Title: Floral tickling
Author: bendleshnitz1
Rating: G
Word Count: 479
Fandom: Harry Potter
Pairing: Neville/Hannah
Prompt: Tickling
Summary: "I'm a ticklish person; deal with it." Neville told her, adopting the same cute, boyish face he put on everytime they had this conversation
Warning: None.
A/N: Thanks a lot to my new -and wonderful- beta tania_sings! Written for the ABC challenge in hp_canon_fest
Disclaimer: Characters belong to JK Rowling, not me (unfortunately...)

Floral Tickling

"I won't bring you any more flowers from the greenhouse" he told her after flinching away from her touch. He knew what she was going to do.

"What? Why?" she asked putting her most innocent face, now clutching her flower to her chest.

"Because you always do the same thing." He opened his left eye to look at her.

"What thing? She's just caressing you, thanking you for bringing her to me instead of letting her die in a boring, humid room. See? She's happy to become part of my collection." She said putting her new Stephanotis flower in front of his face and making it bounce up and down, spreading its sweet scent.

She continued her ministrations. The beautiful white, trumpet-shape blossoms travelled all the way from his chin to his knee.

"Hannah! It tickles!" He giggled like a little girl, blushing at the sound.

"Well, Nev, maybe if you stop moving it won't tickle anymore." She reasoned.

"What? That doesn't make sense. And- and...it's not like I can help it. My body moves of its own accord ... I'm a ticklish person; deal with it." Neville told her, adopting the same cute, boyish face he put on everytime they had this conversation.

"One would think you'd get used to this. You've brought me flowers every two weeks or so since we started dating. Ticklish person or not, your skin should be bored at the feeling by now. One hundred and forty-two flowers have passed along your body and you still flinch at the slightest touch of them on your neck!" Hannah teased, now looking intently at her new white flower.

"Well, I don't do it on purpose." He sighed putting his left arm around her shoulders. The blonde cuddled close to her boyfriend's side watching the effect the light from the fire made on the flower's petals. "So, do you want to know what this one means?" Neville asked, suddenly nervous.

"You know I always do." She smiled at him.

Taking a deep breath, Neville pulled out a simple but gorgeous silver ring with a small, yellow, flower-shaped diamond. Hannah's wide eyes went from the ring to Neville's face, silently encouraging him to continue. "It means...marital happiness" He took a firmer grip on the ring and grabbed her hand with his left one. "Would you marry me, Hannah?"

She didn't need time to think about her answer. She had been waiting for this day for months now. "Of course" she whispered with tears in her eyes and a huge smile on her face. After Neville put the ring on her finger, they kissed, flinging their arms around each other.

"Hannah?" He laughed with his lips still on hers "Flower. Tickles."

"Oops!" She took the flower away from his neck. "Love you, Nev. Ticklish or not." She winked at him.

"I love you too." He kissed her again.