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Dr. Helen Magnus silently observed the pair sitting before her desk. The anticipated side-effect of her directed silence was apparently coming to fruition, as they looked uncomfortable in their chairs, practically squirming like admonished children. And that's precisely what they deserved.

"I expected the both of you to demonstrate a superior sense of self-control," she announced, letting her accusing eyes fall particularly on Henry Foss, who unlike their guest, she had considerable responsibility in his upbringing. He cast his eyes down and resembled that little boy she had oft caught with his hand in the jar of biscuits.

"We tried to avoid each other," Henry supplied quietly.

"Obviously, the attempt failed miserably," Helen countered. "I still cannot quite fathom how individuals that I know to be generally so amiable and respectful came to blows. If we hadn't been there to separate the two of you... the imagination does not do it justice, I dare say."

Apparently, she had begun to lose the pair of delinquents' attention with her lecture, for they were exchanging glares once more. It was quite odd and yet somehow understandable if one was aware of all the facts, as Helen Magnus was.

Even upon the first introduction of Persis, their guest from the New Delhi Sanctuary, to Henry, there had been an immediate tension between the two. Being intimately aware of the consequences of losing control, she had believed the young man would overcome the obviously instinctual aversion to the woman. Besides, he had always seemed to respond to the presence of a pretty girl, which with her dark hair, eyes and skin, Persis was quite the exotic beauty.

Her silent reproach obviously had gotten to her ward and he suffered an outburst of the most childish manner upon being rebuked by an elder.

"She started it!" he argued vehemently. Helen gave him a severe look for the excuse.

"Well, she did," he pouted, unwilling to let the point go.

The Hindi girl crossed her arms, her lips pursed into a scowl beneath her thin nose. Helen obviously did not know her as well as she did Henry, but her discourteous behavior towards him surprised her as much as Henry's reciprocation of it. She was polite and respectful when Helen examined and treated her as a patient; kind, and even shy when conversing with Will or Ashley, but put her in a room with Henry...

"She said I smell!" Henry exclaimed.

"All I suggest was that you try bathing once in a while," Persis replied. The pair was no longer paying attention to Magnus' commanding and marginally frustrated personage in the least; instead, picking up their spat where it had resided a little prior to turning physically violent.

"Well, if I stink so much, then you should've been able to smell me coming and gone the other way," Henry shot back.

"Your stench pollutes this entire place!" she cried, leaning aggressively toward him, a posture he mirrored.

"It's no worse than-"

"Enough!" Helen cried sharply, silencing the both of them before she continued in a more even tone. "Avoiding the issue hasn't proven successful. Neither has uncontrolled confrontation. Since Persis will be with us for a little while longer whilst I refine her treatment, I am suggesting a change in tactic. Either you work out your issues on your own, in a civil manner... or Will is going to assist you."

She nodded to her protégé, whose background in psychology was proving far more useful than she had even anticipated. He acknowledged her evaluation of the situation from where he stood across the room, observing the entire exchange. The rebuked pair both looked to him with slight winces on their face. Like most abnormals he had encountered, neither seemed enthralled at the thought of sharing their histories, their issues.

"I would recommend starting on the topic of your abnormalities," Helen announced cheerfully. "I think you'll find some common experience there."

"Yes, Dr. Magnus," Persis replied, albeit hesitatingly. Henry just nodded his head in defeat before they both rose and exited Helen's office in silence.

"What is all of that about?!" Will asked, claiming one of the chairs the confoundedly hate-filled pair had vacated. "I take it that it has something to do with their abnormalities..."

"You know I can't say, Will," Magnus replied. "Even though you're already aware of the nature of Henry's abnormality, Persis bound me to secrecy about hers as well. Privacy in this matter is something I value, and part of the core beliefs of 'Sanctuary for All'."

"I wouldn't be wrong to assume that hers is similar to Henry's..." Will concluded, "Since you thought they'd find something in common by discussing it. Is she a werewolf, too?"

Helen Magnus raised her eyebrows in a suggestive yet noncommittal gesture.

"Let's just say that the old adage 'they fight like cats and dogs' is quite accurate when applied to Henry and Persis."

"Really?" Will's brain analyzed the hint she had given him, the only one she could without breaking her promise. The arguments and bad blood suddenly made much more sense given their normally demure natures. "Oh, wow..."

Both Will and Helen froze at the commotion to which their ears alerted them. There were growling and snarling noises, the sound of claws scraping wood and large bodies slamming into walls and each other.

"Oh, no!" The pair of abnormal hunters said simultaneously before bolting for the door.

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