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How It All Began

Summery: A destiny of Unity Bound by Love. This is how Our Two top SOLDIERs, a rising Second Class Hero and a lonely cadet Became locked in a serenade of romance... Genesis, you better not be talking about how we got together with Reno again! Part of The Foursome Saga. How Angeal and Genesis fell in love with their Ukes.

Chapter 1

And Thus, there were three

Genesis sighed as he sat under the shady umbrella, the hot and unbearable sun shooting it's undesirable rays down on the sandy beach where he lay. The auburn man was thankful for some sort of vacation, after such a long time working and not enough time to play, but he wished it wasn't Costa Del Sol. The hot summer months were too much for him, he preferred cooler climates, like Banora or even Nibelhiem. But such luck of even finding people in those areas let alone things to do wasn't worth it.

Then again, Genesis would gladly make some entertainment with his two Ukes and his older lover. Gaia, even spending two weeks in a hotel with nothing but expensive champagne and room service sounded better to Genesis.

Turning his head to the small bundle curled up on his lap he smiled warmly, fingers running through soft blond spikes and over ever so beautiful cat like ears, belonging to a certain Cloud Strife. His lithe frame hidden in the gray of the shade, the pale complexion was easy to burn in the rays of the sun, and Genesis wasn't going to allow him to risk even five seconds in the deadly heat without an inch thick layer of sun cream.

And the puppy called him stupid.

Speaking of which, where are they? Genesis thought, his eyes searching for his other lovers in the direction they vanished. They had promised to go find some Ice cream, much to Genesis' delight, and in some unspoken agreement left with a Silver haired General. Genesis sighed, leaning back in the chair and petting Cloud's bare back. His eyes becoming heavy as he fought off the desires of sleep that the warm weather offered.

"Yo, Genesis."

"What fox?" Genesis grumbled, opening his eyes a small amount to give a glare to the fox Uke, Reno, sitting before him. Reno tilted his head slightly, his eyes scheming in such a way that Genesis was actually starting to worry.

No, it wasn't just the four of them on vacation, as much as Genesis would have hoped. The great General Sephiroth and his own lover, Reno, had been forced to join them. Even though he provided entertainment for the puppy he hated having his Ukes out late, especially with the poor kitten, who was still young.

"You still owe me the story of how you, Angeal, puppy SOLDIER and kitten boy got together." Ah, this was something to past the time, a good storytelling of the romance and love he had been given...

...Better than sleep anyway.

Genesis grinned, eyes opening as he began to fully awake, thinking of where to start the tale of romance from, finally deciding when he and Angeal met puppy. "It started a little over two years ago..."


Genesis was a man of love and pure devotion, he worshiped his lovers like gods and had always adored being surrounded by love. He already had a lover, his heart falling for a childhood friend who had grown up by his side since they were young-


"Wait! I thought you were going to tell me how you and Angeal got together too?!"

"That's another story, so button it and I'll carry on."

"...Fine, yo."

"As I was saying."


Angeal and Genesis had been together for little over two years, their romance known among fellow SOLDIERs. Their partnership was strong on the battlefield as well as on the compound, stuck to each other's sides like glue it was a rarity to see one walking alone. Their powerful relationship, and friendship with the almighty General Sephiroth as well, made them feared by enemies opposing the company Shinra, and them being known as the "Devil's children."

"I still believe they think we're brothers."

"Genesis, after what we just done please don't put such images into my mind."

"Ah, but dear Angeal, I thought you like the way I call-"

"Genesis, not here!"

Genesis sighed, rolling his eyes in exasperation, as he followed his older lover in some silence. Angeal's determined footsteps guiding them to the training room to meet with the General of the Shinra army. From the sound of his voice on the phone Genesis could only guess someone had caught the Sephiroth's interest.

The quiet 'whoosh' of the doors opening signaled to Genesis they had arrived in the VR training room, and undoubtedly would soon be meeting this little "Interest" Of Sephiroth's.

Following Angeal quietly the older man stopped not a few feet away from the General, the auburn haired man stepped to his side, his eyes becoming fixed on the boy next to the stern General. The black spiky hair framing the tanned skin and spirited blue eyes. The small cheeky grin unable to be kept hidden as the young soldier, Second class maybe, saluted to the pair. His firm muscled arms flexed with the movement. But it was then Genesis noticed something... Special about the Soldier.

Hidden amongst the spikes, were two, little, floppy puppy like ears, twitching at the sudden new sounds. And behind the young SOLDIER? A short tail wagging, fluffy and black like the ears and mop of hair, almost excited at the prospect of meeting the two new comers.

Genesis immediately fell in love with him.

"Sephiroth, care to introduce us?" Angeal asked after a moment's silence. Genesis' mouth had been sealed shut, his reputation was at stake if he dared open it.

Though Sephiroth didn't seem to smirk his eyes showed otherwise, the sparkling gleam of humor and mischief almost causing the jaded eyes to glow. The general's gloved hand nudged the suddenly nervous boy forward. "This Is Zack Fair. He's a talented young SOLDIER and surpassed his peers in every class. I believe he has a higher chance of becoming a good SOLDIER if he was under your care."


"Ah, so Sephy brought you, Angeal and Zack together?"

"I wouldn't say together as such," Genesis mumbled, smirking at the purring like sounds emanating from Cloud. "We had just met and to be truthful I thought he was going to be a nick in our relationship, no matter how much I loved him."

Reno grinned, his bushy tail curling around him as he leaned back on his hands. "Never seen a Uke before him, did ya?"

"I've seen them." Genesis grumbled. "only from afar, and I thought they were fix on. Like, you know, ears on a headband."

"Do Ears on a headband move?"

"I don't know, stranger things have happened."

Reno clapped his hands, placing them on his knees as he eagerly waited for Genesis to continue. Much like a child listening about a story about Heroes and villains.


A couple of weeks had passed since the fateful meeting of Zack the puppy. Genesis stayed away from him as much as possible. He couldn't be in the same room as him, the sweet scent of Zack wafting as soon as he entered the room, turning Genesis on. He felt ashamed for his actions, being truly devoted to Angeal and yet his attractions led towards Zack as well...

Genesis' heart was made of many pieces, like a jigsaw, most of his heart being joined by those he loves. The biggest part being Angeal's. But since he met Zack he came to realize that his heart was missing pieces, like blank pages in a photo album or in a novel. Watching Angeal smile and laugh about the things Zack would say or do made Genesis want to laugh and smile along, sometimes he would, but the heartache returned and he would once again go silent.

Angeal had noticed his shift in personality, knew the small details when Genesis was hiding something. Angeal didn't know how to get Genesis to talk to his student, he would have much liked his lover to help out in training the overly energetic SOLDIER. Angeal needed it most days, and Zack had also said he would have liked to go against Genesis once in a while.

Soon, unbeknownst to Genesis, he would finally have to come face to face with Zack. A mission was calling Angeal away, and as Sephiroth was going with him it only left one person who could keep a rope tied around the over eager puppy. Genesis never felt more angry and more worried in his life.

"You're leaving me to look after your student?!"

"Genesis, as much as I would like to stay here and looked after him myself, Sephiroth and I must sign the Wutai Agreement." Angeal said, rubbing his temple to show his annoyance towards his lover. He didn't see why Genesis was so... against, the idea of looking after Zack. At first he was pleased to be helping out, but something must have happened to cause such a sudden reaction with him.

Whatever it was, Angeal was determined to straighten it out.

"But I don't know how to look after the damn puppy!" Genesis exclaimed, throwing his hands up in the air and standing before his lover defiantly.

"Genesis." Angeal growled out. "Zack may have puppy features and puppy behavior, and yes I did give him that nickname. But you shouldn't use it to degrade him. He's a talented swordsman and a great asset to SOLDIER, and I respect him. He deserves to be treated like everyone else, you should know that better than anyone else!"

"He's..." Genesis stumbled, finally losing all will to argue against lover.

"He's a strong Uke Genesis, none of the Ukes before that joined the SOLDIER program were deemed strong in mind and in fighting. You need both strength and determination to be in SOLDIER, to endure battles, torture, and above all to beat the enemy. He has those traits and more."

Genesis sighed, finally giving in to his lover and falling onto the couch beside him. The argument had gone off course a little, but Genesis understood why. Angeal thought he didn't see Zack as a potential SOLDIER, because of his background and who he is. How wrong you are, my lover. Genesis thought, his eyes closed in defeat and he leaned against Angeal, feeling some sort of comfort at the arm that wrapped tightly around him. How very wrong you are...


"Shit..." Reno scratched the back of his head, his fox tail twitched at his side and his ears flicked backwards. "That's... awkward." He mumbled, having difficulty trying to put how he saw the latest part of the story. He was thankful his and Sephiroth's "Going out" Scenario was a whole lot simpler than that.

"More so," Genesis mumbled quietly, hating how idiotic it was to begin with. "I couldn't comprehend how to deal with the situation. I mean, the whole argument was based on a judgment of Angeal's, and he didn't have a clue what I was going through."

There was a quiet mewl from Cloud, who still dozed contently on the older man's lap, he was settled in such a cozy way it made Genesis calm in telling the story. At least we had a easier attempt with you, little one. Genesis thought with a smile, itching the spot behind Cloud's delicate ear and causing him to arch and tilt into the motion.

"Shall I continue?" Genesis asked, turning his attention back to Reno, who nodded eagerly, stretching his legs out and waiting patiently for the first time Genesis had seen. Just as the older of the three was about to start there was an annoyed yell from afar, the still awake pair turning to see one annoyed Dom, another intrigued and a grinning puppy.

"Genesis, you better not be talking about how we got together with Reno again!" Genesis rolled his eyes, putting a finger to his lips as the three walked over. It was a useless attempt though, Cloud, now sprawled out over him, was starting to rouse from his long well deserved nap. He made small tutting noises, looking up at the group now seated under the two umbrellas.

Zack, the puppy, smiled at Cloud, waiting for him to sit up before handing one of the two ice creams he held.

"Thought you might have needed it, Spike." Zack said with a grin. Cloud smiled in response, tentatively licking the cool treat as he looked up at the group.

"What were you Discussing?" Sephiroth questioned, sitting down under the large umbrella, trying to shield himself from the blazing Sun.

"I owed Reno the story of how we got together." Genesis said, smirking at the slightly peeved look on Angeal's face. "We haven't had a chance to do so because Mr. Grumpy always says no. And we have now reached the point Angeal and Zack are about to meet up with me."

Angeal sighed, knowing by the smug grin on the Genesis' face that if he wasn't going to help with the story Genesis would gladly carry on anyway. So Angeal spoke up, "The Day arrived..."


The day arrived of Zack's temporary swap in mentors. He had been told about the difficulty he will be put through with Genesis but it didn't seem to faze him at all, in fact it was quite the opposite. He was excited by the prospect of having a challenge, not that Angeal often gave him challenges, but Zack was looking forward to someone who would train him without any worry every five seconds.

As he followed Angeal quiet to meet his substitute teacher he could feel some tension from the older man, his Uke traits were of course of Some help when dealing with people's emotions. Was Angeal nervous?

"Sir?" Zack asked quietly, speeding up slightly to keep up with the older man's longer and quicker stride. Angeal looked down silently at his student, frowning at the timidness of the puppy. "What's wrong?... I-I can sense you're nervous."

"Sense?" Angeal asked quietly, frowning even more and slowing down to listen to the puppy. Zack nodded, his black spikes bobbing and his tail and ears drooping slightly.

"All Ukes have animal looks right?" Angeal nodded, he knew that much. "Well, we also have some of the usual "skills" of that animal too. So me being a puppy I can sense when there's a danger, someone's emotions and I have a strong sense of smell!" Zack exclaimed, getting excited by his "unique" talents.

Angeal smiled, liking how excited Zack got. But what he said was true, Angeal was nervous about leaving Zack in Genesis' Care. He was worried if Genesis would take the practice fights too far and injure his student, or completely ignore him when he needed help. As they got closer to Genesis, the more the older Dom started to wonder if this was a good idea...


"He needn't of worried of course," Genesis grumbled, leaning back in his seat and pulling both puppy and kitten close after he finished his ice cream. "We actually enjoyed our time together, didn't we puppy?"

Zack grinned, nodding in agreement. "I learnt more about him and he learnt more about me and everything about an Uke."

"Like?" Cloud asked quietly, munching the last of his ice cream cone, Angeal moved to sit on the other side of Zack as the four of them cuddled up to each other. Sephiroth also shifted, pulling his own lover onto his lap and wrapping arms tight around the fox.



Genesis sat on his sofa quietly, book in his hand but barely been read, staring at the far corner of the room. The usually empty desk covered in books, papers and questionnaires both filled and untouched. Genesis could just see the black tail wagging in small jerky movements, the black ears shown only slightly in the mass of Black spikes. Zack was busy finishing off the small amounts of homework, his soon to be promotion to First Class making the overdue work his last, he shall never have to go to lessons again.

Questions plagued Genesis' mind, the many thoughts without answers, answers that only Zack could offer. Sadly, Genesis smart reputation became dented when he asked the most stupid question he had. "How did you become an Uke, Zack?"

The said male looked up, confusion written all over his face as he tilted his head, black ears twitching. The gesture was cute, even if it made Genesis feel like a total idiot. "Huh?"

"How did you become an Uke?" Zack laughed. The twisted feeling of embarrassment growing within Genesis. Zack quieted down, turning his full attention to the First class on the other side of the room.

"You and Angeal really don't know much about Ukes do you?" Genesis Shook his head. "I was born an Uke."

"Born?" Genesis asked quietly, Zack nodded standing up and stretching. Genesis tilted his head unconsciously, his mouth drying like he was in a desert, heart pounding in excitement as he saw the tanned stomach of the younger, tempting, male.

"Uh huh!" Zack said in his usual chirpy tone, oblivious to the inner turmoil Genesis was going through. "Apparently, according to my mom anyway. The gods choose those who will fall in love with who, and to help those to find their lover many are marked with distinct features of animals. Showing their personality as well as their destiny to be found."

Genesis was silent for the rest of the evening.


"You Can't Leave it there!" Reno exclaimed, jumping up and down on Sephiroth's lap, causing him to grunt quietly. Genesis smirked at the glare thrown his way, knowing it had no effect Sephiroth turned to Angeal for some aid to calm the angry Turk.

"Genesis is right, It's getting late and we did say we were going out tonight." All three Ukes whined, Cloud not as loud as Zack and Reno but Genesis still felt it from him.

"Can't you just tell us how you, Angeal and Zack got together?" Cloud asked, his blue untainted eyes wide in curiosity, the pout painting his delicate face into a picture Nobody could refuse. Genesis Sighed, turning to Angeal for some sort of confirmation. Zack sat, secretly grinning, in between them, using his ultimate puppy pout to help both his friend and lover. The two older male sighed, Sephiroth's eyes glistened with the smirk his face kept hidden as he soon realized the Ukes team effort had worked in tempting the story tellers.

"You owe us tonight..."


The pleasant sunny afternoon in Midgar saw Genesis in one of his fine moods, he had awoken that morning with a good feeling, and a naked Angeal by his side. He had seen Zack that morning, just before Angeal went off with him on their daily exercises, leaving Genesis a chance to lay in. He hadn't had one single phone call from anyone demanding he got into the office and finish that pile of paperwork...

Maybe Angeal did it for me. He thought, his attention turning to the number 49 on the elevator buttons. Might as well see how he and puppy are doing...

Making a quick change to his plans, Genesis pressed the button for the 49th floor, waiting patiently for his stop he hummed the theme of loveless. The tune lightening his mood further as he remembered his delivery of several novels was due that very day.

Trying to refrain from smiling, he stepped onto his floor and looked at the VR training room in the corner of the room. The red flashing light on the showing the room had occupants, but the simulation was not in use. Curious, Genesis stepped towards the room, noting how remarkably quiet it was on the floor. As he stepped up to the glass doors marked with 'Lvl. 49 Training room' his heart skipped a beat at the site laid before him.

The room was definitely occupied, and both Student and mentor locked in battle, but not one Genesis had been expecting. The smaller firm body of Zack's was pressed up against that of his Mentor's, the large battle hardened hand that touched Genesis the night before was cradling the side of his face, thumb stroking over the soft delicate tanned cheek. Zack's blue eyes were hidden from the world and the content look made Genesis smile.

The anger Genesis thought would well up if he saw Angeal with someone else was no-where to be seen in his heart. In fact his heart was overwhelmed with joy and slight Jealousy that he wasn't invited, and that he didn't get to kiss Zack first.

Allowing the door to slide open the distracted couple didn't even realize the presence of the third member, the small and tender kiss making Genesis smirk with delight at the pair's happy look. Genesis finally spoke up, resisting the urge to laugh as the pair whipped around and stared at him in fright, horror and embarrassment.

"G-Genesis, It isn't what it looks like." The said SOLDIER smirked, stalking towards the pair. Zack hid behind Angeal, hiding the horrible blush that had brightened his cheeks.

"I see how it is," Genesis started, staring at the pair in a stern manner, neither knowing it was just an act. "You start the party and don't invite me."

Angeal frowned, staring at his lover in such a confused manner that Genesis actually laughed. Staring at his lover in such a warm manner, he gently grasped the puppy's hand and tugged him out from his hiding place. Angeal was about to step in, hearing the slight whimper from Zack, but Genesis sent a look his way, showing him that he would never hurt him in anyway or form.

Zack had frozen in the spot, ears flipped back and tail stilled in fear, waiting for a blow from Genesis. What wasn't expected, was a pair of soft lips meeting his, Angeal's eyes grew wide as he watched the scene before him, his heart thundering in his chest as he watched Zack's eyes close and finally enjoy the kiss, right when Genesis pulled away.

"There is such a thing as loving more than one person."


"You didn't get together straight away, Did you?" Cloud asked quietly, staring at both his lover's as he waited for an answer. Angeal shook his head, but Zack Answered.

"I didn't know if I would fit in with the relationship, they had been going for ages and I was still new."

"I didn't know how I could love two people,"Genesis Murmured, glancing at the curious kitten. "I had a small feeling that one of us would end up left out of the relationship, and not fit in. Though I was the most confident on the outside--"

"And Eager." Both Angeal and Zack mumbled.

"I didn't want to risk losing either of them."

Sephiroth smiled, petting Reno's soft ears as he said. "Finally took your own advice, and thus, There were Three."