Boston Business

By PaBurke

Spoilers: Season One of Crossing Jordan, Episode 'Miracles & Wonders' and the movie, Boondock Saints

Warning: Crack!fic, My beta wanted a cross between these two and it was too easy. I'm just trying to keep it short.

Summary: Connor and Murphy return home to take care of business.

Word Count: 100 and 100

"Dad!" Jordan yelled as she opened the door to the soon-to-be bar, once Max got someone to deliver booze.

Retired Detective Max Cavanaugh was on the phone and held up a hand to forestall his daughter. When he hung up, he was frowning. "Did something happen to Blackie?" he asked, referring to the mob boss that ran his neighborhood.

"How did you guess?"

"I have three different alcohol distributors calling."

"You've heard of the Boondock Saints?"

"Vigilantes that kill mobsters? Who in Boston hasn't? I thought they took their show on the road."

"They came back for Blackie."

"Why him?"


Connor lit the pair of cigarettes, breathed deep and offered one to his twin brother. Together they watched all the cops and firefighters arrive and leave the newly opened bar from the window of an abandoned apartment across the street. The barrenness of the studio flat reminded them of the home they had shared for years.

"A good Irish lad like Cavanaugh would have some good beer," Connor mused.

"Aye, but half those cops have been looking for us."

"Aye. Pity. We best leave before Da gets antsy. We did our job here."

Murphy agreed, "So that good can flourish."