough blood and doesn't feed for a concisedrate amount of time that they wilt away into nothing

'Well Im not the only one who didn't hunt' he moved his hands to cup my face and kissed me once more

I tried not to think about anything that happened in Volterra while I was kissing him back so I closed my eyes and concentrated on Carlisle and only him but I couldn't completely stop my mind from wandering

'They starved you?' Edward growled from across the isle then jumped up, causing the plane to jolt, and walked over to me

I sighed then got off Carlisle's lap

'Edward. They gave me a choice and I chose the one that best suited me' I explained

'That still doesn't justify them' he growled again

'I didn't say that it did' I smiled slightly at my sons protectiveness

'Edward calm down please. The flight attendant will be coming back soon and I don't think that she will appreciate it if she finds us standing' Alice said from her seat next to Jasper where they were cuddling

Edward rolled his eyes at Alice then sat back down. I went back over to my seat and sat.

He wrapped his arm around me. I looked up and found myself staring into his eyes

They say that you can understand a person better by their eyes. The eyes say a million things in just a few short seconds. The eyes hold the key to the soul. There was no doubt that

Carlisle had a soul. How could someone who was so kind and caring and suffered to save people not have a soul?

Through my children's eyes I saw beauty, intelligence, compassion, love and maturity. Though in looking through Carlisle's I see nothing. There Is something there, I can sense it but it Is just hidden behind so many volts and doors that you just have to search hard enough to see the pure beauty that lays beneath

*Back at home*

Edward parked the car in the driveway and we walked into the house. Alice and the boys went ahead but Carlisle and I hung back, not wanting to rush a moment that we have together. As we walked through the back door we heard talking in the living room

'She's dead isn't she' Nessie's horrified cry came from the living room

'Nessie' Edward tried to reason with her

'She is dead! Wait' She paused 'Grandpa too?'

'Nessie. Esme is not dead' Jasper told her

'Then is she still with Aro?' Renesmee sniffed

'No Nessie' Alice laughed 'Take a deep breathe'

Carlisle and I walked into the living room as Renesmee took a deep breathe, her eyes closed to concentrate more. Her eyes flew open the second she caught our scent

'Grandma' she cried, running over to us

She flew right into my arms and hugged me. I clutched her close to me as she cried into my shoulder

'Im so happy that your home' She sobbed

'Im happy to be home' I smiled as she jumped down so Bella and Rosalie could hug me

'Welcome home' Rosalie said as we hugged

Carlisle and I sat down on the sofas with our family

'How did it go?' Bella asked 'Did you two…'

'Yes she fought Sulpicia' Edward sighed

Rosalie's eyes widened 'Are you hurt?'

'No I'm not hurt' I smiled at her

Carlisle glanced at my shoulder then shook his head

'She bit you didn't she' Bella growled

'Im fine' I said quickly

'I cant believe you fought her' Rosalie said

I rolled my eyes at her then tried to tune out the conversation going on between my children and grand-child

'Would you care to come out for a walk with me?' Carlisle asked, standing up and offering me his hand

I smiled and took his hand. We walked through the forest holding hands; the sky was beginning to turn grey as little flakes of snow fell

'I love you' Carlisle smiled as he brushed the snow flakes from my caramel locks

'As I love you' I smiled back

'I promise that you will never have to endure anything like that ever again' He looked into my eyes

I finally saw what lies beneath the volts to his soul. Trust, Love, adoration and protection. He is my protector but Iam his too. He would give his life for me any day like I would for him

'You were very brave today Esme. I never knew you were that strong' Carlisle's strong hand gripped mine tighter as we stopped in the meadow

'Strength is something you choose' I explained

We stood in silence for a few minutes. Taking in the scene before us. The meadow was beautiful, flowers were blossoming every where. The grass was even prettier with the snow settling down

'You seem worried. What's wrong?' Carlisle asked, his eyes full of concern

'I'm just worried about the future. If Aro has truly given up' I sighed

'He has. Don't be worried about the future, we have Alice' he chuckled slightly 'What lies behind us, and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us'

'Thank you. For your help. For everything' I replied sincerely

'Esme, it is I who should thank you. You brought me to life' He brought his lips down to mine

The whole world could have shattered around us in that moment but we wouldn't have noticed. This is where we belong

This is home

A special world for you and me
A special bond one cannot see
It wraps us up in its cocoon
And holds us fiercely in its womb.

Its fingers spread like fine spun gold
Gently nestling us to the fold
Like silken thread it holds us fast
Bonds like this are meant to last.

And though at times a thread may break
A new one forms in its wake
To bind us closer and keep us strong
In a special world, where we belong.

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