A solitary figure appeared from a senkaimon, dragging with him a captive. A man, and a woman. The man wore a cloak, hiding all but his lower face, though the giant cleaver at his back lent a clue to his identity.

The woman, had long, silver hair, tied back in braids. She, unlike the man, did not wear a shihakusho or a hakama, rather, she was still dressed in a light blue nightgown, and from the look in her silvery eyes, quite upset.

"I missed you." He whispered into her ear.

She started slightly when they arrived, the dull buzz of sonido the only other sound in the night. She'd arranged the meeting place of course, somewhere along the eastern cost of Tokyo, as far from civilization as could be arranged.

She gave a slight wimper, collapsing into his arms, for fear of what he might do.

But something was wrong, for he stiffened slightly.

"You betrayed me." There had been hurt, pain in his eyes, now, it was replaced by smoldering anger, and all consuming rage. "I really trusted you, and this is what I get?"



The blade plunged through her gut.

A shallow wound, torn aside at the last moment.

Understanding reflected in his eyes, her eyes. Hate and love, exchanged in a single second. He turned to leave, refusing to spare so much as a glance as she fell.

She made a small sound, a sob, a whimper, a plea, begging him to stay.

He stopped in his tracks, his face slowly appearing over his shoulder as he curiously regarded the source of the sound. A look of irritation, then pity, crossed his eye's as they regarded the recovering Shinigami behind him.

"Don't move. You'll only bleed out."

Still, she struggled to stand.

"Why...?" She gasped, blood flecking her lips. "Why are you-

"Enough." He warned, his words taking on an uncharacteristic edge, his eyes narrowing dangerously, painfully as he watched his ex-lover struggle to her feet. "Don't expect me to show you any mercy, just because of what we had."

A pained look flashed across her face and he knew he'd struck home. They hadn't really had much of anything, before that heated kiss under the dome of Las Noches, but after that, it'd been everything.

He'd been fresh out of his hollow transformation, and Isane had been the one assigned to heal his wounds, before they set back out for Karakura.

There had been many wounded, and she'd given up using CPR on him, due to broken ribs. That left mouth to mouth resuscitation, and For some inexplicably awkward reason, perhaps a side effect of having his hollow power's so suddenly awakened, it worked, and upon reviving, he'd actually kissed her.

It'd been on and off after Soul Society 'won' against Aizen, in that week before the terrible calamity that had driven him away. They'd even had sex, albeit they'd both been a little hammered at the time.

"Isane." He pleaded, his hand trembling on the hilt of his sword, fighting its urge to finish it. "Don't." She could see his soft brown eyes, wavering, desperate not to do this, but if she rose...

"Release her."

He started, surprised, unaware, as they arrived. Three shinigami, each wearing a captain's haori. Thirteenth, Eigth, and fourth. But he soon recovered, a small, vicious smile playing across his lips, the tender moment gone and lost.

"My my," He snickered quietly. "Captains Jushirou Ukitake, Shunsui Kyoraku, and Unohanna Retsu? All here just to kill me?" Placing one hand to his face, slightly covering his left eye, a small, amused chuckle followed. "I'm flattered."

"Ichigo Kurosaki," Unohanna Retsu was the first to speak, her calm features darkening into a fierce scowl, "You're under arrest for kidnapping a lieutenant of the Thirteen Court Guard."

"You've nowhere to go, Kurosaki." Shunsui's playful smile was nowhere to be seen now, and then again, neither was his ever present lieutenant, Nanao Ise. "Give it up."

"Hmph." Ichigo grunted, straightening himself up, pulling Isane with him. "And why, should I be doing that?" The lieutenant stiffened slightly, but he made no move to harm her, placing a soft, delicate kiss on her cheek.

She shuddered against him, and he gave her a brief, affectionate, squeeze followed by words that caught in her heart, words too soft for anyone else to hear. They'd take it for cruelty, but...

"Here." With a sudden shove, he pushed Isane towards the captains. "Take her." Retsu caught her subordinate in her arms, and Ichigo scowled, exposing pearly white teeth in a snarl.

"So," Shunsui continued, his thin smile tightening slightly , "I see that your little friend isn't here."

"I could say the same to you, Captain," Ichigo quipped back, causing the grin to fall from Shunsui's face at the remembrance of Nanao. "But my fraccion has another mission that she's on. So it's just me you have to worry about today."

"Is that so?" Shunsui replied, all playfulness now gone from his voice, replaced with uncharacteristic venom. "Then that also means you can't use that technique of yours?"

"Nope." Ichigo replied, crossing his arms.


Ichigo didn't even try to dodge, he simply raised a hand. Katen Kyoukotsu rang through the air, meant to slam into his left wrist and forearm, but were met by Zangetsu instead.

The moment Kyoraku realized he had a free hand, that was the exact moment when the vizard began to laugh.

"Getsuga Ten-

Unohanna now came into play, forcing the vizard to bring his arm and blade, around his back, just to deflect the her zanpaktou. Instinctively, Ichigo whirled, bringing Zangetsu around as a shield.


He'd known what to expect once he'd found himself surrounded. He was against three captains', possibly the strongest in the Gotei Thirteen, excluding old man Yama.

But he hadn't been expecting such power, not from someone like Unohanna Retsu. It was if a tsunami had hit, and he'd been on ground zero. Zangetsu stood no chance, immediately, the sword was forced back knicking his forhead just before Kyoraku would've seperated his head from his shoulders.

With a scowl, Ichigo rolled away, but Unohanna pursued. Stamping his feet, the vizard held out his blade and uttered but one word as he clamped down, exuding a hellish reaitsu.


As he'd expected them too, both captain's violently proppelled themselves backwards at his sudden release. When the smoke had finally fallen, Ichigo stood before them a menacing sight.

"Whatsamatter? Scared?"

"If you're trying to intimidate us, Kurosaki," Unohana's eyes narrowed ever so slightly, as a glint flickered to life in her eyes, if only for a second."That...would be unwise." That second however, was enough for Ichigo to shrink back, and although he would not admit it, he was slightly… Intimidated by the normally gentle healer.

Rolling away, Ichigo denied the two captains' their targets, and fell back into the dirt, the ensuing cloud providing him with some cover. But Kyoraku was there, waiting for him as he rolled to his

"Say, Shunsui," Ichigo began rather quietly even as Kyoraku's arm began to tremble from the strain, "I haven't seen your lieutenant in quite some time. What happened to her again?"

Shunsui's only response was to go shikai, then fling a wall of wind straight at the amused ryoka.

"Bunsho Koma!"

The slice of wind rushed past, tossing Ichigo bodily into the air. Ignoring the thin slice in his chest, the vizard flipped belly up, digging his katana into the soil to slow the drag effect. Apparently, the taunt had stung, and he intended to make good use of it.

With one fluid motion, he drew a hand across his face. His Vizard mask was on now, the red and white streaks lining the left side of his face then the other half of his mask re-grew as he waved his palm over it, the white bone moving like milk as it molded itself into a ghastly skull. His gold and black eyes were still burning on the captain ahead of him.

"Here I come."

Kyoraku braced himself as Ichigo arced towards him-

"Wait, Kyoraku." Of the three, Ukitake still refused to draw his sword, and it was he who had restrained Shunsui, and he who had just stopped Ichigo cold. Perhaps he felt guilty in having pushed the boy this far, perhaps it was some small sentiment of understanding for Rukia's death, who knew?

Apparently, he still thought he could reason with the madman, even when said vizard had just threatened to kill Kiyone and Sentaro yesterday, and in public at the captain's meeting? " Kurosaki, just turn yourself in, and-

"Really?" He took a small step back,his words now directed at Kyoraku, even as his right foot fell into open air. "You say that there's nowhere for me to go? Nowhere at all?"

Too late, the captains' realized what he was planning, but by then, he was already at the cliff. "Ja ne." Ichigo grinned, leaping backwards. He hung there for a moment, flipping his adversaries off, just as gravity took its hold.

But before he fell, his gaze fell on Isane.

He mouthed but one word, as the captains made to seize him.


And so he fell, lost into the night.