Dear Brother,

Summary—Obi-Wan reflects on Anakins' turn in a letter-like form.

DisClaimer---I am just borrowing the Characters. Alright?

Oh Anakin, what happened? What happened to the boy I raised? Is he still there, hidden inside just like Padme said? I doubt it, but I still have hope that my doubts are wrong.

Why did you do it? Why did you deystroy everything? To save your wife? Unborn children? Yourself!? Your wife is dead, Anakin. Dead! She died, heartbroken that her husband has turned.

And your children. Children! Oh Anakin, why didn't you tell me? I would've helped keep your secret. Instead, I helped them into the galaxy. A galaxy torn and deystroyed by your hands. Your children are now seperated, possibly never seeing each other.

Did you hear what I said back there, on that Force-Forsaken planet? How I said that you were my brother? In truth, it's are my brother. You may have deystroyed the entire Jedi Order, your wife, and yourself. But it's true. Besides, it was all Darth Vader that did all those things. Not Anakin Skywalker. You just…..couldn't control Vader.

So I shall wait. Wait until Anakin comes forth and deystroys Vader and the Emperor. But until then, may you suffer. Suffer for all that both of you did.

And as for me? I shall stay in exile, and never have peace with the thought, 'I failed you'.

Goodbye, Anakin Skywalker. Until the end.