"Wow, I feel like a father who just found out his youngest daughter is a slut" came a very annoyed comment from Tala who stood next to Bryan and Spencer looking down at a young girl who slept peacefully next to Miguel in only tank top and panties.

"Should we kick his ass?" Bryan suggested with a grin, Tala gave him a look of approval.

The sleeping couple woke up to a harsh shake and Miguel found himself dragged out of bed, he let out a grunt as Bryan dragged him out and into the hall "what the hell?" he half said and half yell.

"Bryan!" came a harsh voice after them "let him go now!"

Then she stood in front of Miguel, shealding him from Bryans already raised fist "move away Kai, I'm going to punch the living daylight out of this jerk!"

"No you're not!" she yelled grabbing Bryans hand and pulling it down "if you hurt him I will tackle you to the ground and beat the shit out of you!"

Miguel just stood there, still not completley sure why he had been dragged away from Kai's arms "what did I do if I may ask?"

"You were touching her you little shit!" Tala said angrily "how dare you take advantige of her when she was so pissing drunk she barley knew her own name?"

"HEY!" Kai suddenly shouted at them "I knew my own name you asshole, and he did NOT take advantige of me...he actually treated me with respect"

She let go of Bryans arm and he relaxed "why did you tell him?" he asked and looked Kai in the eyes, she shook her head "I didn't...he has known for some time but never said anything"

"Oh" was the only thing Tala could say, he had thought Miguel had actually had the nerve to do something to Kai while she was passed out.

"What do you take me for, some pervert?" Miguel asked as if he had read Tala's mind "look, I really like her and I would never do anything unless she wanted it too"

Kai nodded "and I like him, so back off...I know I was drunk last night but I am actually thinking about telling everyone the truth about me"

Spencer finally shoved Tala and Bryan away and kneeled infront of Kai to reach her eye level "Kai I love you but are you sure you want to risk your life over some guy?" he said sincerly "you know fully well that when you first took my knife and cut that hair you were making a new life for yourself...are you ready to risk everything you've ever worked for?"

"Spence" Kai began, she was talking quietly now "Voltaire isn't hunting me anymore"

"You don't know that"

Kai gave the blond man a smile "I know, but I'm willing to take that chance"

Miguel put his arms around her shoulders "you don't have to do this for me Kai" the girl looked at him and smiled "I think it's time I stopped running, besides...Voltaire already knows who I am and if he still wanted me he would have gotten to me a long time ago."

The group stood in silence for some time until they heard a door open just down the hall "what the hell is all that noise, people are trying to...Kai?" it was Hilary, the little brunette stood there for a while just staring at Kai, who quite still stood there in only panties and tank top, showing everything.

"Oh my god!" Hilary finally yelled "You're...you" she stammered, her yelling had woken up people in other bedrooms and were the doors openening one by one.

"You're a girl!" Hilary finally spat out "how can this be?" Kai only looked around at the shocked faces around them, Max and Tyson had dark blushes on their cheeks while Ray was spotting a little grin, the Battalions were mostly surprised to see Miguel standing there in his boxers while Mariah from the White Tigers had a look of disgust on her pretty face, it really didn't suite her.

All in all, were all the teams surprised to learn of the heartless boy from Russia was actually a girl.

"I can totally explain this...but I'm gonna get dressed first" Kai then said and made a mad dash into the bedroom, dragging Miguel with her.


"I changed my mind!" Kai finally shouted in panic as the door slammed shut behind them "I'm moving to India!"

The blond laughed as he looked at the small female dash around the bedroom looking for pants and a shirt "well Kai, I think it's too late to run off to India" then he walked over to her and stopped her "relax, I'll be right next to you when all the questions hit you"

"No, this will ruin me Miguel!" She hissed "what was I thinking, I never should have dragged you into this"

"Don't be silly" Miguel said "I walked into this all by myself you know, I could have let you sit there last night and drown yourself in vodka but I didn't...because I care about you"

"That's so sweet..." Kai muttered "no one has ever saved me from vodka before" she then smiled and kissed his lips "I like you"

"I like you too, now get dressed so we can get this over with" Miguel said and laughed.


Awkward silence hit the dojo as Kai sat next to Miguel, the Spaniard had his hand on Kai's shoulder as support.

Kai had decited not to say anything, if they wanted to know about this they would ask.

"So..." Hilary began "how long have you...posed as a boy?"

Kai only shrugged "since I was 12"

"But why?" Tyson cut in "why did you lie to us?" the champion seemed angry, he was pacing back and forth like he didn't know what to do.

Kai only shot a glare at him "I hand my reasons and second, I never lied! You just didn't ask!"

"That's withholding the truth!"

Kai had stood up as well and was now face to face with Tyson "well I'm sorry, but this was something I had to do!"

"Why?" Tyson was yelling now "why did you have to lie to everyone who cares about you?" chatter broke out among the teams, agreeing with Tyson.

Anger was swelling up fast, why couldn't they just understand and without thinking she shouted "If I wouldn't have lied I would have been sold and raped everyday for the rest of my life!"

Silence hit the room and Kai could feel strong arms wrap around her, it was Miguel, the feeling of shame that washed over her was overwhelming and she broke down, tears sliding down her beautiful face.

Tala finally stepped up, his handsome face had a furious expression and quite scary too "now you know...I hope this won't change anything"

"You knew?" Hilary asked stunned

"Of course we did...who do you think saved her from Voltaire and told her about his plans" Bryan shot.

"I'm confused" Ray began "you wen't back to Voltaire two years ago, why?"

Kai had calmed down "I had to save them" she whispered "They were being punished for helping me"

"It was never about Black Dranzer, it was about them" Max wondered "I'm just glad to know you never actually turned evil on us"

Kai shook her head and chukled

"What did you do after you escaped?" came the concerned voice of Claude.

"Some things I'm not very proud of...and I'd like to just forget them" Kai answered quickly, dropping the subject "well, I hope you don't hate me more for this...but I'd like to drop this now"

"But..." Tyson began but was cut off "no, I'm very hung-over and I'd like to take a shower"

Miguel laughed "oh yeah, you slaughtered a whole vodka bottle last night"


When Kai came out of the shower dressed only in towel she noticed Miguel sitting on her bed, he smiled when he saw her so exposed and wet.

"Hey sexy" he muttered, making her blush and smile "hey...thank you for the support back there" she then said and sat down next to him.

"You're welcome" then he leaned in and kissed her, making her blush even more, once they broke apart she looked him in the eyes "what is this Miguel?"

The blond shrugged "what do you mean?"

"Are we just fooling around or is this something more?" she asked, a hint of daubt in her voice

"I don't fool around Kai, I think it's a waste of something good" then he kissed her again "I'd like to take you out on a date"

"I'd like that" she said smiling then gave him an awkward look "could you..." she gestured for him to leave "I need to get dressed"

"Oh!" Miguel realized "yes, of course...I'm not a pervert, I'll go" then he gave her a quick kiss and left the room, giving her a one last smile before closing the door.

The girl gave out a sigh, and to think, just yesterday she was blushing over him and fantasizing about a relationship with Miguel and now he wanted to take her out on a date, then again this seemed to good to be true when she thought about it.

This day had turned her whole life around...she hoped it was for the good, maybe Miguel would be good for her and coming out as a girl might not be so bad, then again...she could be wrong.