Swamp Hoedown

by PaBurke

Distribution: TtH, OzMIA

Disclaimer: No copyright infringement intended, no money made, no characters created.

Spoilers: Hasn't everyone seen all of BtVS Season Seven? Several years passed.

Crossover universe written at the end.

Summary: Short, funny. To tell you the crossover would ruin it.


It had been quiet and murky. The humidity and heat settled around him like a blanket. The trucker had let him out in the middle of the Florida swamp with a mild word of warning and an eye roll prompted by the eccentricities of musicians, but Oz knew what he was doing.


Carrying his guitar, he walked far enough away from the little two-lane highway as to not to hear the traffic. He had just been around people for too long. He just wanted to hear the swamp, the animals, his guitar and his own breathing.

He found a semi-dry place to sit and strum. It was so quiet. If he had been the vain sort, he would have maybe thought that the swamp was listening to his playing. And if his chords matched the noises made by the mating alligators, well, that was his own doing, right?

Then he heard the banjo taking the harmony to his melody.

His head turned swiftly toward the sounds. No human had been able to sneak up on him for years. He found the banjo player in the falling darkness. He blinked. His fingers stuttered on the strings. He blinked again. The banjo player played his part again, a subtle hint that he wanted Oz to join in.

Oz blinked one more time and then shrugged his shoulders.

After all, it wasn't everyday that a guy got to jam with a frog.


Kermit the Frog belongs to Jim Henson Productions. This is the unfortunate result of telling my mother, 'I don't write that.' I really should know better. Blame it on the FORDĀ® Hybrid commercials.