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Better Summary: The Chinese Zodiac isn't the only Zodiac. The Japanese Zodiac has just moved in near the Shomas. They don't know each others curses, but what awaits Kyo and the cat of the Japanese Zodiac? How will their curses be broken? Alex and her identical twin sister Angel are the cat and the rat, their older brother Fokori is the god of their Zodiac. The Shomas are in for the ride of their lives when they find out that Alex has another form. What will happen when Alex get's hurt and Kyo doesn't know what to do to help her? Will she leave with a broken heart? Or will Kyo be able to fix a mistake? Please read and review!

Chapter 1:

The cat meets the cat

Alex POV

"Come on Angel! Let's go running! I want to see what there is around here!" I said stretching in the front yard.

"Fine stop screaming! Geez ya sound like Fokori when he's excited." I just shrugged at her and started running towards where I could hear a river.

A little while later we came across a house..."In the middle of nowhere? Who are these people?" I said with a thoughtful look on my face. I grinned. "I MUST meet them!"

Angel groaned. "Come on they probably don't want to be disturbed that's why they moved out to the...never mind." she sighed as I had already gone around back and started to yell.

"HELLLLLLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Is anyone ho-mph!" I bite the hand that had covered my mouth.

"OW! Dang it ya didn't need to bite me!" I heard a boyish voice yell.

I wheeled around to face the voice. "Well what was I supposed to do? You put your HAND over my MOUTH. It's kinda what I use to breath." I huffed and crossed my arms over my chest.

"Yeah and sometimes you use it for screaming too Alexandria." I heard Angel mutter.


She looked at me. "I SAID...What?" we said this last part at the same time.

Seeing as three people were now staring at us.

And NOT in a good way. It was more of a 'what-the-heck' look.

"Okay either you tell us what your staring at us for. Or I make sure you three can never have children." I held up my fist. "What's it gonna be?"

"Calm down Baka Neko. Maybe they just..."

"Just what rat? Maybe they've never seen two sisters fighting before? I highly doubt that."

The grey haired boy -Is that a boy?- walked forward. "Excuse me but, did you just call her a rat?" he asked me.

I nodded. "Yeah what of it?"

"What did I say you stupid cat?" I wheeled on Angel

"I. Told. You. NEVER. to. call. me. THAT!" I said punching her, successfully sending her flying into a tree. I smiled. "I've been waiting to get back at her for a while now." I sighed. "Only Fokori won't let me punch his 'precious rat' pfft. Precious my eye." I cut my rant short as I realized that the orange-ette was now staring at me. "Okay do I have to ask again what is the big-" I hate being cut off.

"Why does she call you a stupid cat?" the orange-ette asked me.

I shrugged, then grinned showing off my canines. "Because if she called me a dog she would be insulting my cousin. As I'm sure you are aware, cat's, rat's, and dogs don't get along well." I mused aloud.

The tallest of the three chuckled. "What's so funny?" I looked at him and smiled. "Great. Another family to annoy. ANGEL GET BACK OVER HERE YA STUPID RAT!"

"I'M COMING YOU STUPID CAT!" sure enough she came walking up a few minutes later, brushing leaves and dirt off of her skirt.

"I told you not to wear a skirt." I turned to her and smiled. "Angel another family to annoy."

She grinned. "Then I apologize in advance for any stupid things my twin sister here does in the future." I glared at her.

"JUST because I'm a cat does NOT mean I'm stupid prone. I'm smarter and stronger than you and you know it."

"Yeah I do admit that." she said giving me a one armed hug.

I smiled. "Truce?"

"Don't we always end up doing this after you punch me into a tree?" she said starting to laugh.

I laughed. "Yep."

The tall guy laughed and turned to us. "Why don't we finish this conversation inside. Come on Yuki, Kyo." he gestured to the gray haired boy who walked right in.

"I'll be there in a minute Sigure!" Kyo yelled at the man. He turned to me. "I need to ask you something."


"You are the cat right?"

I nodded. "Of the Japanese Zodiac. Fokori told us the Chinese Zodiac was around here somewhere. I just never thought we'd run into you guys soo soon." I said as we started to walk away from the house where Angel had entered behind Yuki. "So Yuki is your rat? and I'm guessing Sigure is the Dog right?" I grinned as he nodded. "Then that makes you..." I stopped as I swung myself up into a tree. "the cat." I smiled as he gave me a look.

"Do you always speak to people while in a tree?" I could hear the humor in his voice.

I shrugged. "Usually I make Angel brave her fear of heights to talk to me on the roof of our house. But trees work too." I looked at the sky, it was starting to get dark and I could make out a few stars. "Besides the roof is the best place for a view of the stars." I said laying down on a branch and looking up at the darkening sky. I felt the branch next to me quiver indicating he had pulled himself up onto it.

"Yeah you're right. I always felt like it was the only place I could actually think." he mused.

"That and it's quiet and not everyone can sleep up there so you know you have the perfect place for peace." he nodded.

"So if your a cat..."

"I'm a black and green cat."

"How did you know I was going to ask that?" he sounded amused.

"I get asked that a lot by people within my own Zodiac." I shrugged stretching again. This time he seemed to stare at my right wrist.

"Oh ya that. It's not what your thinking. This is a bracelet of twins." I took my necklace out from under my corset. "This is what you were thinking the bracelet was." The necklace was a pentagram with a cat and a raven in the middle.

He looked like he was sorry for asking a personal question. I stopped him before he could say anything.

"Don't feel sorry for me. My form isn't nearly so bad. I've gotten used to it." I said laying back down and looking back up at the sky.

He sighed but nodded. "We should probably get back. Sigure is probably getting ideas."

I laughed. "Sounds like all dogs are alike then." I said getting ready to jump off of the branch, but something knocked the branch and I started to fall. As I did my necklace (Which was on really loosely.) came off.

"ALEX!" I heard Kyo yell.

I expected to feel the ground under me but I stopped falling. I felt two arms holding me, keeping me from falling. I knew what to expect, everyone has the same reaction. So when I just heard him sigh in relief I looked at him.

"Where's my necklace?" His eyes scanned the ground.

"Right here." he said picking it up as I dusted myself off, being careful of my claws. That's right I said claws. When my necklace came off I became a cat only more humanish and I had feathery wings. He handed it to me. "You okay?" he sounded concerned.

"I'll be fine. But this lasts about thirty minutes, only then can I put my necklace back on." I sighed and sat down on a nearby fallen log.

He chuckled.

"What prey tell is so funny?" I said laughing with him at the situation.

"Just the fact I thought I'd never find someone to really talk to. I've always felt like..." he paused to think of a word.

"An outcast." I finished for him.

"Yeah. That." he said sullenly.