Author's Note: C'mon…you could totally see what this was all working up to, right?

Warning: Some mature content. Nothing really explicit.

There was a soft knock upon his door, to which Henry responded automatically by giving invitation. The person to present themselves was the last he had expected to see darken his doorway.

"Persis?" he spoke her name in disbelief. True, they had begun to get along a bit better, but that didn't constitute any sort of relationship beyond forced geniality and some shared interest.

"I want to apologize for my rude behavior," she supplied, her accent thickening. She was rubbing her arm in an agitated manner, and then switched to wringing her hands. When he had first met her, after the initial aversion but before the clash of their bestial forms, Henry had observed her to be a very controlled, put-together sort of person. The past few days had elucidated a rather rapid deterioration in her composure, even though they had refrained from releasing their inner beasts upon one another once again, coming to human form blows, or even exchanging harsh words. It was even more an odd gesture, since they had already exchanged apologies before for their earlier hostilities.

"No worries," Henry replied whilst trying to discern the cause for her agitated demeanor. "I wasn't exactly Mr. Friendly, myself."

She smiled in a sincere albeit distracted manner. Her hands continued to dance around her body without finding solace, drawing his attention to curves he had only begun to notice since he had quieted the instinctual reaction of his inner wolf. Had either of their situations been different, he would've been fantasizing about those curves days and days ago-their feel, the ways they would fit about his body. Not to mention her pretty round face and large, expressive eyes. Eyes that currently were darting about pensively.

"What is it? What's wrong?" Henry asked, beginning to feel uncomfortable himself, for more reasons than one.

"Why I came here... Why I need Dr. Magnus' help..." she supplied. Hastily, she stopped wringing her hands and pinned him with an odd gaze. As she stepped toward him, Henry found himself backing away from her for fear he could not restrain himself. The urge he felt to pounce on her, knock her to the ground and trap her with his body was threatening to overwhelm his self-control.

"With that nose of yours," she began, laughing nervously. "I am surprised you have not figure it out yet."

Closing his eyes, he took in a deep draught of air, carefully searching for any signs of that to which she referred. Automatically, he set aside the normal smells of the Sanctuary, not that they were powerful enough to cover the predominate scent he found. It was her, but more poignant and with a slightly different edge than when they had first met. There was quite a lot of anxiety, and a bit of fear. But the alluring layer of her scent was inarguably the most oppressive. He felt the beast stir inside of him, drawn by the oversaturated pheromones of a female. The threat of a lascivious blush warmed his face.

"I am in heat," Persis revealed, her face reddening in embarrassment. And Henry thought his abnormality was rough...

"The treatment Dr. Magnus developed worked well until a few days ago," she continued to explain. "But now it does nothing. I feel as if my skin is too tight and I am on fire. And I fear it will drive me mad if I do not..." With a rushed breath, she took a break from her hastily delivered explanation, color rising enough to be noticeable in her gorgeous tan skin. "...have sex very soon."

Henry's eyes opened wider in shock. He had been so busy trying to keep himself under control that he had missed the rather apparent purpose for her seeking out his bedroom door. Swallowing hard, he questioned her choice.

"Why me?" he asked, genuinely confused. "I mean, we nearly killed each other and I'm still not so sure if I'd rather kiss you or tear you to pieces."

"You are attracted to me," she sought reassurance of her conclusion.

"with all the pheromones you're flooding me with, I'd be attracted to a lamp if it made eyes at me," he replied.

"I see," she said, a hint of disappointment mingling in with the tumultuous mix of other emotions driving her nervous behavior. Henry felt horrible for the comment upon seeing how she trembled uncontrollably from head to toe. Her composure was failing further with every moment that passed.

"Then I must ask you for this favor," she reasserted with difficulty, avoiding his eyes. This conversation was by no means an easy one for her. He could see that despite her deterioration in demeanor. After a moment, she looked at him with big, brown, pleading eyes. "Please, Henry."

"There are plenty of guys out there," he tried to convince her to find someone else, not because he disliked the thought of throwing her on his bed, running his tongue over her olive skin, parting her delicious thighs and fu... No, that most definitely appealed to him. It was more the beast inside of him that was salivating over the idea of sinking his teeth into her flesh, tasting her blood, and ripping out her throat. He was in no way certain of which direction he may go once his hands were upon her.

"I really do repulse you," she observed, quietly adding to herself, "I thought that... I was obviously wrong."

"That-that's not it," he protested. There was a pounding in his ears, beyond his own frenzied blood. It was the rapid beating of her heart. And it called to him, to do what to her-he wasn't sure, but his mouth began to water over the options that were presenting themselves. The exposed flesh of her neck glistened with a light sheen of sweat, so soft, so vulnerable... He shook his head, reigning in the voracious thoughts. "I could hurt you, Persis. I can't control myself around you. What if I change?"

"That is why it can only be you," she reasoned. "My control is not what it was. And you are the only one who can handle me if the Bengal emerges."

Henry nodded his head in quiet understanding, still reluctant to surrender to the desires that had been pleading with him to take her in any way he could. If they were to attempt this.../rough sex/ could take on a whole new meaning. But in that respect, he supposed they were sort of made for each other.

Gingerly, he reached out a hand to cup her trembling cheek. Persis hadn't lied. Her skin felt as if it were on fire and yet she shook as if she had a severe chill. Taking a shuddering breath in, she placed her hand atop his, holding it to her face as she leaned into it, obviously desperate for the contact.

No longer able to resist, he pulled her close, claiming her lips in a hungry embrace that she eagerly returned. He then proceeded to fulfill her every need, spending himself again and again throughout the night, driven by her pheromones and the pleasures of her inviting body.

It wasn't until dawn that purring her contentment, she finally curled up against him without awaking in a few short hours to rekindle his lust with her own insatiability.

A/N: Just a little epilogue left, I think, since this was all written long enough ago I'm not sure I could jump back into the characters easily (not that this probably isn't already out of character).