Nine Lives

Chapter 5

The cat was on a roll.

With practiced ease, he got up, shook himself off, and set off to roam the forest of Mt. Olympus, and meet whatever and whoever he happened upon with his jaunty, kitty wit.

Upon encountering a frog on the forest floor, the cat thought he'd fancy himself a big, ferocious tiger (nastier even than that pussy leopard Amicus, who, the cat didn't mind mentioning, had the most rancid breath), just to pass the time. When the cat pounced, the frog jumped, enticing the cat to pounce once more. The cat was soon enjoying this game so completely that he barely noticed (or cared) where the frog was leading him.

Not far up ahead, unbeknownst to the cat, a huntress prowled on the balls of her feet, stealthily, carefully, never making a whisper of sound. Her skin was browned by sun, her eyes wild and fiery with fierce pride. Only yards away, she spotted her quarry: a young buck. He was a fantastic specimen of deer, everything about him rippling with vitality. He grazed peacefully. Straitening slowly, the huntress selected an arrow and prepared her bow. Her muscles were charged with as much tension as her weapon, itching to take life. He was hers.

About here is where our cat comes in.

You have probably already guessed what is about to happen, and you're most likely correct, but allow me to illustrate it anyway. Out from the nearby bushes popped a frog, of which the young buck did not take notice. Then, with a great deal more twig snapping and leaf crunching leaped the cat, and the buck bolted. The cat had barely caught a glimpse of the deer when an arrow embedded itself harmlessly in the dirt a foot away, causing the cat to start and look around wildly.

There, a few yards away, stood Artemis, goddess of the hunt. This time, there was no mistaking the deity. She stood there, emanating power, clutching a bow, and burning the cat with her eyes.

Even while the arrow that had missed its mark was still quivering in the ground, a raucous started up. The high, slightly deranged laughter of wood nymphs rang through the trees, openly mocking the goddess. Artemis's face reddened in fury.

Decisively, without a second thought, the goddess selected another arrow and raised her bow, fitting the arrow into place.

The cat had completely lost track of his frog now.

Artemis released the arrow.

". . . Oh." was all the cat could think to say before the new arrow met its mark.

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In answer to one of them: No, the cat, being that he is a rather unfortunate cat, does not have a name. I'd never really thought about naming him, but now I'm curious. What name would you guys give him? Really, if you have any ideas, I'd like to know! :)