A/N I haven't decided if this is going to be a one-shot or a short story. I'm leaning towards short story but I don't know what will happen next. It's based on a semi-true story that I modified for AxJ so we'll see how my own stalker situation develops first. Please R&R!

Alice's Problem (working title)
By: Alice W. Hale
Disclaimer: I have no connection to SM, as you well know.

Alice had a problem. His name was Josh. Ever since arriving at the University of Alaska, she'd attempted to make herself scarce. It wasn't as if she needed protecting, she was a vampire after all, she just felt no need to call attention to herself. Somehow, Josh noticed her anyways.

Josh was a freshman at UA and he was convinced Alice had attended his church youth group in middle school. Alice, of course, had done no such thing; it had been a very long time since she was in middle school, in fact. Despite her denial, Josh persisted.

Though it was only the second week of classes, he had memorized her schedule and had taken to waiting outside of classrooms for her whenever possible. He had given her his phone number, which she accepted only for the sake of easier call screening.

Even though Jasper was at UA, too, their schedules conflicted so he and Alice rarely saw one another. When they did, Alice was careful not to think of Josh. Her annoyance would bother jasper and he might react badly.

One day, Alice was sitting in the corner of the cafeteria pretending to eat when she had a vision. Jasper was making plans. She whisked up her things and called Jasper on her tiny cell phone. "On my way," she said when he answered.

Jasper was worried about her; she could tell from her vision. Either she'd been overly exasperated with Josh or Jasper was particularly attuned to her today.

Alice reached the library a moment after Jasper and she followed his scent up the stairs. The trail led to the fifth floor landing and veered right towards the mythology section and the study carrels. He was sitting in the second to last carrel on the floor with the lights still out.

"Hello, my love," he greeted her almost silently. Alice sat down next to him, and Jasper pulled her small form into his lap. "Why so anxious?"

Alice signed and told him about Josh. Though Jasper maintained control of his temper, Alice could tell he was furious inside.

"It's okay though Jazz. I can protect myself. I can protect our secret." He had begun to calm down; after all, he knew she was right. "Don't you have class right now?" she teased in a lighter voice.

"Don't you want to see me?" Jasper feigned hurt.

"Of course I do." A big grin crept across her face. "You know something we've never done?" Jasper began to grin, too. "We've never hooked up in a library."