SMST: Deep Space Moon! – By DS Wynne

Disclaimer: SM, R1/2, ST and other genres belong to their respective owners.

Note: This is a multi-genre story.

Special Note: This story takes place during Seasons 1 through 3 of "Star Trek: Deep Space Nine". "The Ranma Trek Chronicles" takes place during Seasons 4 through 7.

Author's Note: This story is designed to be short, and will focus mostly on Sailor Moon, though Ranma Saotome (of "Ranma ½") will make a cameo from time-to-time. As always, C&C are welcomed.

Part 1

The newly appointed station counselor looks at the departing Federation vessel named the "Enterprise-D", as it enters warped space, bound for the Lapolis Star System.

"Ranma," Usagi said tearfully.

Ever since Lt./Commander Usagi Tsukino was essentially booted from her last assignment, she had to contend with the feeling of abandonment. Worse, she felt as if she was abandoning her long-time husband Ranma, and their child Aikiko. Still, since Ranma's newest wife Lianna, who was an Amazonian member of the blue-skinned Oans, also known as "The Guardians of the Universe" (not to be confused with the superhero team, "The Guardians of the Galaxy"), will be taking her place as Aikiko's step-mother ("Grrrrrr!"), Usagi was confidant that Aikiko will be taken care of.

And now, especially after getting the "riot act" from her new commnader earlier, Usagi felt completely miserable…

And then, an idea pops into her head.

"I know!" Usagi said aloud, as she begins to rub her hands mischievously. "I'll pay Dax a visit…"

And thus, Usagi begins to make her move…

"…So, you think Kai Opaka thinks you are this…Emissary?" said Science Officer Jadzia Dax, who was a member of a symbiotic species of humanoids known as "The Trill", as she and her commanding officer disembark from their long-range shuttle (called a "Runabout"). Each Trill has the capability to have a sentient worm placed within their abdomen. However, the benefit of this is that the symbiotic life form can possess the memories and experiences of previous hosts, which, in turn influences the new hosts. Dax, the organism, has had seven known hosts, including the beautiful Jadzia.

"I'm sure," said Commander Benjamin Lafayette Sisko, a Black man who was originally from the Terran city of New Orleans, as he and Dax walk onto the Promenade (the community shopping area of his new command). "But quite frankly, I don't WANT to be, Old Man."

Sisko was a long-time friend of Dax's previous host Qurzon. Unfortunately, Sisko was not the only friend…

"Wait," Dax said, as she stopped Sisko in mid-stride.

"What is it?" Sisko asked.

"I'm sensing a disturbance somewhere-"

"DAX!" came a yell.

Dax and Sisko both turn to see an incoming flying missile, which was in the shape of one Usagi Tsukino.

"Oh, no-" Dax said before she was tackled.




Sisko's eyes went wide, as he sees his new Counselor cuddling his Science Officer. In fact, he could sware that he was hearing Usagi…purring.

"Welcome back, Dax!" Usagi said happily.

"Um, hi, Usagi," Jadzia said with a hint of embarrassment.

"Counselor Tsukino!" Sisko said brusquely.

Usagi looks up.

"Oh, hello, sir," Usagi said, as she starts to get up, while helping Dax up. "I didn't see you there."

Sisko purses his lips. He'll be glad to be done with his present assignment, as soon as possible.

"I do not know how your previous commanding officer dealt with you-"

"As you know, Captain Picard transferred me for countermanding his orders on a key mission, even though I was correct," Usagi said. "But I have not violated any your orders, sir."

"Then consider THIS an order: while I am in charge of this station, I expect you to be professional. Do I make myself clear?"

"Crystal, sir-"


"Counselor Tsukino, please report to Sickbay," said a voice over the public address system.

"Is there anything else you wish to add, sir?" Usagi asked.

"No," Sisko said. "Though, I suspect I will add more commentary later on. Dismiss."

"Thank you sir," Usagi said, before turning. She then gives Dax a hip bump, followed by a wink and a nod, before heading off to Sickbay.

"I can't believe Starfleet is doing this to me," Sisko said, as he rubbed his eyes. "I requested a full medical staff, including a Counselor, and yet I get HER."

"Benjamin, I wouldn't count 'Bunny' out," Dax said. "She may be flighty at times, but she knows how to separate her professional life from her personal life."

"And you know this because…?"

"We dated for a while."

Sisko raises an eyebrow.

"When I was Qurzon Dax, of course."

"Of course."

"But the bottom line is that since Bunny is here, you should use her as the valuable resources that she is."

"I know about her record, Dax. That's why I didn't object to her arrival initially."

"Good. So now you can get to know her as a person."

"With the way she behaves, I'll have difficulty in doing just THAT. But in the mean time, we should keep an eye out on our Cardassian friends."

"I'll be sure to remind Major Kira of that, when we work to restore the sensor grid with Chief O'Brien…"


"Okay," said Dr. Julian Bashir, CMO, as he straightens his office. The recently graduated medical doctor purposely chose his present assignment, the Federation station "Deep Space Nine", formerly the Cardassian mining station "Terok Nor", for a grand adventure. Unfortunately, the station's disrepair, thanks to Cardassian pillaging before the Cardassian left the Bajoran sector in droves, made conducting a simple medical examination a bit problematic. However, for his next appointment, Bashir decided to take the time to clean up Sickbay beyond the specifications.

"Now, then," Bashir said to himself. "I am ready-"

"Dr. Bashir?" said a voice from behind.

"Yes?" Bashir said, as he turns around to see…the most beautiful woman in the galaxy.

"I'm here for my examination, Doctor," Usagi said.

"Oh, of course," Bashir said, as he motions her to take a seat on one of the bio-beds. "As you know, it is standard procedure for the resident physician to familiarize him or herself with the medical files of all personnel."

"Correct," Usagi said, as she begins to take off her shirt. She has yet to be assigned her new uniform, which was a black jumpsuit with the colors of the appropriate departments on the shoulders and upper chest area, followed by an exposed, gray thin turtleneck undershirt. She'll definitely miss the skirts…

"Um, that won't be necessary, Counselor," Bashir said with a blush.

"I know, but it's the only time I have an excuse to get nude."


"Just KIDDING, Doctor," Usagi giggled, as she straightens her shirt. "Okay, so…go ahead."

"Right," Bashir said, as he begins his examination. "Huh."

"What is it?"

"Well, it's not everyday that I meet a species like yours."


"Well, according to Federation records, pure-blooded Lunarians, known for their agelessness and bio-adaptability, are virtually extinct."

"So, I guess you can say that I am an endangered species?"

"Well, according to both your medical and personnel records, I doubt you will have to worry about that, Counselor-"


"There," Bashir said with a broad smile. "That should do it."

"Huh," Usagi said, as she hops off the bed. "To think medicine has come a long way. Back in the early days of Starfleet, I actually had to go through a real physical."

"Well, we do not have to do those sorts of things any more."

"Oh, well. I SO miss that, especially the gynecological exams."


"Oh, Doctor, I wanted to ask you if I could use one of your storage rooms for my office, until a proper one has been built."

"Sure," Bashir said.

"Thanks," Usagi said, as she gives Dr. Bashir a hug. "Oh, and I'll be hanging out over at 'Quark's' later tonight after my shift ends, if you want to talk shop."

"That would be nice."

"Good. See ya…"

And, with that, Usagi leaves Sickbay.

Dr. Bashir breathes a sigh of relief. Between Lt. Dax and Counselor Tsukino, he wasn't sure if he'll survive his first tour…

Sometime later…

With all Federation vessels out of the area, a Cardassian warship makes its presence known.

"Sir, we receiving a message from a…Gul Dukat," said Chief O'Brien at Operations.

"Dukat," Kira sneered. "He was station commander here only a couple of weeks ago, during the Occupation."

Commander Sisko steps down from his post, which was near his office. He turns towards his Counselor.

"Counselor, are picking up anything?" Sisko asked.

"Sir, I'm not a Betazoid," Usagi said.

"But you are telepathic?"

"Yes, I am, but that's if I establish a link between myself and another person."

"Then what CAN you do?"

"Well, I can give you this," Usagi said, as she quickly dance her fingers across her workstation, before uploading her data into a datapad.

"Here you go, sir," Usagi said, as she hands the datapad to Sisko.

"Let me see that," Sisko said, as he accepts the PADD. He scans it…

"Well, sir?"

"And you got all this…already?" Sisko asked, as he looks up from the PADD to look at Usagi.

"Yes, sir," Usagi said with a gentle smile. "I was a diplomat in one of my earlier careers, so I make it a point to know what my assignment is, and who the key players are."

"So you know more about THAT butcher than I do?" Kira said.

"Yes, Major," Usagi said, as she looks at Kira. "You may have dealt with the face of the Cardassian Union during the Occupation, but my expertise is the mind, Cardassian and otherwise."

"Okay, then, so what am I thinking?" Kira said.

"For some reason, you're thinking of a woman named Meru."

Kira's eyes went wide. She hated Dukat for taking her mother away from her father during the Occupation, and was thinking about her when Gul Dukat's name was mentioned...


"Like I said, my expertise is on how a person thinks, as well as what he or she…or it knows. And contrary to popular belief, I am a professional when necessary."


"Thank you for you report, Counselor," Sisko said, as he pockets the PADD. He then turns towards O'Brien.


"Gul Dukat is requesting permission to come aboard," O'Brien said. "I wouldn't surprise if it's because we're sitting alone out here."

"Humph. Tell Gul Dukat that we are expecting him."

Sisko then turns towards Kira.

"Kira, you have the Conn," Sisko said, recognizing that the Bajoran member of the Bajoran Militia was the Bajoran Provisional Government's liaison to Commander Sisko, and was the second-in-command in the hierarchy, in spite of Usagi's rank.

"Aye, sir," Kira said, as she watches Sisko go into his office. Afterwards, she turns her attention to this off-worlder named Usagi Tsukino.

"Major?" Usagi said.

"Yes?" Kira said through gritted teeth.

"I sense great anger coming from you," Usagi teased, as she places the tip of her fingers on the side of her head.

"Oh, shut up-!"