The Protectors

A/N: What happens when you're dating a vampire and a creep tries to attack you, again? Well, his vampire brothers kick the shit out of the creep. Originally supposed to be a one-shot, but what the hell. Anything with Jazz and Emm is fine by me. Don't own it, but I can dream right? R&R…and go check out my other story This is Just a Dream, it only has 2 reviews. It's very lonely.

Emmett POV

Well, Eddie-poo might not want Jasper and I to hunt down this sick guy who likes to pray on innocent young girls, but that's not stopping us. After what happened to Rosalie, I take that kind of stuff very seriously. So, after Bella was asleep, Jasper and I went to hunt this guy down. Edward didn't even try to stop us, which was a good thing. I'm definitely ready to scare the shit out of this bloke (A/N: So, obviously I'm a white chick from the East coast, but I wanted to use the word). Jasper and I were running faster than ever when I caught his scent. Jasper looked at me and gave me an evil grin. I love my civil war era brother. He knows how to scare people and not do much damage.

Jasper POV

I was running with Emmett to get this creep. I know how Bella felt, and I wanted to find him and tear him limb from limb. I hate people who mess with my family. Emmett caught his scent and I grinned at him. "Ready to do some damage, brother?" He asked me snickering very wickedly.

"You know it dude. There he is. Let's sneak up on him from behind and then corner him. Then we can rough him up a little and go on our way." Emmett loved my plan. I could feel his excitement radiating off him so much I thought I was going to choke on it. I circled around the man from the back and Emmett came up to his side. "Well, hello there. You seem familiar. Aren't you the one who tried to attack my brothers girlfriend earlier tonight?" This guy looked like he just shit his pants. "Yea, you are. You know what my brother and I do to guys like you?" Creeper number one was backing up into the corner when he hit me with his back. Most excellent. "Why don't you tell him Jazz?"

"Well, see here's the thing. He and I are adopted, but he's dating my cousin and she was raped and left to die by her ex-boyfriend. So, we don't like people like you threatening and hurting the women in our lives. I think tonight, seeing as this is the second time you've tried to attack our Bella; you know what Emm, why don't we just show him?" Emmett nodded and pushed him into the wall. Then, very softly, I punched him and his jaw still broke. This went on for a few hours until he was scared shitless. "Emm, he's not hurting anybody anymore. Let's go." Emmett nodded and we looked at Creeper number one very menacingly.

Emmett POV

Thank god we got to him. We got back home at 6 am and Bella was waiting for us. Edward must have told her what happened. She ran to Jasper and I and hugged us, well as much as possible. Jasper was beaming, feeling he did something right for Bella for once.

"Thank you guys so much. Thank you for not listening to Edward. You don't know how much this means." She was crying and smiling. I didn't have to be an empath to know she was relieved. I love being her protector

Jasper POV

Bella was so happy that she didn't have to look over her shoulder anymore. I was just as happy. I've finally done something right where she is concerned. It feels good to be her protector.

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